Google makes communication easier for tech-voc students, Tesda employees



Internet search engine Google has forged an agreement with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) to increase collaboration and improve communication for all Tesda employees.

Joel Villanueva, Tesda director general, said technical vocational (tech-voc) students, trainers and personnel will now have an access to a collaborative suite of free online apps through Google Apps for Education, also used by many educational institutions.

With Google Apps for Education, they will be able to send and receive e-mail with a domain name, store data and share documents with Drive, hold web-based video conferences with Google+ Hangouts and easily build websites with Sites.

“Technology is increasingly playing a starring role in schools and educational institutions in helping students learn. Our adoption of the Google Apps is a testament to this,” Villanueva said.

For her part, Janet Suzie Yoon, country lead for Google Apps Supporting Program, said she hopes the use of the apps would provide a new learning experience to both the students and educators, and help expand the reach of technical vocational education among Filipinos in the country and abroad.

Villanueva said the project will first be implemented in the Tesda central office and will be expanded into the regional and provincial Tesda offices. It will also later on be used in Tesda Technology Institutes.

“The hope is that as students leave the classroom, they take the technology with them, not just the enhanced skills, so that jobs would come easy,” he added.

The state skills training agency earlier launched the Tesda App to make information on tech-voc education and training easily accessible to its clients and partners. The free application is initially available for devices running Google’s Android Operating System and can be downloaded through Google Play.

Tesda App provides information on the agency’s programs and services, as well as training institutions with Tesda-approved programs, their locations, and contact details. It also has the latest news updates on Tesda programs, scholarships, and other services.


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