• Govt employees, soldiers, policemen get wage hike


    Teachers, health workers, soldiers, policemen, and all other government employees received salary increases effective January 1.

    The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has released the second tranche of the promised compensation adjustment.

    “These are the people who help and protect the Philippines. We want them to feel satisfied about their jobs, inspire them to be more productive workers and allow them to provide for their families. Raising their wages is only just,” President Rodrigo Duterte said.

    With the second tranche of salary adjustments, government workers’ wages will increase over and above the mid-year and year-end bonuses that they have been receiving. In addition to these, an enhanced Performance-Based Bonus (EPB) will be granted to those who meet their agency targets.

    For instance, a Teacher 1 will get an annual compensation package of P324,962 while a Nurse 1 will get P398,822, bringing their total yearly wages up to twice that of their private sector counterparts.

    In 2017, the total annual compensation for a Police Officer 1 (PO1) and a military Private will be P399,396. This represents a 14 percent increase in compensation for a PO1 and a 10 percent increase in compensation for a Private.

    The substantial increase in allowances will more justly reward our brave policemen and soldiers who put their lives on the line for the country, the Duterte administration said.


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