Good plan, bad execution


Last Tuesday was a major nightmare for many commuters in Manila.

It was the day the city closed its streets to provincial buses, on the strength of an existing ordinance.

City Hall said the provincial bus ban was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, and that it had consulted with the public and the affected bus companies. But apparently word of the ban failed to reach thousands of students, office workers and other bus riders.

Some of them had to walk a long way, in the driving rain, to get to their commute.

The objective was commendable: Without provincial buses, the flow of traffic in the streets of Manila was noticeably smooth. Gone were the horde of buses that have usurped crucial intersections along Taft Avenue.

But was there a failure of communication somewhere? Did City Hall issue the necessary advisories to commuters on the bus ban?

We hope the commuters’ nightmare doesn’t recur in the coming days.


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