• This good for nothing Aquino administration


    Barely two years from now, President Aquino’s term will finally come to an end, yet nothing has changed so far since the last administration.

    Unemployment is still high, poverty remains unchanged, and corruption still at its peak after PNoy took over the helm from Gloria Macapagal -Arroyo four years ago.

    Surprisingly, instead of blaming himself and his advisers, as well as most of his cabinet members, Mr. Aquino makes it his habit to point an accusing finger at the past administration.

    His promises of “salvation” from poverty, unemployment, and corruption for the nation during his bid for the highest office in the land in 2010 was a total failure, and were just pure lies.

    Political analysts have all agreed that PNoy could have delivered his promises if he listened not only to his advisers but to his “bosses” as well.

    But knowing the President, being a knucklehead, he chose to shut everyone out and made his own decisions. The end result… a failed leadership.

    The country wasted another six years by electing another incompetent leader.

    * * *

    Why can’t they put the nation’s interest first?

    Buhay Partylist Cong. Lito Atienza in a radio interview said it seems that our lives now just revolve around the investigation of Vice President Binay.

    “Is Binay alleged corruption far more important than our problems with criminality, joblessness, poverty, etc.?” asked the former Manila mayor turned legislator.

    Atienza said since the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee believes they have enough evidence against Binay, then they should file the case before the proper court and tackle other important matters relevant to the needs of the country.

    Dela Salle professor and political analyst Antonio Contreras couldn’t agree more saying there are other bigger problems that need immediate attention such as the Freedom of Information Bill awaiting approval of Congress, the worsening traffic that needs to be addressed, including the frequent breakdown of MRT that has to be resolved.

    Contreras laments the government does not know its priorities leaving pertinent issues forgotten while political parties and personal interests take priority.

    “Of course this Binay inquiry is all about politics. Only fools believe it is purely in aid of legislation and not political bashing”, Contreras said.

    “Had they passed this FOI bill months ago, they (lawmakers) wouldn’t have wasted their time in this “teleserye” kind of investigation” the political science professor added.

    Unfortunately, even Pnoy does not know his administration’s priorities, and allows his allies in both houses of Congress to waste their time in advancing their political interests rather than the needs of his people.




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    1. Aquino is a dismal failure…2,6 trillion budget will bury our kid’s children in debt…Sobra na ang simpleng pagnanakaw nitong administration na ito…

    2. marcos look like an angel compare to aquino and the 3 stooges of the senate. marcos, despite martial law, never harass people like the 3 stooges are doing now.

    3. Do you why, Erwin? God is disciplining us because we are an idolatrous filipino people. We worship images and statues. Read the Bible and you will sat, TAMA KA IGAN!

    4. Voice from the wilderness on

      What else is new? This country have been cursed since 1986 with the advent of the aquino presidency and presently, at the helm of an equally inept another aquino presidency to complete what can be termed as MADONNA aquino cursed presidency of mother and son combination that put his country into the ROAD OF PERDITION….

    5. Baka isa ka rin sa bumoto sa kanya tapos ngaun kandalaiti ka sa kapalpakan na nangyayari sa ating bansa. So next time suriin maiigi ang kandidato bago iboto.

    6. Is it not obvious of your sudden change of heart by quoting Atienza and Contreras that the inquiry of VP is about politics. Not only that, you accused the President as incompetent or good for nothing leader and the senators investigating the VP as a waste of time and advancing their political interest. I thought as a true and morally upright journalist your aim is to fret the truth and not become a master spinner of the VP. Master spinners are paid a lot of money!

      • I think you’re right Mr. Aris, I wonder why most journalist are acting like this, do they care for the welfare of their fellow Filipinos? Instead let us be one in tackling this menace, for I know responsible journalism is for the truth and they should help educate the masses so they won’t make a mistake come 2014 elections. If most of the administration guys with Pnoy are corrupt then let’s expose them. All those politicians with slight question on their integrity must shunned away by the majority and I believe things will change for the better but if most of the guys from the media does spinning the truth in favor of someone else benefit, they must know that if they will prove to be successful in their plots I am sure they will answer this from the ALMIGHTY GOD, believe me they cannot escape this moment. Let’s us have one voice NO TO CORRUPTION.