Golden anniversary of La Aunor’s ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan’ win



The radio program I co-anchor, “Cristy Ferminute” on Radyo 5 humbly dedicated its May 30 airing to Superstar Nora Aunor as it paid tribute to her golden year since she became champion in “Tawag ng Tanghalan.”

For 14 straight weeks, the 14-year-old diminutive amateur singing contest hopeful from Iriga City in Bicol was adjudged ultimate winner on May 27, 1967 with her soulful rendition of “Moonlight Becomes You.”

Thanks to Portia Ilagan for lending Cristy Ferminute (CFM) some well-kept memorabilia which included Nora’s post-victory photo in sepia taken with her mentor-aunt Mamay Belen, as well as the Superstar’s unreleased song titled “Habang Panahon,” which she had recorded before suffering from a severe throat problem.

Personally with an ear for music, Ate Guy—had she begun her singing career much later—would give the country’s contemporary singers a run for their money. Best of all, she was tops in the enunciation department she sure must have made her speech teacher in school proud!

And who says that her fan clubs have slithered into oblivion? The CFM listeners and viewers on that “tribute day” included active members of the still-existing Nora’s Friends Forever (NFF), D’ Solid Forever Noranians, Federation of Noranians, Guy & Pip (Tirso Cruz II) Fans, Guy & Manny (de Leon) Fans, The Golden Voice Group, Guy & Cocoy (Laurel) Fans, and even the Grand Alliance of Noranians Philippines (Ganap), among others.

Then 14-year-old Nora Aunor after she was declared ultimate winner on May 27, 1967 in ‘Tawag Ng Tanghalan’

There’s one disturbing question though that we can’t seem to find a quick answer to: In the tradition of all local singers, in her case which song is truly associated with Nora the most?

Is it none because there are too many? For the sole purpose of playing safe, that of Florante’s near-prophetic song “Handog” to us embodies Nora’s struggles in life imparting an important lesson or two she ought to have gleaned from herself.

* * *

GUESS WHO? Just recently, a popular senior actor (PSA) was spotted at a high-end casino in the southern part of Metro Manila.

Little did he know that right behind him in a row of slot machines was a showbiz reporter (SR), who would run errands for his rich Chinese businessmen-friends.

Frantic, SR told Vignettes: “As in I was just standing behind him pero hindi niya ako napansin. But once in a while, I would look back over my shoulder to check if he still had chips to bet. In my estimate, he had more than P100,000 in chips. Maya-maya, he stood up and transferred to another machine. Natalo na pala siya nang 100 thou!”

Truth is, SR’s firsthand scoop is nothing new. Several months ago, unbeknownst to him an anonymous casino guest had taken pictures of the PSA on separate days yet he wore the same shirt.

Presently with no regular showbiz work, Vignettes wonders where he’s getting money to finance his chronic gambling vice. Clue: He twice ran in politics.

* * *

Here’s another one! Staffers of a radio station can only curse a gay showbiz personality (GSP) to high heavens.

The GSP used to anchor a radio program during the wee hours of the morning. Once, his co-workers gently coaxed him into bringing breakfast fare in packs.

But the seemingly agitated GSP snapped back, “Hoy, hindi ko obligasyong pakainin kayo, ‘no!”

Wonder if the GSP is treating his co-workers, in a teleserye this time, as much the same way. Clue: He goes by a polysyllabic screen name.


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