• Grace Poe and the millennial generation


    FOR someone who has yet to actually and finally declare that she is running for President in 2016, Senator Grace Poe sure has been delivering speeches that sound like she’s running, pandering to certain crowds, making them laugh, establishing connections.

    No, she is not talking issues. She is, as with any other politician running for office next year, saying what people want to hear.

    For someone who has yet to say she is running, she sure sounds like she’s doing a whole lot of campaigning. Case in point: her speech for International Youth Day on August 12, which got her some media mileage, and which is posted in full over at gracepoe.ph. It’s an utterly confused and confusing speech, but it sure had enough soundbites to get her on the evening news.

    The youth as lucky
    Speaking to an audience of students, Senator Poe talked about the millennial generation, the same one that her kids ages 23, 17 and 11 also belong to. She called this generation – her audience – the “wealth, future, and present of nation.” She talked to them about her own kids, and their age gap.

    She said she envied some of the youth today, because they can get jobs after they graduate. “Hindi tulad noon, nung mga 1990s, kapag nag-graduate ka mahirap makahanap ng sweldo na makakapagtaguyod sa inyong pamilya. Kayo ngayon pwede nang bumili ng condo, kung titira kayo sa inyong mga magulang pwede kayong kumuha ng loan para makakuha ng sasakyan. Noon hindi po ganoon.”

    Ano raw?[What did she say?]
    Who are these kids that Senator Poe is talking about, and what jobs are they getting exactly? Is it not that so many of our graduates end up taking call center jobs for lack of anything better, regardless of the courses that they took and the expertise that they gained in college? What percentage of our graduates can afford to buy condonimiums and have paychecks that will allow them to get car loans? And how many actually get wages that will be enough to care for a family?

    Ah, but employment and wages is not something that Senator Poe delves into in this speech. She had other things on her mind.

    From the internet to climate change
    “The young people of the 21st century live a <sic> complex and diverse lives. Indeed they live in interesting and challenging times, and in many parts of our world the youth experience poverty just like here in the Philippines. Violence and lack of quality in education. On the other hand, many young people live their lives affluently, marami din mayayaman na [many are also wealthy already]who have access to education and health benefits, are not able to live happy and productive lives. But they also face common issues such as climate change. Hindi ba napapansin ninyo konting ulan lang binabaha tayo. [You do notice, don’t you, that here with just a little rain who have floods?] We experience a common phenomenon such as widespread Internet connectivity and the likes of social media.”

    So it’s violence and lack of quality education for some, wealth and happiness for others, but what all the youth have in common are: the Internet, social media, and climate change.

    The rest of the speech is as roundabout and confusing as that quoted paragraph, complete with tangential references and assertions that don’t quite work towards the same direction. For example, Senator Poe talks about the slowness of our Internet, and yet highlights how the youth are able to make things trend on social media, how they are able to make Filipinos win in Asia’s Got Talent, how they are able to come together and help out in tragedies like Yolanda.

    One thinks: not bad for a country with slow Internet, yes?

    And then for whatever reason, she makes the connection between slow Internet as born of a lack of competition, and make-up classes because of the rains and floods. These make-up classes take the youth away from Saturdays with their boyfriends and girlfriends, and as such are a big problem. So for Senator Poe Dep Ed can offer take home workbooks which students can answer at home, and which can take the place of make-up classes. There’s also homes-schooling as “innovation” offered by Dep Ed, which to the Senator is a response to two things: the transport crisis and climate change.

    The transport crisis and climate change! I kid you not.

    “Sino sa inyo, dahil sa mga baha, sa ulan, maraming make-up classes hindi ba? Kahit na Sabado na kasama ninyo ang boyfriend ninyo o girlfriend ninyo o kaya tumutulong kayo sa inyong mga magulang na maglaba, magplantsa. <…> Nagme-make-up classes kayo, kaya nga ang sabi ko ganito, dahi nga hindi pa natin kaya bigyan ang lahat ng estudyante ng tablet at ng computer at hindi pa mabilis ang ating internet. Siguro sa DepEd mayroon nang standard na libro lahat para kahit na kayo ay nasa bahay may workbook kayo na pini-fill out para pagpasok ninyo wala nang make-up classes. <…> Ito na ang innovation, sapagkat ang DepEd ay mayroon nang homeschool. Kasi sa dami ng ating problema sa transportasyon at sa Climate Change hindi din kayo nagiging produktibo, so importante iyan.”

    All together now: ano raw?

    Neither here nor there
    The rest of this (campaign) speech is just as confused and disjointed, where Senator Poe jumps from one subject to another, not quite making the proper connections between issues. One of my favorites is when she shifts from talking about establishing a program for young entrepreneurs to get small loans for their businesses, to talking about encouraging a new generation of Filipinos to become farmers because otherwise what would we eat?

    Yet the most important concerns are the transport sector and Internet speed: because that means equal opportunity for all.

    One knows that Senator Poe’s image is premised on her simplicity and humility as a person. One hopes that the youth realize this need not mean simple-mindedness.


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    1. Diana Faustino on

      Grace Poe talks in tagalog to people campaigning for herself and her bf chiz escudero.pa hele hele to run for president.she needs to learn more abt.the running the gov’t.Did she heed the advice of Senator Miriam Santiago to enroll in U.P? Or else if she wins the presidency Escudero will run the gov’t not her.She needs to stay as Senator or as Vice President.Shy away from the Presidency, Ms Poe.Wait for your turn.Sabi nga satagalog, Hindi ka pa hinog.

    2. If she will talk about platform of government, she won’t be able to do it without mentioning Chiz (as per Sen. Chiz, this should be … blah, blah, blah….) that’s why she just talked non-sense. In showbiz, publicity is publicity and she is confused whether she is in showbiz or politics.

    3. Just bring them Candidates altogether for a debate . Lets see how far they can go with their comprehension or grasp of how to govern!

    4. Kayo nmn mga commenter ! Tigilan nyo na yang mga positives…baka tinatawanan na kayo ni Grace. She is only testing the water kung talagang pwede sya…eh sa mga comment niyo eh expect nya na People believe she has it ! ( ndi pa niya segurado ) she is waiting na mahinog sa pilit..( a poker game ) bluff ..hinuhuli lang kayo niyan…she is a wise acting like a saint !

    5. SGP clearly and genuinely stands for the welfare of the youth in all aspects. To say that she is blank headed and things alike is nothing but pure arrogance that leads to absolutely nowhere. Get to know her more without being blinded by the foolishness of others that persists on putting her down and misinformation from people who are not worthy and credible of enough to speak of such.

      • Philip dela Cruz on

        We get to know people by their work and the speech was a perfect opportunity to see if she has a good understanding of what ails our country and if there is really something she can do to help fix our problems as a nation. Personally, the speech provided very disturbing prospects. Being a retiree who had extensive experience in management in the private sector, I can’t help but worry for us Filipinos if she becomes the president. I can only say, based on experience, good intention is not enough in doing a good management job especially in a complex and difficult job as President of the republic.

    6. Joel Macasino on

      Ano ba talaga? Akala ko ba nagrereklamo ka na si Grace ay nagsespeech na parang nangangampanya na kahit na hindi pa siya nagdedeklara tapos sa dulo ng article magrereklamo ka na hindi man lang diniscuss ni Grace yung platform niya? medyo malabo ka din eh noh. Basta may mareklamo lang. Mema article.

    7. Politicians should speak out their minds in all issue important to the people so that we the people will know where they are leading us to.. Ok if Grace Poe runs, then at least we know her more as a candidate for President and consider her pronouncements in picking our choice. If she does not run on the other hand, considering her high ratings, candidates and yes the eventual winner for the Presidency can take note of her pronouncements and perhaps incorporate her ideas to his Presidency. What is wrong with Grace speaking to public fora and besides we the people are paying her salaries and privileges????

    8. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Grace in another disgraceful act in a youth gathering. Talking and acting like her boss P-Noy, telling lies about her nationality and residency status, banking on her popularity and not her credibility in the process. Filipinos, please wake up. God bless the Philippines.

    9. Poe is still navigating, that is politically. This explains why her public speeches have no common core. Deng, China’s paramount leader, had described it ” feel the stones as you cross the river”. Poe is exactly doing this.

    10. i am yet to hear the platform or program of government of Grace Poe Llamanzares.

      if she is asked to give the 3 major problems of the Philippines, I hope she does not say: almusal, tanghalian at hapunan (altanghap, as what FPJ replied to the late Manong Max Soliven).

      or if she is interviewed by columnist Tony Lopez and asked what is her policies once elected president or vice-president, I hope she does not repetitively say “serve with heart (puso lang, erap),” as the standard reply of FPJ to Mr. Lopez.

      right now while I’m writing this, I watch and hear Grace Poe joking to some student audience. The joke is: a kid was asking his mother for P500. The mother explained to her son that P400 (not P500) is hard to earn. While explaining, the amount of money mentioned by the mother kept on decreasing. Until the amount went down to P5. and the son replied, “akin na iyan, nay, baka maging piso pa.” natawa si Grace sa joke niya, at pati ang audience niya.

      hanggang joke na lang ba at sincerity at honesty ang palaging babanggitin ni Grace? Why can’t she enumerate what is her vision, program of government, etc. to her audience?

      sabagay, mas madaling magpatawa.

      • ano ang aasahan natin sa ganitong taong walang pinagdaanang hirap sa buhay katulad ni boy pickup? i hope the captive audience would see thru this person like the author did of this column did. kung ang audience nya ay mga taga u.p. or pup baka napuna yung walang sense na mga sinasabi ni poe-ppet.

    11. mikhail hieronymus on

      Grace is talking like my old neighbor who will just open her mouth and say things out of the blue. There is no coherent line of thought in her subject. She will jump from one subject to another without any conclusion. My mother used to say: Huwag kayong maniwala sa kanya. Medyo SIRA siya.

    12. Roldan Guerrero on

      Out of the 24 Senators Grace Poe is just above Lito Lapid when talking of IQ level. But her FOOLISH AMBITIONS puts her on top of the other 23 Senators. Are we going to have another BLANK HEADED President?