• Govt has no empathy for extort victims


    Noynoy Aquino and his “brilliant” Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya have totally lost touch of reality, and that’s apparently why they’re insensitive to the aggravation caused by the “tanim-bala” extortion racket at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

    In reaction to the increasing public outrage over the mounting cases of passengers arrested for possession of live bullets, Malacañang announced that an investigation will be conducted.

    But even before the probe actually commenced, Abaya dismissed the claims of planted bullets for “lack of proof.”

    Conversely, what he means is that the people found possessing one bullet ostensibly placed in their baggage are flatly guilty of illegal possession of live ammunition.

    Hindi ba kaplastikan at kagaspangan ang pagsasabi ng walang ebidensiya ng gawaing “tanim-bala” o “laglag-bala.”

    And like his master, Abaya goes on to say that the issue has been “blown out of proportion” by the news media.

    The brilliant Transport czar pointed out that only 1,510, or .004 percent, of the 32.4 million passengers who passed through NAIA Terminals 1 to 4, have been caught in possession of bullets.

    Doesn’t he realize that this modus of framing up people with evidence has jeopardized their lives, including those of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)?

    Napakakitid naman ng utak nitong transport secretary Abaya.

    No wonder the country’s transportation system is such a mess and so backward.

    Unfortunately, the administration’s 2016 standard-bearer Mar Roxas went further to claim that calling these incidents “tanim-bala” or frame-ups was prompted by his rivals.

    I agree with the Anakpawis party-list that the government’s “downplaying” the scam merely boosts the morale of “those who are committing this racket that prey on unsuspecting ordinary plane passengers.”

    “This is a systematic and organized criminal racket. Definitely there are some big time corrupt government officials involved or the protectors of the scam,” said Anakpawis in a statement.

    Roxas, who headed the Transportation department, said he’s wondering if tanim-bala is part of a “demolition job” by the administration’s detractors ahead of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

    This is an “unconvincing” attempt to look for scapegoats and cover up for the involvement of the Office of Transport Security (OTS) personnel.

    It is clear that the inutile Noynoy administration is not on the side of the extortion victims.

    Giving excuses and blaming the victims themselves is the best thing that this government can do to the condemnation of international community.

    It took so long for OTS Administrator Roland Recomono to revise baggage screening and inspection procedures, as well as install additional closed-circuit television sets (CCTVs).

    “As of late September this year, all baggage inspectors are strictly hands-off. Only the passenger can touch the baggage, remove the items within, inspect the compartments, to locate the suspicious item,” Recomono said.

    Why didn’t he think of these when several airline passengers fell prey to this extortion racket?

    It is high time that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) be brought into the probe, and zero in on these culprits at the OTS.

    * * *

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    1. They do not understand that their inaction ang naging dahilan bakit galit ang karamihan..tsk tsk tks

    2. Always remember that Pinoy, Abaya and Roxas are buddies. We as a country are lucky because our country economy is good but no thanks to Pinoy because he is not the source of this upswing.

    3. Only Public Attorney’s Office Head Persida Acosta has come to the succor of the passengers detained because of this anomaly !!!!!!

      While paying lip service to the issue and downplaying it or washing their hands of the
      controversy, all other government paid talking heads did not consider the plight of the affected passengers ! Where was the lawyer of the Pacman ?