• Goodbye to a good show


    This weekend, lovers of good music, nostalgia and humor will bid farewell—with heavy sadness—to a popular radio-TV show that has entertained legions of loyalists in the past six years.

    Music and Memories, a Sunday two-hour delight, serves generous portions of the durable standards and Original Filipino Music (OPM). Unexpected guests from showbusiness show up from time to time for impromptu jam sessions.

    Music is hosted by Boots Anson-Roa, the multi-awarded actress, public servant and civic leader, and by Willie Nepomuceno, the best impressionist in the country and first-class entertainer.

    Senior citizens who relive their youth and their loves in the music of the past lead the chorus of cheerleaders. Not surprisingly, many young people with sophistication for fine music and who share the songs of their parents are avid watchers and listeners.

    TV and radio networks, including dzMM, usually plead low ratings to explain why they are dropping a program. If the flurry of text messages and phone calls are a gauge, Music and Memories passes the ratings test. Sponsors have also consistently supported the show with income-producing ads or commercials.

    A production like the Boots-Willie show appeals to a broad range of viewers, from the affluent, to the middle and the working class. The CDE households have their share of fans with an eclectic taste for music, from the Top 40 hits to the songs of Porter, Berlin and Gershwin. Nothing explains the show’s demise except a lapse in judgment.

    Ironically, Music closes on August 11, the day that marks its 6th anniversary. But we are sure Music and Memories will reincarnate someday in a new and more hospitable studio.


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