• Good Boys Gone Bad


    Angelo as David Bowie

    THELOOKBOOK set out to find the baddest costumes last  Halloween. Of course, we found them at Today X Future.

    While we can’t fault a flawlessly executed superhero or classic creature-of-the-night ensemble, there’s something very intriguing about a costume that “isn’t for everyone,” one that pushes the boundaries, and may make some people feel a little uncomfortable while looking at it. In recent years, more and more people have been getting into the program, trading in their vampire fangs and Superman capes for more conceptual and out-there attires.

    Some references are obscure. Others, meme–tic. Some are faithful interpretations. Others, sarcastically satirical bordering on offensive. And that’s what we love about this night of dress-up. You can be whatever and whoever you want. You’re free to experiment and show a side of you that is rarely expressed. You can be as creative, adventurous and/or (in some cases) trashy as you want. And no matter how bad you get, no one will judge.(Images by VP Gregorio)


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