More govt execs face ax – Duterte


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday fired a female undersecretary supposedly for appealing to Malacañang for rice importation permits, as he warned that more officials would be sacked because of corruption.

Speaking before the Grand Harvest Festival of Seh Leng Agritech in Talavera, Nueva Ecija, Duterte said he was so angry he decided to fire the official as his chopper was landing on the area.

“I was on my way here, I was landing, I said ‘Call Malacañang. She’s fired.’ So she’s the second one,” he said.

Without mentioning her name, Duterte said the female undersecretary was a “holdover” official, or an appointee of the previous administration.

The President said he decided to fire the undersecretary for seeking to overturn the decision of National Food Authority (NFA) Administrator Jason Aquino to bar rice imports.

“I said, ‘How can I face the farmers? Why would we allow importation to compete with local products? Of course, it didn’t push through because I stopped it…We are an open market but you know, you have to protect the Filipino,” he said.

Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol confirmed that Duterte was referring to Undersecretary Maia Chiara Halmen Valdez of the Office of the Cabinet Secretary.

“It’s over the issue of rice importation. She had a conflict with NFA Administrator Jason Aquino,” Piñol said in a text message sent to reporters.

The President said he would also fire two more undersecretaries within the week, but did not elaborate.

By the end of this week, a total of five officials would have been fired, including former Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno and the female undersecretary.

In March, National Irrigation Administration chief Peter Laviña was dismissed for allegedly seeking money from contractors.

Duterte has dismissed 92 employees and officials of the Bureau of Customs, the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board because of irregularities.

“I will continue to fire people. The first whiff, even if untrue, you’re out,” Duterte said.


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  1. florendo abad on

    We hope that this will continue to stop corruption. Fire them all including $enators and Tongressman.

  2. No other previous presidents can do what Duterte is doing. Go Duterte go. Internationally or locally, the true and honest people like what you’re doing. Social weather, main newspaper prints are subjected to influence. Don’t mind them. But, credit rating companies are not. What are the credit rating companies? Moody’s, S&P 500, Fitchs are among them. I hope the Yellows will study these companies so their mouth will shut up.

  3. What bothers me about du30 is trillanes accused him of having ill gotten wealth, the same as ex cj corona. Now why doesnt du30 allow the accounts mentioned to be looked at. The only thing i cank of why not to is because he is hiding something. Remember also corona didnt want to open his account as he had P180,000,000 he couldnt account for. If du30 has more in his accounts than he can legally account for he knows he is in big trouble. All politicians should sign the waiver to have their dollar accounts looked at whenever the authorities want to look at them. If its legally gotten monies none of us will be interested, but if its ill gotten we want you in jail. Open you a/c du30, & get rid of this bank secrecy law which helps protect the thieving politicians. We want honest politicians

    • arnel amador on

      you missed a lot of info about du30. it seems you know nothing about the man. about trillanes? search more about him with an open eye….

    • Aphetsky Lasa on

      Digong has challenged Trillanes to prove his allegations. He has advised the banks to open his accounts. He is ready to leave his office, Digong said, if it is proven to be true. It is up to Trillanes to call Digong’s challenge. But up till now, Trillanes still has to take Digong to task. Why? Because there is nothing to prove. Trillanes may be up to his sleeves. But he has nothing to show. He’s all bark and no bite.

    • @Dusty it’s because PRRD has other more important things to do for our country. For me, as a tax payer, I hate gossip during office hours- which is what Trillanes is doing.

      CJ Corona was wrongfully convicted during the hearing- Meriam Defensor voted against his ‘dismissal’.

      I suggest you study the process on how AMLC & Banko Central get wind of big deposits from the banks. There’s a cap for an account, IF it goes beyond 100M then it gets reported to BSP then AMLC investigates. There is no report from the bank and I know both BSP & AMLC are doing their jobs so I trust that there is no issue.

      The problem with most anti-PRRD is that they dwell on petty things and make it ‘seem’ a big issue. If I were Trillanes, get proof first and investigate before any presscon. Hell, I can just have a presscon and say anything if I had immunity from prosecution just like a senator.

  4. Trouble is, Duterte can’t sack himself. Rumor mongerers will have a field day reporting to him false stories which could be basis for another sacking.

    • Aphetsky Lasa on

      Actually, he could. If all rumors about him are proven to be true, especially EJK and corruption. He has said that many times. He is going to step down. About the alleged false rumors as basis for sacking? I believe they will be verified. Even as President, he just cannot sack anybody he pleases, in fairness to the appointees.

  5. The President is right – stop importation of rice, protect the small scale farmers. In my home town I don’t buy rice in the stall market – I directly buy to the local farmers – free from fake rice.

  6. Institutional setup of the government was corrupted by the past administrations, it takes time to correct the decades of greediness. Given our free-wheeling democracy, where the lazy elites rule, pragmatic approach is the way to go. Agree with the approach of DU30 to start cleansing his own turf, the executive department. Whether guilty or not, let the court sort it out, and this serves as a warning to heads of other government departments and agencies.

    In parallel, put in place the right system in our Judiciary and Legislative branches, maybe after a decade, we’ll see a well-functioning government that Filipinos can depend upon.

    All the best, Mayor of the Philippines

  7. It had better be true that suspicions are confirmed, I would hate to think it was a result of someone pouring poison into the presidents ear.

  8. arthur keefe on

    Those “suspected” of corruption should be suspended while investigations are undertaken. It is too easy for those with a personal interest to create suspicion by spreading baseless rumours. One found guilty, corrupt officials should be jailed and their wealth confiscated. That would deter others.

  9. Leodegardo M. Pruna on

    In the Filipino culture, the tendency of people is to self destruct. I still believe in the wisdom of PDu30 that he will immediately believe any whiff even if untrue and fire people. He will end up firing everybody if he does this. The way our society and people in organization work is to spy if not demean another to get to tthe top. This we have to throw and replace it with a system of teamwork. We wish the President well in his desire to rid the government of corruption. He has the guts and the will to do it. God bless the Philippines.

  10. Just a thought, I wonder if Bongbong was to be Secretary and did a corrupt act, I don’t know if PRRD with whiff him also. :D

    • arnel amador on

      for more than 3 decades are you still in it wirh the marcoses? i suppose there’s nothing wrong to be curious if you want the truth….unless you chose to be an idiot, which i thought you are not.

  11. Eliminating graft and corruption may be even more difficult than the war on drugs. Keep on correcting the problems. We are with you. Good job.

  12. Criticise du30 all you want for many things, but on this he is doing brilliantly. He sees corruption & instantly fires the person. Corruption is so embedded in filipino culture that its difficult to sort out, but du30 is showing how to move ahead. See it & sack them. I think after sacking them they should be jailed. & that is something he needs to sort out, getting cases into court & deat with through to completion. They all take far to long & its ridiculous.

  13. The first whiff, even if untrue, you’re out,” Duterte said.

    Seriously ?

    I heard that a bunch of members of congress stole P10billion during Aquino’s administration, I heard they also took bribes to impeach a sitting supreme court chief judge for a offense that is not impeachable.

    20 senators on the Napoles list
    100 house members on the Napoles list

    Only 3 opposition senators arrested, the other 117 no charges.

    Take a good whiff Mr. President.

    • Sir,
      Just wait and see, but don’t expect that the President will order those lawmakers arrested right away. Remember that the Executive Branch is coequal with Legislative Branch and one branch cannot overpower over the other. In fairness to the President, he is actually “taking a good whiff” into the corrupt practices of the past administration, but his main focus is to cleanse the government, making it free from drugs, criminality and corruption. As for holding public officials accountable, he is starting it with his own turf, by firing Laviña, Sueño, among others. So give him more time.

    • Well, it was during Pnoy’s term. He needs complainants to proceed. Why don’t you start it?

    • Please note that the 20 senators, 100 house members are not under Duterte’s branch of Government. Duterte can only do such a “whiff” on the Executive Branch of government, that includes his cabinets and other offices under his “Executive” branch.

      Hence, if there is to be “whiff”ing in those members mentioned on your list, it has to be done by someone else, other than Duterte himself.

    • it has to be done by someone else, other than Duterte himself.

      It could easily be done by a law enforcement agency like the Dept of Justice.
      Duterte controls the Dept of Justice does he not ?

      Simple phone call