• Grace: Mar wants me as his VP


    SEN. Grace Poe on Wednesday admitted that Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd has already told her that he wants her to be his runningmate in the 2016 elections.

    But the greenhorn lawmaker, who is closing in on Vice President Jejomar Binay in popularity surveys, said she remains undecided about her political plans.

    Poe told reporters that she met Roxas by chance in a restaurant where the presumptive standard-bearer of the administration-backed Liberal Party purportedly floated the idea that they join hands in next year’s polls.

    “For me, the intention of Secretary Roxas is clearer, he mentioned that it will be better if we join forces,” she said.

    But while they both have similar objectives of pursuing the reform program of President Benigno Aquino 3rd and in fighting corruption, the senator pointed out that she believes there are still a lot of things that should be done to help improve the lives of Filipinos people and effectively address poverty.

    Poe reiterated that she is still trying to determine the reason why she needs to gun for a higher position.

    She was a common candidate of the LP and the United Nationalist Alliance in the 2013 elections but the opposition party later dropped her after she reportedly refused to join their sorties and stuck with the administration party. Poe would eventually top the senatorial race.

    Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero also admitted having discussed the possibility of teaming up with Poe in the 2016 elections, but said there was no decision taken yet.
    “This is what we have been discussing, maybe it is also due to the clamor for her to run for President next year,” Escudero, who served as the campaign spokesman of the late actor Fernando Poe Jr.–Poe’s father–when he ran for President in the 2004 elections, said.

    Join the opposition

    Deposed President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada also on Wednesday expressed his wish for Poe to “change her mind and join the opposition” instead.

    The former leader said he is asking his goddaughter to backtrack from her pronouncement that she has no plans of becoming Vice President Jejomar Binay’s runningmate.

    Estrada, a close friend of the senator’s late father, said there is “nothing permanent” in politics.

    “Everything can change. May 2016 is still far. So, everything is fluid,” he noted.
    When asked if there is still a possibility for him to run for President, Estrada replied, “Binay is still the presidential candidate of the opposition.”

    “I am seeking reelection as mayor of Manila,” he said.

    Grace or no Grace, run
    At the House of Representatives, congressmen affiliated with the LP urged Roxas to pursue his bid for presidency even if Poe will not agree to be his runningmate.

    Representatives Christopher Belmonte (Quezon City), Jerry Treñas (Iloilo City) and Sonny Collantes (Batangas) made the call in light of the President Aquino’s statement that Roxas remains on top of his list as his preferred successor.

    “He [Roxas] should declare already so that the party can make a decision. While we are moving individually, it will be different if we make a move as a party. We have always wanted Secretary Roxas in so far as possible presidential candidates are concerned because he has the experience needed to be the Chief Executive and he won’t be there to enrich himself,” Treñas said.

    “He [Roxas] should declare so that we can show you that surveys change,” Collantes said.


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    1. mikhail hieronymus on

      Grace Poe once said that it is only the presidency that she is interested in. So…Mar Roxas and Pnoy are just hoping that they can convince Poe to be the V.P. because of her popularity in the poll.

      If Grace Poe decides to run for the presidency independently, she will lose for sure because she does not have the political machinery and huge amount of money. She doesn’t have the means to counter the cheating that will happen. IMHO, she should just stay put in the senate and do some good for the people. After all, this is what she said she wants to do anyway.

    2. No one from the current roster of polticians can deliver RP from its current hell-hole. Anyone eloquating he can is a big liar..numbers are very appalling in unemployment, corruption, poverty eradication, population…yet the GDP is shooting the stars. Like a seasoned ex-SGV auditor will say the numbers are not matching..the qualiifiacations are to the extremes so they say in Audit farlance. Yet someone will say I CAN…really he is a big liar and please do not vote for him/her. If Mar says I CAN, Binay says I CAN..Poe says I CAN..No one CAN they all know this truth.

    3. It is still early to tell but i can say now Mar Roxas will never win he is a clone of P-NOY,Mr.13%VP Binay will be in jail whats left Poe,Escudero,Cayetano,Trillanes,Marcos.

    4. Roxas repeated denial of his plan to run for president in many interviews saying that presidential politics is far from his mind and that he is busy doing his job as DILG secy smacks of hypocrisy of the highest order. Why would he follow Poe in a restaurant this early and ask her to be his running mate? Nuknukan ng kasinungalingan?

    5. electoral reform is needed. Voter education a must. Limit political parties into three only.
      This the only solution I can see to have real leaders who ca leas our country forward.

    6. apolonio reyes on

      This is an unsolicited advised to Sen. Grace Poe that in our political history there no one have won the presidency without the support of a major party or coalesce with major parties. The tandem of them Sen. Manuel Manhan and Sec. Raul Manglapus, a friend of Pres. Magsaysay and known Am-Boys who have the support of US and who set up their own party just before election. The two tandem Manahan-Maglapus then were very popular and surveyed unbeatable but lost to NP incumbent Pres. carlos Garcia and LP Rep. Diosdado Macapagal. Remember Sen. Grace Poe that the reasoned you won the top senator was because, like Pnoy, due to sympathy votes and help of the machineries of the LP and coalitions.
      Sen . Grace Poe, running independent with Chiz Escudero is a political disaster. If you don’t want to join the LP’s or UNA, just remain in the senate. And run later for highest office when you have already proven yourself and is rife for president.
      I am giving this unsolicited advised as I don’t want a repeat of Susan Roces that you were CHEATED.

    7. P.Akialamiro on

      Candidates who are not well-qualified for the position they run for, and well-qualaified candidates for the position, but do not run for that office, are doing great disservice to the Filipino people.

      Being corrupt and having a dynasty is a shame and big disqualifications. By the same token, inexperience and no track record of serviceis. Please be honest to yourselves and don’t compromise the future of our children and grandchildren. Most of all the very existence of the Republic of the Philippines, the very existence and integrity is very much threatened with the questionable BBL and China’s ambition for expansionism. Lest we will all go down in history as former citizens of the Philippines.

      Look at the person opposite yourselves in the mirror and you will know.

      May God bless the Philippines.

    8. mikhail hieronymus on

      Mar Roxas is a born loser. He lost the V.P. election to Binay. Now he is begging Grace Poe to be his V,.P. Mar Roxas is behind (way way behind) G. Poe in the poll. Hence the begging of Roxas. Grace Poe can run by herself and does not need Mar Roxas. How about Korina Sanchez?

    9. Reasons why Poe need not gun for a higher position.

      1. Roxas or other politicians will use and abuse her.

      2. Sincerity and honesty are not enough qualification to run for president.
      Proof of this is our most sincere Philippine president whom we’ve supported
      in 1986: Corazon Aquino, including her son Noynoy.

      3. Dolphy when prodded to run Philippine president, asked: What if I win?
      He had a wisdom to know that being a president is a tough job.

    10. Julien Boisfeuras on

      Roxas only wants Poe as his VP running mate because of her last name — that’s all, plain and simple. It works out for Poe because she can use the proverbial “political machine” of Roxas. The peans they sing to each other in their public statements are just bovine digestive byproducts…… they are both traditional dyed in the wool politicians and if these two win, the Nation can look forward to more pillaging, pork barrel, corruption, smuggling, “kkks”, sell outs to the MILF, just like Aquino.