• Google, Facebook top apps for Pinoys


    GOOGLE Play, Facebook and Google are the most-used mobile applications among Filipinos, which means they are the most effective apps in terms of market reach, according to a report from global information and measurement company Nielsen.

    The average Filipino smartphone user spends 174 minutes on his phone daily, and 62 percent or 108 minutes of it are spent flicking, tapping and browsing on applications and entertainment, the report showed.

    Nielsen said that social media sites and games still have the strongest appeal when it comes to reaching out to consumers.

    In terms of most used applications, Nielsen cited the top 5 apps Filipinos access–Google Play store with 90.23 percent reach point; Facebook App having 88.3 percent reach point; Google Search App with 67.84 percent; YouTube App with 64.52 percent reach point; and Facebook Messenger App having 75 percent reach point.

    The report also highlighted the diverse usage of apps in terms of gender and age groups.

    Nielsen said people use their smartphones diversely, accessing applications according to their interests so the approach to reach each segment varies as well. It said women devote more time on social networking, chatting and texting, while men tend to spend extra time playing strategy and action games.

    In terms of age group, the study revealed that people who are in the 25-40 years of age range are better reached through in-app advertisements since they have the propensity to exhaust their screen time on games.

    And similar to TV and radio, mobile has its own primetime as well. Activities on smartphones tend to peak during the evening from 6 pm until 11 pm and then tapers down from there.

    This particular usage behavior holds true across age groups. “Make sure to take advantage of this window to optimize your engagement with your target audience,” Nielsen said in its report.


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