• Govt files deport raps vs ‘Jennifer’ fiance Marc


    THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) has filed deportation charges against Marc Sueselbeck who was offloaded on Sunday when he tried to leave the country back to Germany, two days after the burial of his transgender partner Jennifer Laude.

    BI spokesman Elaine Tan on Monday said Sueselbeck, whose passport was confiscated, was issued a charge sheet for undesirability and was placed on a watchlist. He was told to report to the bureau’s Legal Divison on the same day to answer the charges.

    Tan added that Sueselbeck will be given due process. If found guilty, he will be placed on a blacklist and deported to his home country.

    The case stemmed from an incident last week when the German forcibly entered Camp Aguinaldo, the Philippine military’s national headquarters in Quezon City, in his bid to see personally US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton, who was suspected of murdering Laude in Olongapo City, Zambales, last October 11.

    Tan clarified that departure of a deportee is different from that of a regular passenger.

    “Deportees need to secure clearances from the National Bureau of Investigation or from the local courts,” she explained.

    Tan added that deportation cases for undesirability are heard before the BI’s Board of Special Inquiry.

    Such cases, she said, are decided by the Board of Commissioners that meets once a week.

    “Deportation proceedings are completed in one month on the average, depending on the cooperation of concerned parties and availability of evidence,” Tan added.

    Deportation cases may be elevated to the Department of Justice pending finality.


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    1. When you lose a loved one your emotions are on a roller-coaster ride. I can understand and feel for his loss. Mr. Sueslbeck showed great disrespect to the Philippine people and the military that protects it people. He was lucky that they were so nice to him and respectful. These troops are in the jungle fighting one day and protecting its people the next. Action speak louder then words and he should be punished for the crime he committed.

    2. Dapat din mag file ng disbarment ang AFP o alinmang sangay ng gobyerno laban kay atty harry roque dahil isa din siyang illegal na pumasok sa camp aguinaldo, kasama si sueselbeck at yung sister ng namatay. Very unacceptable ang ginawang ito ni atty roque at siya pa di umano ang nagsabi dito kay sueselbeck at sister ng namatay na transgender na umakyat sa perimeter fence ng camp aquinaldo.

    3. Mr. Sueselbeck is suffering extreme sadness due to passing of his fiance because of a murder implicated by an american military service man. The case of the killing of Jenefer is a very rare and classic incident. His action of tresspassing a military camp which were guarded by military men can be considered as a small time case if compared to the case of a murder case, killing a pilipino by a forein army and did not belong to a combat operations but by a rest and recreation activities. Let us be understanding about this action of Mr. Sueselbeck, specially that he have asked forgiveness about his trespassing incident. Let us think about also to our relations to our friend German government. in one way or another let us give respect to them that we are not bullying one of their citizen. Remember that Germany employs thousands of filipino seafarers on board their thousand ships roaming the world.

    4. Sueselbeck is an undesirable alien who is very arrogant and deserves to be charged for his action. He could have been shot for trespassing an exclusive government property, specially of climbing over a high fence that secures a camp of the Philippine Army. Whatever anger he has, as a foreigner, he should have thought better than to Lord it over his host country. He committed a criminal offense. Prosecute him.