Govt to charge de Lima, lawyer over ‘falsified’ SC petition


The Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) plans to file charges against embattled Sen. Leila de Lima and the lawyer who notarized her allegedly “falsified” petition before the Supreme Court.

Solicitor General Jose Calida said de Lima and the notary public, Maria Cecille Tresvelles-Cabalo, could face administrative and criminal charges.

“It’s under study and preparation. Most likely falsification and administrative cases,” Calida told The Manila Times.

De Lima and Cabalo, sorority sisters at the Lamba Rho sorority of San Beda College of Law, have been accused by the OSG before the high court of fraud by making it appear that de Lima took her oath before Cabalo for the execution of the former’s petition for certiorari.

In a seven-page manifestation, government lawyers told the high tribunal it was physically impossible for Cabalo to have signed de Lima’s petition on February 24, 2017.

At the time, de Lima was already jailed at the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center in Camp Crame. The logbook did not contain Cabalo’s name, the OSG said. Police guards also executed affidavits stating that Cabalo wasn’t seen at the jail.

Falsification is a criminal act under the Revised Penal Code and the lawyers or parties participating therein can be charged with indirect contempt under the Rules of Court. It is also a ground for disbarment.

De Lima wants the high court to nullify her arrest warrant on drug trading charges, questioning the jurisdiction of the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court where the cases were filed.

She claims the Office of the Ombudsman has jurisdiction over her case since she was charged on the basis that she used her previous position as secretary of Justice in relation to the alleged criminal acts, “specifically that she demanded, solicited and extorted money from [prison]inmates through her alleged intermediaries/bagmen.”

De Lima doubts ‘foreign intel’

On Thursday, de Lima called on President Rodrigo Duterte to make public the details of the supposed foreign intelligence report the government used as basis in the filing of drug-related charges against her.

“It might as well be intel from planet Mars or Jupiter. I highly doubt whether there is such a US (United States) intel,” de Lima said in a handwritten note sent to Senate reporters.

Duterte told senators over dinner on Tuesday that evidence against Lima was supplied by international intelligence sources, and were not trumped-up as the senator claims.

De Lima said that if the evidence against her was supplied by foreign sources, they were spurious or based on highly dubious and polluted sources.

“Another big lie! Incessant black propaganda,” she said. “May I assure my gullible colleagues in the Senate and our people that I have absolutely nothing to do with the illegal drug trade.”

De Lima, a leading critic of President Duterte, is on her third week at the PNP Custodial Center.



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  1. De Lima has a delusion of grandeur. Why can’t she just focus on her defence rather than sending notes to the press every single day. For what? Does she think that somebody will compile everything and make it into a book, damn. No publisher will ever spend a single centavo for it.

  2. The dilemma of Delima is that she is painting herself into a corner by her own denials …. the latest , about foreign intelligence report on her involvement in the illegal drug trade…..

  3. hy should the government lay down its card this early, to give De Lima advance preparation for her defense? Funny.

    That is the law.
    How can someone prepare a defense to refute the charges if they have no idea what that evidence is ?

    • No, the funny thing is that De Lima wants it made public. Evidence should be presented in the proper forum.

  4. Very interesting, though, is the fact that is more to the point of the news item. This procedure is always being resorted to to cut short the process involved in getting papers ready and done with for business transactions or for filing with offices private as well as public. I believe this should now be given its due attention and a review of the law pertaining to this practice by our Solons is timely.

  5. De Lima is calling on Pres. Duterte to make public the details of the supposed foreign intelligence which will be used as basis for charging her. Such stupid call. And why should the government lay down its card this early, to give De Lima advance preparation for her defense? Funny.

    By calling for such details to be made public, it’s a tacit admission by De means that she does not know what it contain. And yet she is already concluding that the evidence against her supplied by foreign sources are “spurious or based on highly dubious and polluted sources” !!! How can that be? She doesn’t know its content but she already knows that it’s dubious and polluted? How stupid can she be. Talagang nawawala na sa sarili si Ronnie’s Girl.

    As to foreign sources being polluted, hypocritical De Lima chooses to make people forget that such foreign outfits like the Human Rights Watch and other foreign entities that are anti-Duterte are getting their inputs from her and the Yellows…which makes those foreign organizations polluted and dubious! De Lima’s hypocrisy is truly something. She had shown it too many times over and over ggain: she wants one rule to apply to her political enemies but she cries ‘Foul’ when the same rule is applied to her.

  6. The obvious misery and depression being displayed everyday by De Lima is one good reason that there should not be death penalty in the Philippines. The victims of her illegal drug trade and their families will get their satisfaction for the next 30 years seeing De Lima suffering like this. Aquino, Roxas, Robredo and Purisima should be jailed next. We who have been victimized by these crooks will dance in the streets when they are finally behind bars.

  7. Andre Leonard on

    De Lima needs to put down the shovel and stop digging now. The pit is deep enough.