• Grace has only one Social Security number


    Independent presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe on Wednesday maintained that she just uses one Social Security number under the name Grace Poe Llamanzares and those who want to verify it could ask the United States Embassy in Manila.

    This was the response of Poe to a news article published by a major daily (not The Manila Times) claiming that the senator had used two Social Security numbers while she was in the US.

    “This is a matter that should be asked to the US Embassy in Manila for appropriate checking and crystal-clear information. But defending myself, in my heart, I just used one Social Security number with the name Grace Poe Llamanzares,” she said in a text message on Wednesday.

    Based on the article, Poe allegedly had two Social Security numbers.

    One was SSN 005-03-1988, which was supposed to have been issued on 1934-1951 in the state of Maine while the other was SSN 538-25-2008 issued in 1992.

    The article stated that having two Social Security numbers is a federal crime.

    “I hope that this issue is not under the aegis of destroying foes in politics,” Poe, a leading presidential candidate, said.

    Valenzuela City (Metro Manila) Mayor Rex Gatchalian, the senator’s spokesman, dismissed the report, which he described as a mutation of ongoing black propaganda attacks against Poe.

    “The details of the news article are without basis and absurd,” he said.

    According to Gatchalian, SSN 005-03-1988 being mentioned in the article was not Poe’s Social Security number but the latter’s student identification number.

    He said the student ID number was issued to Poe by Boston College when she was a student there.

    Gatchalian added that the number corresponds to her enrolment date in the college.

    “It’s sad that our opponents’ desperation has caused them to come up with ridiculous stories that are geared toward confusing the voters and tarnishing the good name of Senator Poe,” the Valenzuela mayor said.


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    1. “Kung saan may usok ay may sunog.”
      “Hindi mo maitatago ang usok, lalabas at lalabas iyan.”

      Hindi gaganda ang buhay mo, Natalia Salvacion, kung Llamanzares ang mananalo sapagkat siya’y mandaraya, sinungalin at magnanakaw. Maniwala ka.

    2. Ako naniniwala ako na hindi kaya lokohin ni Grace Poe ang documents niya at hindi niya magagawang magsinungaling sa US, kung gusto nga naman mapatunayan ang lahat ng ito, magtanong na lang sila sa US embassy kung gusto talaga nila malaman ang katotohanan. Nakakatawa na mas sinasabi nila na nakakaalam pa sila kay Grace Poe kung ano ba ang student number at SSN ni Grace Poe.

      • Kayang-kaya ni Grace ang panloloko. Iyan ang isa sa mga katangian niya, kasama nang kasinungalingan niya. Ikaw nga naloloko ka na niya, e.

      • 1) Se could not decide what she really wants to be. Originally Filipino, decided to become a US citizen. Now she claims/wants to be a Filipino and yet her family remains US citizens. If she was not driven by her desire to shoot the topmost spot of our country, would she still want to be a Filipino (for the second time)? She does not understand the meaning of Lupang Hinirang..for better or for worse..”ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo”. Double-minded. A question of integrity.

        2) Llamanzares is her last name. While it is not illegal to use one’s maiden name in the Phil, by customs and tradition, our women usually uses their married name. Nary you will encounter a woman who likes to retain her last name. Instead, most of the time, after a Filipino woman marries, she applies for changes in her SS/GSIS/PagIbig personal information, from single to married status, plus the new married name.
        Come elections, Mrs Llamanzares opts to use POE, her maiden last name. Like I said, it is not illegal, but can she at least, once and for all, settle her mind for what she really wants to be known as? Using her adoptive father’s popular name is mind-conditioning, running under or behind someone else’s celebrity luster, not her own. As a voter, I so value a candidate’s transparency, sincerity and straightforward honesty. And I find her lacking in this.

        3) And now this news..

    3. Natalia Salvacion on

      Lahat na lang na kasiraan ng kalaban ay ibinabato nila kay senator Grace POE. Wake up other candidates your black propaganda will not make you a president. Kaya ako naniniwala sa malinis na puso ni Senator Grace Poe. I will vote for her dahil si Senator Grace Poe ay may prinsipyo at may malasakit sa kapwa. Siya ang maaasahan ng bawat pilipino para sa ikakaganda ng buhay ng bawat isa.

      • Timoteo Dayao on

        To this date and some more revelations from Tribune and netizens, do you still believe Grace is an honest person??

      • Sabi ni Gatchalian. Yung isang SSN no. Daw ni Grace Poe na sinasabing pagma may ari ng isang patay, ay student ID daw ni Grace Poe sa Boston college at yung number daw na iyon, quoting Gatchalian ” corresponds to her enrollment date in the college” unquote. Aba mag isa lang ba si Grace Poe na nag enroll nuong araw na iyon? Eh di lahat ng nag enroll noong araw na iyon pare pareho ang student id number? Wake up!!!