• Some govt agencies doing poor job–Binay


    VICE President Jejomar Binay scored the poor performance of some government agencies and said several sectors in the government have failed in delivering basic services to the people.

    “Four years into this administration, several sectors have fallen embarrassingly short on performance,” Binay said in a speech at the opening of the 40th Philippine Business Conference and Expo on Wednesday.

    He cited worsening traffic in Metro Manila as well as the failure of the government in improving the country’s mass transport system.

    “Traffic is at a standstill in Metro Manila and other urban centers, worsened by an antiquated mass transit system. Poor planning and bureaucratic inefficiencies have unabashedly wasted the opportunities to improve the country’s transport systems. The brakes of MRT trains fail, doors fall off and signaling systems dangerously stall,” Binay said, referring to Metro Rail Transit 3 or MRT 3.

    The Vice President also slammed the sorry state of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and how poor planning led to the country’s impending power crisis, high importation of rice and deterioration of peace and order in the country.

    “Criminality is rising at an unprecedented rate, with an alarming number [of the crimes]committed by rogue policemen. These require the attention of the government now,” he said.

    Binay took a shot at some senators who, according to him, choose to focus on assassinating his character.

    “As motorists inch their way through the traffic-hobbled streets of our cities, as Metro Manila commuters risk their lives every day riding old and ill-maintained trains, as our countrymen and foreign visitors suffer entry through the world’s worst airport, as our people live daily in rising fear of danger to life and property, not trusting those whose job is to protect and keep safe our people, we are treated to the spectacle of a political assassination, live on national television, every week,” he said.

    “The irony is that the Senate [farce]is staged by no less than those who have failed in their primary duty to ease these hardships that our people are suffering. And what for, to push themselves to power in the coming 2016 presidential elections, at our expense,” Binay added.


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    1. Rolando V. Nolasco on

      Binay is resorting to all cheap tricks to get out of the mess he is in. His trying to bring down with him other government agencies so as to cover-up his own responsibility and continue to refuse to face the Senate’s investigation over the many charges against him and his family. He’s boosting about Makati’s financial gains as if it was his own effort alone that brought this city to its prime. Where can you find a city where all his children and wife become the sole elective leaders as if no one else is capable to do the job. He seem to have used the claim to transform all places of the country like Makati. Wake up Binay from your hallucinations. To Gov. Remulla and all his mouthpieces: Shut up and do your own work. The only way to prove Binay’s innocence is face the music and present documents to refute those accusations.