Golf teaches life lessons


Not too many people know about the game of golf. It actually looks like a senseless game when someone watches it the very first time. But when you read about the history of golf, only then will you realize that it encompasses a deep history of spectacular, wonderful and unforgettable moments. Moreover, it is a sport that embodies the most rules and etiquette.

Officially, no more than 14 clubs are allowed in a golfer’s bag during a game. PHOTO BY BOB DUNGO JR.

Many people say that the sport is not for everyone, but as a professional golf coach, I believe that it is a sport for each and everyone. It is the ultimate game. Why do I say this?

Like in any sport, it is best to learn the fundamentals and the mechanics of the desired motions. In golf, it is the same. So now, what is the difference compared to other sports? Actually, there are plenty of differences. The ball only moves when it is struck by the golf club. There are between 10 to 14 clubs you need to choose from (it can be more or less if desired, but officially no more than 14 clubs in your bag). Each club will have a certain distance, a certain launch angle and a certain velocity. There are a variety of swing lengths. There are different slopes or uneven terrain where the ball sits. You need to find out the wind direction, if the surfaces are wet or dry, soft or hard, smooth or bumpy, etc. Moreover, there are hazards you may need to learn how to deal with, like crossing the water, playing over ravines, hitting from the sand and rough areas. Moreover, there are eighteen holes to finish the game with the least number of shots.

Whew! Plenty, right?

With all these factors conceived in one game, golf will definitely make you think and be influenced psychologically, emotionally, philosophically, together with the endless journey in perfecting the golf swing biomechanics. Therefore, it is not senseless after all. It is facing different levels of challenges that will definitely test your character.

Once hooked into the game, golf teaches you to learn more about the swing mechanics. It pushes you to research and even purchase more expensive equipment, and thinking that it will make scores better. Not quite, as a matter of fact.

A golfer executes a swing. AFP PHOTO

Most importantly, the game of golf allows you to institute discipline, patience, perseverance, determination, trust, creativity, intuitiveness, visualization, feeling good, loving yourself, gratitude, acceptance, wisdom, courage, humility, integrity, respect for others, strategies, budgeting, analysis, and last but not the least, following rules and certain ethics. This is what life is all about…right?

So, the virtues that I have mentioned above, is the making of an ideal human being, a true gentleperson. It’s definitely a great game for young people to fully develop their characters. It is in this game that you may actually learn these virtues faster, and eventually transcend all these to pursue in everyday practical living. Really nice.

I truly believe that this game is a must to play, even just to try. The only downside is it can be expensive. On the other hand, there are other ways to go around it. To those who are blessed and can afford playing this wonderful game, a deep appreciation and utmost value may be the perfect intention.

Let’s play golf and learn it by heart. Life unfolds with beauty and a never-ending feeling of goodness. Yes, the ultimate game indeed. See you all on the driving range and on the golf course!


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