Govt official tagged in vote-padding

WHISTLEBLOWERS Three men appear at a Senate news conference claiming to have taken part in vote-shaving and vote-padding operations in Quezon province. PHOTO BY JEFFERSON ANTIPORDA

WHISTLEBLOWERS Three men appear at a Senate news conference claiming to have taken part in vote-shaving and vote-padding operations in Quezon province. PHOTO BY JEFFERSON ANTIPORDA

3 ‘witnesses’ appear at Senate news conference

A RANKING government official who is a member of the Liberal Party (LP) was reportedly behind the vote-shaving and vote-padding operations in Quezon province that allegedly benefited Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd and Rep. Leni Robrero, whistleblowers said on Monday.

The three men who claimed to have taken part in the supposedly electronic poll cheating showed up at the Senate accompanied by civil society group Council on Philippine Affairs (Copa) head Pastor Boy Saycon.

The three met with Senators Sergio Osmeña 3rd and Teofisto Guingona 3rd.

In a news conference, the men, whose faces were covered, revealed that they helped manipulate election results to increase votes received by Roxas, Robredo and LP senatorial, bets including Senate President Franklin Drilon.

The men said they received orders to manipulate the election results from a ranking official of the government whom they refused to identify.

“Nagpasya kami lumantad dahil kami po ang mismong nakasaksi at ginamit na kasangkapan sa pangyayaring ito [We decided to come out because we were able to witness directly and were used as instruments in this incident],” one of the whistleblowers, who claimed to have worked as a logistics supervisor in the provincial government, said.
He added that their work involved manipulating the votes being transmitted by municipalities to their operation center, which was put up before the May 9 elections.

“We will change the votes garnered by the candidates based on the instructions given to us, then transmit the new figures to the Smartmatic machines at the second and third floor of the building which will then transmit [the new figures]to the various servers,” one of the men explained.

Smartmatic, a Venezuelan firm, is the technology provider for the recent elections.

The whistleblowers said they were given SD (secured digital) cards containing the figures that they should input on computers that would transmit results to Smartmatic machines.

One of the witnesses said the SD cards they used in the operation were taken from them but they were able to hide some of the cards and these are being kept by one of their colleagues.

The men said while votes were also taken from other vice presidential candidates – with Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. losing the most votes – at least 200,000.

They added that the votes were transferred to Robredo, who, based on the Commission on Elections’ website, received 385,164 votes in Quezon.

Marcos got 173,394 votes.

Roxas, the witnesses said, obtained 400,000 additional votes from the province, which had 1,124,090 registered voters.

A check with the Comelec website, however, showed that Roxas got only 205,791 votes in Quezon.

It was Sen. Grace Poe who actually garnered the most number of votes in the province, at 305,814.

The witnesses said all candidates were victimized in the cheating operation in Quezon.
They vowed to present evidence to back their claims at the proper time.

When asked how much they were paid to carry out the operation, the men said their remuneration was equivalent to the salary of an ordinary worker.

Bothered by conscience
The whistleblowers said they decided to come out to clear their consciences and to seek protection from those who may want to silence them.

They added that they sought the help of Saycon because the latter is known to assist those who want to tell the truth.

Saycon told reporters that before he agreed to help the three, he checked their backgrounds first.

The whistleblowers were members of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ), an influential religious organization that had told its members to vote for eventual President Rodrigo Duterte and Marcos.

“I agreed to help them, but I told them that the only protection I can give them is for them to tell the truth,” Saycon said.

He added that the Quezon incident showed that those involved in the cheating used various electoral tricks to help their candidates win.

The camp of Marcos found the latest revelation “interesting.”

George Garcia, head of Marcos’ legal team, said they have not yet contacted the new witnesses.

“These are indeed interesting times… and we are open to anything that can help in the search for truth,” Garcia added.


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  1. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Where are they going to file their lawsuits? against COMELEC? SMARTMATIC? Whatever agency, such as NBI, PNP, Criminal Court, or wherever it may be, I would suggest to have these fools under oath before they execute their depositions and suggest to them to bring their lawyers, or better yet, have either or both, Mr. Garcia and Mr. dela Cruz to be their counsel(s).

    Or these two morons were sent by Marcos camp, such as Garcia and dela Cruz, so these two lawyers can file their complaints at the Supreme Court? I would say “BRING THEM ON” and bring them on quickly.

  2. Allen Llamar on

    Bong bong Marcos won the election, but Leni Robredo won in the counting of votes.

  3. Juan T. Delacruz on

    These men were paid by Marcos Camp to tell lies because what they are saying can NOT be done electronically, and it does not add up[. These fools do not even have the slightest idea how the AES computer configurations were configured to transmit and receive DATA or the VOTES. They do not even know what is SD card means and what is used for. I wish I can cross examine these fools in court and under oath.

    Right now, these morons are committing FRAUD, by claiming something that they are not, and I hope somebody on government side to quickly get their stories under OATH so they can be crucified later. This is clearly a desperate moved by the Marcos’ camp.

    • don’t worry they still have ample time to study and memorize the script. They let Marcos use them, oh Poor men.

  4. They should have given the SD cards to Serge or TJ while covering their faces.
    On the next appearance they could uncover their faces to name the Official
    who ordered them to manipulate the results. This time the evidence is secured.
    BBM should not go after the VP position but the truth to come out. Leave too to
    Leni the decision to quit or not if investigation reveals the real result of the election.
    Or we can all it Selection.

  5. Fred Pescador on

    Well,if these men are telling the truth and this cheating happened during the election…then why will they not mention the name of that LP official who ordered them to do this and also,the proper time to show those evidences that they are claiming they have it on hand is now.Is BBM camp taking their time to talk to this people?

  6. Mayor Duterte absence during Congress proclamation was a good sign that Mayor Duterte is his own man. With the election tainted with cheating just shows that Mayor Duterte , in his silent way is not happy about the cheating of votes !

  7. Why are they covering their faces if their accusations are true. Why are they afraid? The truth will set them free. BBM is desperate, its understandable but Boy Saycon? What a cop out! Please use somebody credible that can withstand scrutiny.

    • Don’t you realize that their life is in danger, how dare you say they are not credible at all. They are the kind of Filipinos who should be called hero , because they are courageus and unafraid to tell all ,what they witnessed how LP lead the rigging of the national election. Shame on you

    • Them covering their faces?

      Why dont you use your real name along with your birthday and complete address? TONTO.

    • Oh, c’mon enigma.. If you were the witness will you face the media and the rest with your uncovered identity. What are you? A fool? Ibubuwis mo buhay mo nang hindi pa naiimbestigahan ang kaso? Tapos bukas makalawa patay ka na. Their covered faces protects them from such risks. Paano matutuloy ang imbestigasyon kung binuyangyang mo na sa mga kalaban mo ang mukha mo? Para ano? Para sumikat kapalit ng buhay mo? With these kinds of issues, di naman kaya meron talagang pandarayang naganap? Why not hear them first?

  8. PNoy may go bonkers if these allegations of cheating is proven to be true. I hope the incoming president Duterte will order immediate investigation of these alleged cheating to remove any doubts that Robredo is the true winner or not.

  9. Kng walang tinatago bakit ngttago at ayaw pakita ung mukha nila sa publiko, if u are indeed telling the truth name names and present evidence. Otherwise your accusation is not true.