Govt agencies set clocks to PH standard time


Government offices simultaneously synchronized their clocks to Philippine Standard Time (PhST) on Monday.

Science and Technology Secretary Mario Montejo said that PhST aims at improving the ‘Filipino Time’ attitude and increase productivity and effectiveness in the country.

“Time is a great equalizer. Punctuality will lead to discipline and motivated Filipinos,” Montejo said.

National government agencies, State universities and Colleges, government-owned and -controlled corporation, local governments and government televisions and radio stations are required to synchronize their clocks to PhST from Pagasa’s Time Service Unit at least once a month.

A government employee or officer will be administratively liable if he fails to calibrate time devices in PhST.

“PhST is a tool to change the negative culture of Filipinos in respect with time management. In the next 10 years upon implementation, there will be positive changes when it comes to punctuality among Filiinos,” Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo, author of the Philippine Standard Time law, said.

“Time is a great equalizer. Whether you are poor or rich, you only have 60 minutes in an hour. Filipinos should have one mindset when it comes to being on time. Enough of the ‘Filipino time’ tradition,” he added.


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