Golf offers gentle way to a healthy mind and body


Playing golf can strengthen the body and sooth the mind according to experts.

Physician Edgar Michael Eufemio, an orthopedic surgeon as well as a sports medicine and arthroscopy specialist, said that playing golf could lead to improved strength and cardiovascular fitness.

“Compared to the other sports – although it is not as intense in terms of strengthening and cardiovascular stimulation – I guess the main advantage of playing golf is that you can get some of these components without over stressing the body. It’s a gentler form of strengthening and a milder form of cardiovascular exercise,” Eufemio told The Manila Times.

A golfer gets his ball. AFP PHOTO

He added that the leisurely nature of the sport lessens the risk of injury on top of its potential to relax the mind.

“And I guess the overall value of doing golf is, it is a relaxing sport compared to other sports, which require high intensity movements like basketball, football and tennis.”

Fitness expert Jim Saret expressed the same view as Eufemio’s.

“Golf may not be considered a physically demanding sport but it can provide moderate intensity physical activity as players need to walk for hours to finish one round of 19-holes that is if they won’t use a cart,” Saret said in separate interview.

“It (playing golf) is associated with physical health benefits that include improved cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic profiles, as well as improved wellness.”

Golf is said to be a mental game, and that is Saret believes, where the greatest benefit of playing the sport lies, “Golf teaches golfers problem solving which keeps the mind sharp.”

“Lastly, the game of golf, as it requires walking outdoors and breathing in fresh air, may also stimulate the release of endorphins also known as happy hormones, which may reduce stress,” Saret added.


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