• ‘Grace-Chiz tandem a done deal’


    Sen. Grace Poe will soon announce her presidential bid with Sen. Francis Escudero as her running mate, a Nationalist Peoples Coalition (NPC) official said Thursday.

    “NPC members are expecting Poe and Escudero to announce their candidacies soon. A picture is worth a thousand words. And the photos in Cebu and their other trips tell us that when Senators Grace and Chiz formally announce their plans to run for President and Vice President, this will be welcomed by a lot of people,” Rep. Mark Mendoza of Batangas, the NPC secretary general, said.

    In the last two days, Poe has visited the University of San Carlos in Cebu, two universities in Dagupan and the Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation in San Carlos, City, Pangasinan — the birthplace of her father, actor Fernando Poe, Jr.

    On Friday, she will be in Nueva Ecija for the Student Leadership Forum of Globe Telecom and the City Government of San Jose to be held at Constancio Padilla National High School Gymnasium in San Jose, Nueva Ecija.

    “She exuded a genuine warmth. You could see how the students in the University of San Carlos reacted to Senator Grace when she spoke. They weren’t told to go there. They were there because they wanted to see her,” Mendoza said.

    In Pangasinan, Poe was also seen being hugged by young school children.

    “My fellow NPC members are drawn to her because she is a breath of fresh air. They feel this is what our country needs: someone who can inspire our people and give our people hope,” Mendoza added.

    Poe has led surveys in the presidential and vice presidential races.

    But Speaker Feliciano Bel¬monte, Jr. believes that Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas, the standard bearer of the ruling Liberal Party, can still catch up in the presidential race if he does something more than continuing President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s Tuwid na Daan (good governance) platform.

    “I am very sure it has improved because he is now able to talk more independently, and he should make that point. I am not saying that he should keep his distance but the public would want to know, aside from continuing Daang Matuwid, what else are you gonna do?” Belmonte said.


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    1. Sabi ni Grace-Chiz, they don’t have party and money in their chase for Presidency-VP.. totoo kaya yun? Kung ganun wala clang WATCHERS sa pooling booths kc wala clang pambayad ng watchers at liners…if so, hangang city proper lang cla, paano nila maabot yung mga botante sa bukid, mag LAKAD kayo? Katarantaduhan ata yan, gusto nyo atang lokohin mga tao na wala kayong nakatago kahit kunti as sikat na mga Senators, di ba?

      Question: Are Grace’s hubby and kids abandoned US citizenship already in favor of Filipino citizenship, when? If YES, good for them, but if NOT YET, di cla pdeng makitulog/makitira sa Malacanang wd Grace kc bawal tumira sa Malacanang ang mga foreigners, di cla pdeng bantayan ng PSG, at dapat di cla pdeng mangampanya ky GRACE kc pingbawal ng Constitution na ang FOREIGNER mag solicit ng FUNDS and VOTES in favor of a Filipino candidate. That is only my personal position happy weekend.

    2. Joel Macasino on

      Hahaha. Wala namang ibang alam yan si Mar Roxas kundi Daang Matuwad ng daang matuwad eh. yan lang alam niyan kase tuta naman yan siya nila noynoy eh. Kung ano lang sabihin sa kanya yun lang gagawin niya. Tingnan niyo noong Yolanda, walang dumikta sa kanya kasi busy lahat sa pagtulong, pumalpak tuloy. Kay Grace Poe nalang tayo!

    3. Grace Poe could be a good change for the republic. I think she is not as corrupt or as well corrupted as the others. She is educated and seen a lot when she was in American soil learning.

      I am hoping that Santiago and Duterte will be her advisor.

      • With due respect, Grace Poe is inexperience as top executive and does not show strong character. if we have to argue and compare her from Cory, definitely there is difference because at the time Cory has Fidel Ramos as her VP. I am not sure if Chiz can be considered at par with FVR. There are a lot of uncertainties when both eventually become President and VP respectively. As you said, “could be” and “I think” — all are not sure phrases.
        I am sure it’s movie world again unfortunately. Erap supports Grace and Miriam supports Chiz. I’ll scratch your back I’ll scratch yours. Let’s fasten our seat belt so to speak.
        I would like to see these candidates to debate and show their development program for our country.

    4. sa bagay, kung pagod na kayo sa mga pilipinong magnanakaw, subukan naman ang americanang poe-lamanzares.

      • You’re not a Filipino when you say mga Pilipinong magnanakaw. Please do not generalize. I could also say mga Chinese maganakaw. After all they bribe their way to become PH citizen. They sell their Chinese fake products such as useless punsoy. If this is true then billion of Chinese should be rich. But it’s not…sorry Mr, ExTee.

    5. Anybody but Binay but Grace Poe is a new beginning, a fresh start to our culture of dirty,dynastic and patronage politics that characterize all the so called presidentiables.Grace can unite all the ideologues whether leftist or rightest and make the center hold.If elected president she will be in position to unite all disgruntled elements of our people tired of the political system that continue plague our country.Hindi raw siya magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan! Malaking savings na yan lalo na sa mahihirap.

      • Rene Punsalan on

        Poe – Escudero tandem, hmmm, there is a ring to it. I would go with this tandem. A breath of fresh air I agree. Two young and couple is what the country needs.