• Goodyear launches Worry Free Assurance program


    Goodyear Philippines has launched its Worry Free Assistance warranty program that offers roadside assistance for tire problems but also for personal car breakdowns with P50,000 accident insurance included.

    The warranty is only available on select tires in either Goodyear Autocare or Servitek outlets nationwide, and buying two of the eligible tires of the same size will avail the warranty card for free. It comes with Goodyear’s five-year limited warranty for its tires, one year Road Hazard Warranty and zero-percent interest payment scheme up to six months from purchase. The warranty program is launched in partnership with MAA Assurance, which Goodyear said it helped implementing the program nationwide as well as providing insurance for the Emergency Roadside Assistance.

    The Emergency Roadside Assistance provides emergency assistance whenever there is a car mishap, such as a flat tire or an accident. It also provides emergency battery, fuel, and towing service. The one-year Road Hazard Protection provides tire replacements for tires that are beyond repair, considering the country’s road conditions.

    Eligible tires for availing the Worry Free Assurance program include: Assurance FuelMax, Assurance TripleMax, Eagle F1 Directional 5, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3, Wrangler HP/AW, Wrangler AT/SA, Wrangler TripleMax, EfficientGrip SUV, EfficientGrip Performance SUV and the Wrangler MT/R, with sizes 16 inches and above.

    “The reason why we launch Goodyear Worry Free Assurance is because of our corporate core value, which is to focus on safety and innovation. There are a lot of Goodyear tires which are launched every two years. It’s because we have our own research and development, to make sure that the tires that are being bought by our end-users are the safest tires in the market. Complimenting it with the Worry Free Assurance, for them to experience the full promise of Goodyear, and they will know they are the safest out there,” Goodyear Branded Retail Development Manager Jong Sumpaico told Fast Times in an interview.

    “Recognizing that high quality services are extremely important to our customers in the maintenance of their vehicles, customers of our Goodyear Autocare outlets will be served by an expert team, who are provided with the latest equipment in auto servicing. And with the new Goodyear Worry Free Assurance warranty program, we are stepping up and setting the bar high for unparalleled warranty offerings,” Goodyear Philippines Marketing Director Kenneth Sambajon said in a statement.

    The warranty is available for privately owned cars, but not for cars for commercial use however.

    The tiremaker opened its 105th store in Commonwealth, Quezon City on Friday, following the launch of the Worry Free Assurance program.


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