• Govt will answer if good BBL not passed – Iqbal


    Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) vice chairman and chief peace negotiator Mohagher Iqbal said the Philippine government will be answerable to the international community, if Congress fails to pass “a good Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).”

    Speaking at a recent forum, Iqbal said: “Ninety-nine percent of the international community is supporting the passage of a good BBL. If the MILF does not accept the BBL, the government will have to answer to the international community.”

    The forum, “Peace at last?” was organized by the Moro Christian People’s Alliance (MCPA) and the Pilgrims for Peace, held at the National Council of Churches of the Philippines (NCCP) in Quezon City. It was a rare occasion that Iqbal appeared in a discussion with progressives after the 2012 signing of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB).

    Iqbal said the international community has “a deep involvement” in the peace negotiations between the Philippine government (GPH) and the MILF in the past 17 years.

    “The international community would take the government to task if war breaks out,” Iqbal said. “We will have the moral ascendancy if the exit agreement is not signed…We will blame and shame the GPH for not complying with agreements signed by both parties.”

    The exit agreement is the final document to be signed by the two parties, and to be validated by the third party monitoring team, lead by former European Commission envoy to the Philippines Alistair McDonald.

    The BBL bills – House Bill 5811 and Senate Bill 2408 – are yet to be approved by Congress.

    The MILF had said that they will not accept a BBL based on HB 5811, which they described as “50 percent bad” and “lower than the ARMM,” the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. The ARMM was the result of the government’s peace agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

    The BBL will be the law to govern the Bangsamoro political entity to be established, as provided by the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) signed by the government and the MILF in 2014.

    “Very clear, we will not accept it, if it’s lower than ARMM,” Iqbal answered at the forum, to the question, “What will the MILF do if a diluted BBL is passed?”

    The small crowd of progressive leaders and church workers loudly applauded and cheered.

    The crowd was apparently critical of the BBL, many of them, of both the original and “diluted” versions. But the cheers were expression of support to the Moro people’s efforts to address the roots of conflict.



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    1. International community he was referring to are the international contact group composed of eurupean union, japan, norway, canada, saudi arabia etc. Who guaranteed and ensure that both parties shoud will comply all agreements they entered upon.

    2. Bakit hindi kasuhan itong si Iqbal palagi nanakot? Ang gusto bang mangyari eh siya masusunod kahit labag sa constitution? Ano ginagawa ng Pnoy sa paanakot ni Iqbal okay lang sa kanya, wala siyang aksiyon? Dapat bigyan ng leksiyon si Iqbal ng matauhan akala kung sino.

      • Remember that Iqbal is a rebel. Kahit ano pa sabihin mo, it does not affect to a rebel and it does not respect the law because its a law violator already. Kaya nga rebel, eh. Kahit na sandamakmak na kaso ang ihain mo sa rebel. Its remains a rebel.

    3. Ekwento mo yan sa pagong… Another lies and deceit made by a no less than the killers and murderers of innocent people in Mindanao whose agenda is only for their selfish rule.

    4. What international community is this guy talking about. This country of ours could hardly muster notice anywhere beyond its borders especially with a bungling government that now prevails and iqbal would make us believe an “international community” is monitoring the negotiation on this BBL perhaps he thinks that Malaysia is already a community of nations what a moron. I am particularly riled with his threats of war and maybe we need to check how our own .military can cope in case of a break out of hostilities. With the current leadership of the Chief of Staff and commander in chief who are both members of the dumb and dumber gang we might perhaps be afraid of such threats but in any case I say to this fellow iqbal go to Malaysia and stay there I trust that Bong bong will not allow his and pnoys version of the law. Let’s go for a bong bong presidency this is what we all need.

    5. Mr. Iqbal, go there at your international community and live there. this is Philippine internal affairs. Let the Philippine constitution speak and not your foreign ideology.
      You are not belongs to filipino because you are malaysian…

    6. Bonifacio Claudio on

      It seems that having been compromised, Iqbal & collaborators are desparately showing that they are fighting vigorously for what they have been paid for by “BBL foreign supporters”; otherwise they will have to pay back, or failure to do so would surely mean their numbers are up… Scary…

      • Yes. So scary talaga. Sapagkat multi-million dollars na ang ginagastos ng international community na ‘yan.
        Don’t you think na hindi nila babawiin ang mga gastos na ‘yan?
        Kapag hindi katanggap-tanggap ang BBL sa MILF base sa FAB at CAB agreement; at kung magdeklara ang MILF ng independence such international community will support the declaration dahil ma’y dahilan sila.

    7. This is an internal problem,the international community got no business in our problem.Only the law enforcement and the military are allowed to carry firearm and enforce the law.MILF is a terrorist organization like the ABU sayyaf they should be wipe out with the international help.Abolish autonomous region only one authority.

    8. BBL, is pretty good for Iqbal’s MILF, and for Aquino himself and his corrupt negotiators. For the MILF it is pretty good because what is hidden are their long time motive to have a separate Muslim Country with in the Republic Of The Philippines, for which the whole Nation cannot and can never accept. Aquino has no heart and good mind nor love of this Country for him to inter and accept such a kind of one sided negotiations. It is for money that Aquino and his negotiators have blindly support the BBL, in favor of Malysia, who intends longtime ago to divide the Nation, so that our right on the Sabah claim can be more difficult and be considered by Malysia to be inappropriate at all. Iqbal MILF and Aquino’s negotiators must follow the process as to what the Legislative Branch of the Philippine government are doing now.

    9. Who is this International Community Iqbal is referring to?

      No wonder!

      Who is Iqbal at sino ang tinatakot niya?
      Come hell or high-water – BAR is better for all stakeholders
      Dump BBL

    10. Now is the time that the MILF begins to threaten the government, the muslim laws are already respected all over the country but it is still not enough. The focus and attention of the government in improving their areas in Mindanao should be the goal for their development. Bangsamoro actually means Moro (Muslim) country.