Government of superminority



Democracy means rule of the majority, not by the minority.

In the Philippines, however, the fact is the majority are ruled by the minority.

That is the problem.

The law
1. The 1987 Constitution expressly declares that:

“The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them” (Sec. 1, ART. II)

2. This provision is the heart of everything the fundamental law stands for. It keeps the other provisions alive. Hence, the principle has to be kept alive and kicking.

Otherwise, the Constitution will suffer a virtual cardiac arrest, with negative consequences ranging from systemic knockdown, paralysis or death.

3. Is our country a true democracy?

It is respectfully submitted the proper answer is NO.

Firstly, out of about 100 million citizens, one cannot honestly claim 1% fully appreciate the meaning of sovereignty which is freedom from foreign control, political and economic or otherwise.

Secondly, the majority who are poor and exploited cannot possibly rule as against the superminority who are rich and manipulative.

4. Is our country truly republican?

Again, it is respectfully submitted the proper answer is NO. For the same foregoing reasons.

5. Does sovereignty truly reside in the people?

It does not seem so. An idea that is not understood cannot meaningfully exist in the hearts and minds of the people. Thus, the ideal would appear to have no basis in fact.

6. Do the majority truly understand the meaning of government authority?

It would not seem so. That they understand what the term government means may be conceded. The term authority is, however, another matter. This term is usually confused with power. The majority invariably use the terms interchangeably, which fact shows they do not distinguish one from the other.

In law, authority is the DUTY to make right things happen and stop wrong things from happening. On the other hand, power is the ABILITY to make things happen or stop things from happening.

One may exist without the other. In the context of government, the ideal is that it has both authority and power, or both the DUTY and the ABILITY.

DUTY without ABILITY would be an exercise in futility.

ABILITY without DUTY would be an exercise of illegitimacy.

7. Do the people truly understand all government authority emanates from them?

It would not seem so. If the majority allow themselves to be dirt poor and exploited by the superminority, then the latter will naturally continue the oppressive exploitation. Power has a way of feeding itself with the unwitting connivance of the powerless or disenfranchised.

The exploited plays the role of prey while the exploiter plays the role of predator.

The constitutional idea of government as a public servant now appears to be a fading apparition. Government has become master of the people.

It is the same government that has kept the majority of the Filipino people in a constant state of serious economic deprivation since the 1935 Constitution or even earlier.

The supposed creature of democracy has become a dragon nightmare of the creator.

It is sensitive to a writer’s idea of the gates of hell, but it is insensitive to the hellish living conditions of the poorest of the poor among our people.

Under the current administration of President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd, the superminority are living it up.

The almost hopeless poor can only watch and salivate in envy.

Indeed, the government of the sovereign Filipino people now appears to have been ingeniously automated to metamorphose into a government of the superminority, by the superminority, and for the superminority.

Gat Andres Bonifacio, the Katipuneros and the indomitable Lapulapu of the island of Mactan must be turning in their graves in seething anger.


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