Goods prices sold up to less than 40% discount


PRODUCTS, goods and other commodities are being sold with up to 40 percent discount in the two-day Discount Caravan of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Trade and Industry Secretary Gregory Domingo said that the caravan will offer 10 percent to 40 percent discount rates in goods and commodities.

“Usually when there are medicines, they have the biggest discount [rates],” Domingo said.

Domingo said that the agency plans to surpass last year’s caravan revenue, which accounted P60 to P70 million.

“Manufacturer participants are no longer charge of overhead but given free venue, electricity, security and media promotion among others,” the Department of Trade and Industry stated.

Discounted products included in the fair are basic and prime commodities such as processed milk, breads, cooking oils, canned meat products, processed meat, sauces, eggs, noodles, delicacies, toiletries or personal care, candles and even shoe products.

The two-day discount fair starting yesterday is located in front of the DTI main building, along Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati City.

Diskwento Caravan, project of the DTI that holds fairs throughout the country which were attended by manufacturers to sell their products at a discounted and affordable price, started 2008 in Metro Manila only, and then implemented as a national program by 2011.

There are about 47 Diskwento Caravan drives all over the country as well as in the provinces at the end of the year.


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