Good news from MILF’s Chairman Murad


THE Reuters report that the Manila Bulletin made its P1 banner yesterday contained very good news from the mouth of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim.

The Reuters report is of the interview Manuel Mogato had Saturday with Murad in the latter’s HQ in the MILF’s Camp Darapanan. It begins with the rebel group head’s statement that the January 25 “clash” between government PNP-SAF commandos and MILF armies has eroded MILF trust in the Aquino government.

Why MILF now trusts Aquino government less
The first half of the Reuters report details reasons why Murad says he and his fellow MILF leaders’ trust in the Aquino government “has been affected.”

He told Reuters that what happened was not a “misencounter.” It was really a planned government attack on the MILF.

Reuters quotes Murad as saying, “We are studying to see if the approval of the police operation came from the highest level of government.”

But we are sure that when Murad said that he already knew that the PNP-Board of Inquiry Report released on Friday states that the go-signal for Oplan Exodus was in fact given by de facto President BS Aquino himself.

MILF will continue peace talks with post-Aquino administration
It’s the latter part of the Reuters report that contains the good news. This was correctly made the drophead “MILF rebels willing to work with next gov’t–Murad” under the Bulletin banner “Trust in government eroded.”

Murad’s statement that his rebel and separatist organization will work for a peace deal with the next government after that of the BS Aquino administration is very good news because it negates dire warnings made by some politicians. These are the ones who belong to the Aquino camp in the House of Representatives. They are persons who slavishly echo the thoughts and words of Aquino’s Peace Process Adviser Sec. Teresita Deles and the government’s negotiating panel chief, Prof. Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, and their cohorts.

They warn that, if the Bangsamoro Basic Law is not passed at once, war would break out in Mindanao because the MILF will resume its war mode before the ceasefire.

The people who say these statements—that MILF’s Chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal has denied in the Senate hearings —are blackmailing our congressmen and senators into railroading the passage of the original BBL bill which contains so many unconstitutional provisions. The bill is the one proposed by the MILF, slightly amended by the OPAPP and personally brought to Congress by de facto President Aquino.

The good news in the Reuters report are in the following paragraphs:

“ ‘Based on our findings, it was not a mistaken encounter,’ he [Murad] said, adding the police [PNP] saw his group as an enemy.

“ ‘They attacked our community and our forces.’

“But he said the rebels were committed to the peace process and would work with a new government if the talks went beyond the end of Aquino’s term, in June 2016.

“The president’s political capital is dwindling and there’s a possibility the (autonomy law) will not be passed on time,’ Murad said as uniformed guerrillas stood guard.

“‘The next president, whoever is elected next year, is bound to implement the peace agreement.’

“But he warned that the MILF would not accept watered down autonomy.”


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  1. Kawawa naman ang ating ninuno. Pinaglaban nila katulad ni “Lapu-lapu” ang ating bansa, pinaglaban ng KKK (Katipunan) noong panahon ng kastila, pinaglaban din ng KKK sa mga Amerikano, tapos ang Hapon, at ngayon pamimigay lang ng ating 100% Chinese President ang Mindanao at Palawan sa isang Malaysian National na si Igbal at isa pan si Murad ang ating territoryo? Ba, ang Malaysia ay may roon lang 20 million population, ang Pilipinas is 100 million citizen and fast increasing, takot tayong gerahin ang Malaysia. What our Chinese President is purely an act of treason! He is surrendering Mindanao and Palawan to the Malaysian without a fight, for a measly $750 million. Ano itong Chinese President natin, basta kita ng kaunti, puede na? Ganoon na lang yan. Buti na lang at lumitao na Malaysian si Iqbal, kaya pala matigas na pinagpipilitan niyang e-submit ang MILF to Malaysia dahil tagaroon siya. Well, if that is the case, let us make our Chinese President, si Iqbal, at si Murad persona nongrata. It means they should not step to our Philippine soil ever! Hayop kayo, ipagbibili pala ninyo ang territoryo ng Pinas sa Malaysia. WALA NANG BANGSA MORO BASIC LAW! NO MORE NEGOTIATION. Yan na ang sinasabi ko, TREASON YANG GINAGAWA NG ATING CHINESE PRESIDENT. KAYA PALA BALIWALA SA KANYA ANG BUHAY NG SAF 44 dahil never siyang naging loyal to our country, and he grossly violated his oath of office “to protect our constitution and our national sovereignty.” Alis kana sa Pinas abnoy.

  2. It’s so easy to trace the conversation between the fallen SAF and their Commander or who ever was in charge of communication between SAF in the battle front and their commander.. One of them is Napenas. But, somewhere between the lines, it would be easy for a higher up to intercede in the communication. Could President ordered a Stand Down? This could be investigated if only the radio men (SAF) ARE BRAVE ENOUGH TO SPIEL THE BEANS FOR THE SAKE OF OUR COUNTRY. Before this event goes into limbo, we the people has the right to know just what happens and demand accountability if any. BOI report never mention if they attempted to verify this report. They can check it with the newsman in “The Manila Times” dated February 5, 2015 issue.

  3. masakit sa mata ang font/text ng Manila Times. Ewan kung dahil sa maliit ang font or sa style ng font. mas maganda ang dating font na Verdana.

  4. Rosauro Feliciano on

    The MILF leadership says that “watered down” bbl is not acceptable to them. Does this mean that it is a kind of warning of waging war against the AFP because they are sure of support from Malaysia? The possibility of unconstitutionality on some of what the bbl has in its contents means more important to be corrected than what the MILF leadership is considering that the full text of the bbl for which the MILF leadership are thinking to be urgent for them not to be “watered down”. The MILF leadership must realize that the problem we have in Mindanao is an internal affair or issue of the Republic of the Philippines. Malaysia as a facilitator of the peace, which we are trying to work hard to succeed has nothing to do with our internal affairs.

  5. Vicente Penetrante on

    Erratum: “FOR our territories,” not “against” (sorry I just re-read it).

  6. Vicente Penetrante on

    Next to say, “They attacked our community and our forces,” will be China on the Spratleys.
    We are not taking a strong stand, fight like the Vietnamese did if we have to, against our territories on the South China Sea.

  7. ninong Romeo on

    After watching videos on you tube(done for the 1st time) featuring armed groups in Mindanao, my conclusion is that Mindanao is virtually armed and ready for war. NPA,ASG,BIJ,MNLF,BIFF,MILF plus Ilagas,private armies,cults,political warlords..etc.The wisdom I guess behind negotiating with the MILF is that they are the largest and can be a parner with the government to contain, neutralize the other group.

  8. The words coming out of the MILF never combine to form good news. They are always words to restate how strong they are and what they want. They always state that if they are not given what they want, then war will be the result. That is why they are called terrorists. They threaten and bring terror to the people. Let them talk with the AFP.

  9. another bad news to noynoy and his cohorts! the saying “when it rain, it pours” is what is happening now with noynoy and his student council government and they are eaten by the quicksand they created…

    there goes the nobel peace prize that noynoy is salivating… and to add to his worries, he has nothing substantial to report on his last SONA as major achievement! he bit more than he can chew when he accepted and decided to run for the presidency in 2010 despite the fact that he very well know that he is not capable. it is now obvious that he is only after revenge on his political enemies, as he admitted in one of his non-consequential speeches, as his intention to get the presidential power.

  10. The report of the BOI just gave Murad an excused to blame the present government and divert the attention of the public that they are keeping the terrorist in their territories. Lokohin mo sarili mo . The more that our government must be extra vigilant in dealing with this MILF or BIFF in the future . What kind of peace talk would our government want with these groups. They are very cunning and for them deception is the rule of the game . After all , Muslim treat all non Muslim are enemy . So what kind of peace talk are we talk about ? Magpapauto pa ba tayo ulit? Our country might end up sacrificing the whole Mindanao in the long run if BBL is signed into law. Magiging kawawa ang mga kristiano sa Lugar ng mga Muslims. Pugot ulo Kung ayaw magpaconvert. Yan sana ang magi going legacy ni President Noynoy Kung natuloy ang Pag railroad sa BBL. I’m very sure even if peace process is consummated with the MILF. Peace will still be very hard to achieved given the nature of how Muslims teaches their young ones against the Christian which they see as infidels. Matakot ka Kung bong Mindanao will be under their controls. Gusto ba natin Ito? Matatahimik ba ang mga kristiano?

  11. Carl Cid Inting on

    PNoy, Deles and Ferrer are trying to railroad the BBL through congress because they are already too excited and cannot wait for their Nobel prize, kuno!

  12. Dominador D. Canastra on

    Let’s hope and pray that Murad, Jaafar, Iqbal etc. will agree to widen the negotiations and include all stakeholders. But it shuld also be determined if Murad et all. are Malaysian citizens.