Good weather expected until weekend


Expect fair weather to continue in most parts of the country until weekend or end of the month, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said on Friday.

In an interview, PAGASA weather forecaster Gener Quitlong said that until Sunday, most parts of country will remain to have good weather condition.

Aside from possible afternoon or evening rains due to localized thunderstorms or convections, he noted that the whole country will continue to experience sunny to partly cloudy skies until Sunday.

He added that the country will likely be storm-free until the end of the month.

However, he noted that PAGASA expects at least one storm to affect the country in April.

During summer months, Quitlong said the easterlies and the high-pressure area (HPA), which is the opposite of a low pressure area (LPA), will be the dominant weather systems in the country.

He noted that both the HPA and the easterlies will bring high temperatures and good weather conditions to the country in the coming days.

With the summer season, Quitlong said temperatures in the country could climb up to 37 degrees Celsius in the coming days.

However, he noted that passing rains, especially in the afternoon or evening, is still possible due to localized thunderstorms or convections.

Citing climatological record, Quitlong said the dry or summer season in the country usually lasts until middle of June.

Friday temperature in Metro Manila will range between 24-33 degrees Celsius.

So far, the highest temperature recorded in Metro Manila for this year was at 34.2 degrees Celsius last Wednesday.

However, he noted that the hottest temperature in the country so far for this year was recorded in Subic, Zambales at 36.1 degrees Celsius last March 21.

Based on the PAGASA’s climatological record, the hottest temperature in Metro Manila was recorded on May 14, 1987 at 38.5 degrees Celsius.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in the country was in Tuguegarao, Cagayan at 42.2 degrees Celsius on May 11, 1969.

In its advisory, PAGASA said the easterlies are affecting the eastern section of the country.

The entire archipelago will have partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated rainshowers or thunderstorms mostly over the eastern section.

It added that moderate to occasionally strong winds from the east will prevail over the eastern section of the country and the coastal waters along this area will be moderate to occasionally rough.

Elsewhere, winds will be light to moderate blowing from the east with slight to moderate seas. PNA


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