Gov’t hospitals on white alert


Starting Monday, Department of Health (DOH) retained hospitals, regional offices and facilities nationwide will be placed on “Code White Alert”.

According to DOH Secretary Janette L. Garin, under the “Code White Alert” level, all hospital personnel are on standby for deployment and augmentation as the need arises for additional medical and other services.

Garin said that under that the alert level, all hospital equipments and logistics were also readied so that they could immediately respond to the health emergencies requiring immediate health intervention.

Code White Alert is usually raised yearly, as Christmas and New Year revelries get near and in times when there are man-made and natural disasters like typhoon, volcanic eruptions, earthquake.

The same alert is also raised in times of big events like Papal visit early this year, and many others.

With the forthcoming Christmas and New Year revelries, hospitals are place under alert by DOH in anticipation of influx of victims of firecrackers, accidents, and different illnesses such as heart attack, stroke and other ailments that may be triggered in line with this season where lots of parties are usually done.

According to DOH, while it does not want to stop the people from taking the opportunity of the season to be jolly and enjoy the get-together with their loved ones, they should be moderate in their activities.

As a reminder, the DOH earlier said that people should take time to dissolve the excessive food intakes through some exercises and physical movements like walking, running, and dancing in this season where people tends to eat a lot.

It also emphasized the importance for the people to take time to have enough rest, avoid smoking, minimize intake of alcoholic beverages, and avoid stressing themselves too much.

Furthermore, the DOH called on the public for safe celebration of Christmas and New Year by not using firecrackers and instead go for safer way to celebrate like attending a community fireworks display or using safe noise-making instruments in welcoming the New Year.



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