Grace drops Lacson for Edu


Sen. Grace Poe has dropped former Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson from her senatorial ticket to give way to actor Edu Manzano.

This was confirmed on Tuesday by Lacson himself who said it was Poe who told him that he is out of her line-up.

“Senator Poe called me up last Friday and she requested that I be dropped from the senatorial slate to give way for another candidate, Edu Manzano,” he told ABS-CBN News Channel.

Manzano, a former vice mayor of Makati City, was the Arroyo administration’s “anointed” vice presidential candidate in the 2010 elections. He lost in the race won by former Makati City mayor Jejomar Binay.

“As a background, she invited me to meet with her twice to request that I be included in her slate. I agreed with a clear understanding that there will be no obligations imposed on either party,” Lacson said.

According to the former senator, he sees nothing wrong with Poe’s decision, noting that being invited as a guest candidate is a privilege.

Lacson earlier said while he was included in Poe’s ticket as a guest candidate, he would be supporting Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd, who was his colleague in the Aquino Cabinet.

He added that he is supporting Roxas because, unlike the other candidates, he is not linked to corruption issues, has no pending disqualification case and has no health issues.

Lacson on Monday was named as among those included as a guest senatorial candidate of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

He was earlier announced as among those composing the 12-man senatorial slate of the administration-backed LP.

Poe, meanwhile, explained that Lacson is a “strong and worthy candidate” and that is why they are shifting support to other “deserving” candidates who have less resources.

“Senator Ping is a strong candidate. We were really eyeing him to be part of our slate. But when he filed his certificate of candidacy, we discovered that he was already being endorsed by the administration party and a strong opposition party, like UNA,” she said in Filipino.

Poe added, “There are other candidates who have no party and we would like to give them a chance. In fact, Toots Ople is also one of those we spoke with,” referring to former Labor undersecretary Susan Ople, who is running for senator.

Ople, the only official senatorial candidate of the Nacionalista Party, on Saturday confirmed to The Manila Times that she and Poe were talking about a possible alliance.

The daughter of former senator Blas Ople was also included in the UNA slate and was endorsed by presidential candidate Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Lacson—who was the Aquino administration’s “rehabilitation czar” for Yolanda and earthquake-hit areas in the Visayas before his resignation last February—is eyeing a return to the Senate after a three-year hiatus.

A former high-profile chief of the Philippine National Police before venturing into politics, the 67-year-old former senator initially won a Senate seat in 2001 and was reelected to a second term in 2007.

He was constitutionally barred from running for a third term.

Lacson placed third in the 2004 presidential elections behind eventual winner, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and actor Fernando Poe Jr.

He initially floated another presidential run through radio commercials that were aired in the middle of the year.


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  1. He added that he is supporting Roxas because, unlike the other candidates, he is not linked to corruption issues

    What about Roxas incompetence ? He failed in every agency he was appointed to head.

    What about walking around with Aquino all day while the SAF 44 were being massacred ?

    Mar Roxas is the poster boy for incompetence.

  2. Wala ka rin aasahan kay Lacson pansariling ambisyon lang din ang sa kanya, suportahan daw nya si Roxas eh incompetent at bobo rin lahat ng hinawakan posisyon palpak!

  3. It’s the other way around Lacson supported LP under the leadership of Pnoy and not the group of Grace. It’s obvious, when Grace was told that Lacson’s support for Mar, she immediately dumped Ping for Edu. It’s another bad choice, there are many more viable candidates than Edu. We do not need more actors and actresses in politics please.

    • If you consider the qualification, experience and support of most of the business communities, I believe Mar is the most viable if not the best candidate for President. Given the endorsement of PNoy who himself has no record of corruption unlike Binay, Mar appears to be PH next President.
      It will be a toss up between Robredo, BB and Chiz for VP.

    • Saw this passage in another article on the front page by HOMOBONO A. ADAZA

      “The people, as a rule, have become lickers of the asses of the oligarchy and their running dogs by years of control – economically, politically and psychologically.”

      Ain’t it the truth.

      Mar Roxas is the poster boy of incompetence.

  4. Lacson resigned from his post as “rehabilitation czar” because he claims he wasn’t given enough power and authority to effectively do his tasks. He also claimed he was being ignored by the cabinet members of Pinoy. He was also one of the first people to reveal and criticized the lump sum appropriations in 2016 budget and even accompanied those who filed petitions against the 2016 budget.
    Now, suddenly he is pro-Mar and we can expect that we won’t be hearing his criticism about the Pinoy administration anymore during the campaign trail.

    “He added that he is supporting Roxas because, unlike the other candidates, he is not linked to corruption issues, has no pending disqualification case and has no health issues.”
    -“corruption issues”: definitely Lacon is alluding to VP Binay
    -“pending disqualification case”: definitely this refers to Grace Poe
    -” health issues”: definitely this refers to Miriam Santiago
    Obviously, Lacson forgot to add “incompetence issues”, which would definitely refer to Mar Roxas.

    • What Ping said is very true. He did not say, he was not given power or authority. He completed the mandate assigned to him. The only comment I heard from him is the release of funds was not quick enough. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and I am sure the comments he made are constructive criticism.
      Ping’s support to LP goes to show that he trusted the current administration than the others who have issues from corruption to lack of experiences.