• Grace Poe as alien in-chief of the Philippines


    This is the biggest indignity and shame that Grace Poe will inflict on the Filipino people and the Filipino nation, if she persists in running for president and if, by a supreme act of hocus-pocus, she wins.

    She will be enshrined in history as the first alien (non-citizen) to serve as chief executive and commander in chief of the armed forces of our republic. (See qualifier below.)

    Filipinos of this day and age must hang down their heads in shame for permitting this perversity to happen.

    In addition to the other humbling distinctions that the Philippines has endured under President Benigno BS Aquino 3rd (worst airport in the world, worst traffic, worst impunity record for killing of journalists, etc.), this will be the most humiliating of all. I can already hear the derisive laughter of the Chinese and the Malaysians.

    Why victimize the Philippines?    
    Other countries have their alien residents also, but it is only here in Philippines our Philippines where aliens have the impudence to run for high public office, and are tolerated for doing so.

    Because of this vexing situation, I thought long and hard about filing my own disqualification case against Ms. Grace Poe Llamanzares before the Commission on Elections. But when I learned that it will cost me P10,000 to file suit and will require the services of a lawyer, I thought against it.

    I dismissed the idea of piggy-backing on the suits of others, like my colleague Sen. Kit Tatad, because the whole point of filing a disqualification case is really to protest the shabby treatment of our people and our country by Ms. Poe. You can’t clean up shabby with shabby.

    Dividends from alien-in-chief
    Given their tendency to employ desperate arguments, the lawyers and defenders of Grace Poe would probably argue that there are immediate dividends to be realized from electing an alien (an American) to the highest office of the land.

    With an American alien-in-chief, we can drop the pretense of being independent from the United States of America. US military basing rights can be restored without need of a constitutional amendment. American CIA operatives who double as diplomats will no longer have to operate covertly.

    The US government can be induced to budget sums every year for the support of our republic, like the huge sums it gives Israel and Egypt annually.

    With an alien-in-chief, the Philippines will no longer need to have a foreign policy, since a foreigner is in charge.

    We can safely allow China to have her way in the South China Sea. No more need to worry about the blow to national pride.

    Since under President Aquino, we place no importance on United Nations rulings and processes, we can quietly declare our lack of interest in sitting as an independent member of the United Nations General Assembly.

    Not the first alien to govern us
    Strictly speaking, say my history and political science colleagues, if we elect Grace Poe to the presidency, she will not be the first alien to reign or rule over our public life. Or the first to bring an alien household to Malacañang. The Spanish governor-generals and American governor-generals could be construed as aliens-in- chief of the Philippines in their own right, because they wielded the highest authority in the archipelago during their time.

    The punctilious Japanese, during their occupation of the islands, did not designate one of their own to govern us; they created a puppet republic and a puppet president. (The first Benigno Aquino applied, but was by-passed in favor of Jose P. laurel.)

    Why citizenship matters
    Beginning with the ancient Greeks, citizenship has meant membership in one’s community.

    In fact, the Greeks did not conceive of the individual as a complete person. The complete person was the public person, the citizen; non-citizens and private persons were referred to as idiotes. Participation in public affairs was virtually the definition of citizenship.

    To stigmatize aliens meddling in our public life, we should apply the Greek term “Idiotes” to them. Maybe then a clod like Sen. Tito Sotto and other Poe devotees will finally come to their senses.

    Stigmatization could strengthen the character of Grace Poe as she reflects on life as an outsider and a con artist.

    Ms Poe invites harsh judgments for insisting on inserting herself into our presidential election next year.

    Character has become an issue in her case. The words most often heard to describe Grace are “disloyal,” “liar,” “untrustworthy” and “dishonest.” How can we entrust our presidency to such a character?

    Those are not words that a candidate would normally want to come to the minds of voters when they hear the candidate’s name. Our culture of forgiveness should not include aliens who con us in the way Grace is doing.

    A matter of law, not politics
    Grace Poe’s emerging defense against the multiple disqualification cases against her has been to say:

    “My citizenship is a political question. The people should be the judge.”

    This is democratic heresy of the worst kind – one that impugns several centuries of jurisprudence. Grace Poe’s citizenship and residency are a matter of law, not politics. This must be emphasized for those senators who are members of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET). The lawyers on their staffs must advise them on the law.

    This is why the disqualification cases should be brought to the Supreme Court before the May elections, so the high court can resolve them. It should emphatically rule that this is a matter of law, not politics.

    The Philippine Constitution emphatically rejects any possibility of an alien or foreigner serving as chief executive and commander in chief in the Philippines.

    In article VII, Section 2, it states explicitly: “No person may be elected president unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age on the day of the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election.”

    This is where Ms. Poe’s presidential candidacy and senatorial stint should end. Adios, gringo.



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    1. Anthony Larsen on

      I’m British with a Philippine wife, so I watch Philippine TV most days. I have to say the presidential elections are the best entertainment I’ve had in years. Besides having one of the most corrupt governments in the world (85th in 2014) that seems to elect only those that are from a political dynasty, or have been an actor or actress you now try to prevent someone from standing who might bring some well needed change to the system. I can only think that the cases against her prove she is not corrupt enough to govern there.

      I have children in the UK, both of them bright and moral Filipinos holding high executive positions in British firms. Will you let them run for a government position without their being British citizens?

      • Anthony Larsen on

        Yes of course I would be happy, I would vote for someone because of their capabilities and experience, where they were born should not be a factor. There are current Members of Parliament that were not born in the UK, also, Andrew Bonar Law was not born in the UK and was elected as Prime Minister. The world is changing!

    2. if Racuyal is still alive today I will vote for him as Preident, he is not an alien unlike grace who came from puto I mean pluto.Let dis grace llamanzares run and suffer a humiliating defeat or disqualified her afterwards deport her together with her family including susan roces.Baboo!

    3. Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw, yan ang maliwanag na sinabi ng ina daw ni Grace Poe na si Susan Roces, so papayag ba tayo na magkaroon na naman ng Presidenteng magnanakaw ang Pilipinas katulad ng ginawang pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan ni Noynoy at ang mga dilawang alipures nya, gustong sundan ni Grace Poe ang mga yapak ni Pignoy sa Tuwad Na Daan!

    4. A request of an ordinary senior citizen of the republic: Mrs Grace Poe-Llamanzares please I beg you to drop out from the contest for the sake of the country and for God sake the impoverish Filipino people. You know very well being a Filipino you are not, you know very well being a leader of 100 millions souls you are not. You are an American, a foundling, stateless whatever. Why insist huh? If you are really a Filipino at heart and a civilized one then you must follow the rule of law, all Philippine laws at that you must obey and respect just like me a natural-born Filipino. All of my 74 years living in this beautiful land I have never violated any law, I always follow and obey what is required of me. I pray don’t listen to people or to any political group who encouraged you to run for the top position of the land because they are just using your so called popularity, a fame you borrowed from your actor father in order to achieve their own interest. Those people I say aren’t true Filipinos, they are traitors, they think only of themselves, their pockets not the country and that is their priority. So I pray withdraw your candidacy now, don’t add more problems to this already suffering nation.

    5. Are you insance Ms. Poe. ?? This is not about the peoples who will judge you…
      It is the law of the land… You must follow the rule of law.. Para kang si Pnoy abnoy, he said let the people judge… Ano iyan peoples court ? sa communista lang iyang motto na iyan…Asshole talaga itong si Pnot.. Law breaker…

    6. >>> May I call the attention of Mr Yen Makabenta and other reporters and news writers. To support the petitions versus Grace, it is better to begin NOT USING OR NOT ADDING “POE” IN HER NAME. Since she married already , address her or called her MRS. GRACE LLAMANZARES, which I believed her married is legal. While family name “Poe” is part of the controversy.

      • WTF natural or not. Naka 10 years na ba si Poe dito bago siya naging Senator..Kung hindi ay para din siyang si pnoy na isang law breaker.
        Yang natural born o hindi ay pinangugulo lang yan sa 10 years issue ni Poe dahil pag hindi ay impeached siya as senator..Sa pagka Presidente ay malabop siyang manalo dahil oportunista siya..Hindi na kailangan pa na demolitionin siya ni Boy pickup para siraan Mula ng maging MTRBC si poe na still US citizen ay isang pangagago ni Pnoy sa mga boss niya..Zero vote sa LP

    7. Ferdinand E. Marcos was the first “alien” in-chief of the Philippines. In the book “Marcos Dynasty”, investigative author Sterling Seagrave wrote that Marcos’ real father was a Chinese man named Ferdinand Chua. His mother Josefa Edralin, came from China’s last dynastic family the Qing dynasty who fled to the Philippines during China’s last rebellion that ended China’s dynastic rulers.

      If these are fact not fiction, then Grace Poe will not be the first.

    8. I ,myself is against the candidacy of Grace Poe! The constitution is particular of the requirements. It is not a question of political requirement but the law says! If only i have extra money to pay for the filing of DQ, i will do it, because Grace Poe is only listening to herself and her pretentious advisers that she is a natural born and stayed beyond 10 years residency but it’s not, she has to prove to the law! Basta may nag file ng DQ, sasabihin nila, political harasment at mind conditioning daw na unqualified sya sa isip ng mg Pilipinos! Ano daw! Ang mga survey na lead si Grace Poe un ang mind conditioning at panloloko sa mga isip ng mga Pilipinos!

    9. ang hirap kasi dito sa bansa natin e masyadong maraming nagmamagaling na abogado. dito sa pilipinas kakaiba ang mga abogado natin.

      1. ang tama ginagawa nilang mali
      2. ang mali ginagawa nilang tama
      3. ang baluktot tinutuwid
      4. ang tuwid binabaluktot
      5. alam naman nilang mali gagawan ng paraan para silay lumusot
      6. alam naman nilang tama gagawan nila ng sariling interpretasyon para magmukhang mali ang tama.
      7. kahit immoral gagawin nilang legal dahil iibahin nila ang interpretasyon ng batas

      to sum it up, Phil Lawyers interpret laws in accordance to their interest. Sa salitang kalye kung saan ang pera, impluwesya at kung saan sila makakapagsamantala dun papanig ang kanilang interpretasyon ng batas.

      only in the pilipins!!!mga punyeta!!!!

      • Chris ..the law was made to break for profit..Kaya nga walang maipasang batas si Abnoy kung mayroon man ay dahil walang loopholes. Lahat ng mga ginawang batas sa senado ay favor sa mga oligarch and asenderos
        Si Poe ay may dugong Marcos..(FPJ name is only a dummy for advertisement).. Siniguro ni Pnoy na si Grace ang magliligtas sa kanya sa patong patong na katarantaduhan niya sa 6 yrs as president. Si Mr palengke ay isa ring oportunista, Kung saan may lilim ay doon siya tumatabi para di umitim ang balat.

    10. As Mr. Ronaldo Valdes says, “Why you guys did not question her when she run as Senator// Why now.. ??” Why was that nobody cares to scrutinize her COC when she filed for her senatorial slate then?….. why was nobody questioned her elevation to MTRCB chairmanship then when definitely many many more were qualified than her?? Anyway hope that this issue be resolved before the SC to clears up things.

    11. If Mrs. Llamanzares a.k.a. Mrs. Poe wins the presidential election, her american husband and children will be hired as “SPIES” by USA

    12. For sure, we can now see the writings on the wall–Grace will be disqualified as a Senator and as a Presidentil aspirant. Nothing personal there.

    13. When she chose to become an American citizen, she renounced her Filipino citizen and in effect gave up her right as a natural born citizen .When she reacquired her Filipino citizenship , she became then a naturalized Filipino citizen. no longer a natural born. Nothing more nothing less

    14. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Yes, the issue of citizenship and residency as necessary qualifications for the highest office of the land is a MATTER OF LAW AND NOT POLITICS. Law provides the alternative to chaos and not politics. Politics in its form in the Philippines is evil because politicians abuse the law and looks for or incorporates in the law loopholes to protect their interests. LAW IS THE LAW. IT COULD BE HARSH BUT IT IS THE LAW. God bless the Philippines.

    15. Blame the comelec! And if you want to have your fifteen seconds worth of instant fame, file a disqualification case against grays paw!

      • Kurik The comelec is under the ruling president power,who do U think make impossible a possible..
        They have to change the law . Any commisioner must be independent from executive wishes..But for pnoy ,nothing is impossible, money talk
        pnoy powerful tools how to send U to jail is the media, Kapuso, kapamilya, KKK ,Isang iyak lang ni Kris ay nakikiramay na ang madla. Ano ang panalo mo sa kanila…

    16. Grace Poe’s ambition and clear manifest to become the President of the Philippines by the filing of her COC is a pungent insult and upfront to the sense of patriotism and nationalism of every Filipino. Not only must every Filipino repudiate Grace Poe as candidate for the highest public post in the land but scorn and make her the “poster of ambitious Cleopatra-like greed to command a nation though she lacks the education and experience to be a capable leader. Relying merely on the “name-recall” of her actor father, FPJ, who himself has done nothing to be emulated, except for being a silver-screen idol by the masses, Grace Poe has herself nothing real and worthwhile to offer to the people except to fool and deceive them just to grab political power and greed.

      • Grace rulling on masasapano incident is another white wash to cover pnoy imvolvement. malaki rin ang naitulong ng pagiging Appointed MTRCB chief..utang na loob..

    17. I welcome the strongest and highly relevant admonition of our reputable and fearless writer, Mr. Yen Makabenta on the most serious and undignified persistent acts of Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares and her political camp advisers and supporters headed by Senator Escudero, in their attempt, apparently, to circumvent the highest law of the land, the Philippine Constitution, through their ominous ingenuity and manipulative argumentation designed to deceive the uncritical and low educated voters to put a highest leader of our country, allegedly a chief-alien executive and commander and chief of the Armed Forces of the Pfilippines.

    18. The proof of burden is on the accuser. Prove it first that she is not a natural-born Filipino and that might be the time I will believe the accusations against her citizenship.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        The burden of proof is in the applicant or candidate because what is being questioned is a qualification which can be challenged and the one being challenged should in effect produce evidences to support his/her end. God bless the Philippines.

      • Apparently, in the proceedings before the Senate Electoral Tribunal, it was undisputed by both parties that Mrs. Poe-Llamanzares is a foundling of unknown parents. Although the petitioner vying for her disqualification had the burden to prove his case in the first instance, this fact alone turned the tables. That’s why she now has the burden of proof to prove her natural born status. Note that a foundling has unknown parents so no one can actually be certain that the parents are Filipinos. It was submitted that there should be a presumption that a foundling’s parents be Filipinos but this, however noble sounding, has no basis in law. Allowing this presumption would clearly violate our jus sanguini rule where citizenship is determined by blood. In that case, the jus soli rule or citizenship determined by place of birth, would then be indirectly applied because a person would be considered natural born because he was born in a place occupied by Filipinos. So, if you consider these things, it is but logical for Mrs. Poe-Llamanzares to prove she’s natural born because she undisputedly presented herself as a foundling.

    19. Let the court decide NOW once and for all if she is qualified to run or not. So much has been written about her candidacy to the point of maligning her persona which should not be the case. Let’s stop all these shenanigans and wait for the court decision. If Grace is not qualified to run so be it. Simple as that.

      • The people who are against someone who had acquire U.S. citizenzhip and decided to return to their own country for good because they still love their former country doesn’t really know the real feeling of love of country. I am a dual citizen but that doesn’t mean anything if I want to go back to the country where i was born… Most famous people travel and stayed around the world but didn’t have no proplem….

      • Mark Laperal@ What court u are talking. Pnoy kangaroo court..Our government was tainted with corruption,bribing is now legal under tuwid na daan..Don’t trust this anomalous government..ABS CBN will tell U if U are guilty or not.

    20. “The US government can be induced to budget sums every year for the support of our republic, like the huge sums it gives Israel and Egypt annually.”

      Last i checked they already did….around $200 million USD yearly in aid to this country… if you can’t appreciate or don’t want that then the taxpayers there would be happy to cut off your welfare cheque….

      “WASHINGTON – The US State Department has allocated over $178 million in foreign assistance to the Philippines in its budget for fiscal year 2014, some $32 million more than what was actually provided in FY 2012.”

    21. Fellow Pinoys,

      I seem to think that majority of the Manila Times columnists, like Mr. Makabenta and
      Mr. Tatad, or even the Editor-in-Chief of the iconic newspaper, are in tandem in their
      daily tirade against Senator Poe who is a candidate for the Presidency of the our
      beloved country. I, for one, have no problem with that because I firmly believe
      in the democratic processes that we all abide by in choosing our nation’s leaders.
      Saying ‘NO’ in the midst of ‘YESSES’ is democratic and we know full well that in a
      democracy, majority always wins, regardless of cries of foul, cheating, bribery, arm-
      twisting, etc.

      Mr. Tatad and Mr. Makabenta have a job to do as journalists and, as such nobody can take their rights away from them. But the thing that’s bothering me is that why are they ranting about Senator Poe’s citizenship only now that she is a presidential candidate, but NEVER heard from when Senator Poe was elected senator by a
      majority of about 20 million Pinoy voters? Was she a Pilipino or was she not back
      then? It doesn’t sound right, does it? But in politics, you can be of any color depending on who feeds you to lobby. Got that fellow Pinoys?

      • Its Mr Tatad and Mr Makabenta job as journalists to make all Filipino citizens , be aware of the law most esp. Constituional Law) which many Filipinos take it for granted. not adhering nor following the rule of law, and even this current President who should be an example to all Filipinos most especially to the young generation, thinks ,he can be above the law.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Nobody cared then because Poe will be just one of the many. This time it is critical because she could make decisions on her own and if anything goes wrong the nation suffers. The Philippine Constitution is basic and has to be complied with. Sen. disgraced GRACE in the first place submitted disturbing accounts of her status which then the Filipinos did not care to scrutinize. God bless the Philippines.

      • If you will allow alien to run government offices then Philippines will be swamped with fake Filipinos.

      • Frank, so whaaat if Makabenta and Tatad did not raise a stink then when Grace ran for the senate. Does that make her now ELIGIBLE to run?

        When fraud, upon fraud, upon fraud is present…the Stature of Limitation, does not applySo, stop using that argument…why did they not file suit then…because that is irrelevant, immaterial and inconsequential.

        But just to put a final end to your concern, kaya walang nagfile ng protest then is because hindi nila alam noon,. Ngayon alam na. OK…

        Ineligible then. Ineligible now. Think about it, deeply, and without any personal partisanship. Fraud noon. Fraud ngayon.

      • Funny, it was actually the main point of the article (one which is understandably missed by those who had not undergone a Constitutional Law class) that the citizenship qualification of Mrs. Poe is not a political question but one that should be legitimately left with a tribunal. It would benefit all of us if you look up the concept for the doctrine of political question and the definition of tribunal.

      • it is only this late in the day that her lies were discovered about her status. it was really sixto brillantes’ comelec then that did not do its job of properly vetting llamanzares. anyways, as i said, her lies were discovered when tiangco of una, i think, questioned her lack of residency to run for the post of president. like dominoes, her status as a citizen came into the light. so no one like tatad and makabenta are at fault here because the comelec did not vet her coc properly.

      • Equate yourself to the Philippines. Say one morning you found a newly born by your door. Nobody owned it and you do not know its where- about. Being a good person, you adopted the child and gave your name.
        The child is not your natural born Abueg, but a naturalized one, isn’t it?
        After the has grown up, will you allow him/her to lord over you and your properties and not one of your natural born child?

      • Frank Abueg @ why U try to visit yellow forum ..and make a comparison.
        JOEAM is good site,check it out

    22. Then IDIOTES we will call them ! Including an Idiote-in-Chief. For we cannot use the term “taksil” for this means going against one’s country. But what is her country ? Not the Philippines.

    23. jose taganahan on

      This article is grossly bias against Sen. Grace Poe which is why I believe Sen. Poe will win overwhelmingly the Presidency in 2016 unless the Supreme Court disqualifies her from running. It is unthinkable that Sen. Poe will cheat to win the Presidency for the simple reason that she is not the Administration candidate and to the contrary it will be the Administration that will try to cheat to prevent Sen. Grace Poe from winning the Presidency.

      • Jose, you said a mouthful in your posting. Let me say it more plainly…WALANG PANALO SI GRACE. Even if makalusot siya sa mga ineligibility issues, and Lack of Qualification issues…and her candidacy is allowed…she is running as an independent (hoping against hope that the NPC of Danding will come to her support). She has no independent sources of funds…walang gold, walang guns, walang goons…how can you say Jose that she will win OVERWHELMING pa? You really believe that hoax about her leading the survey now “by a mile”…???? If you recal history of her adoptive Papa…pinalabs ng SWS and PUlse Asia that Ronnie Poe overtook GMA…but when push came to shove…neither SWS or Pulse Asia could sustain their preemptive predictions through their ‘statistical gobbledygooks’…so they had to show, before election that GMA was actually ahead of the Polls. But like the politically romantic fools of the past…the bleeding diehard supporters of Da Poe King (ina’t ama ay porenger naman talaga) they insist, till now, that Ronnie Poe was cheated out of victory…yet no one has come up with proofs to demonstrate this dramatic, fighting pilit spirit. BTW, did you know that the founder and CEO of SWS is Mahar Mangahas…and his mother and Ronnie Poe’s mother were sisters? Huh? Did you know that? As for Pulse Asia, Dr. Felipe Miranda is related to the Aquino…so???
        Stop believing everything you hear…but only half of what you see…yan ang pulitika sa Pinas. Get it?

      • jose taganahan @ Grace poe is the only person will protect pnoy from jail
        Masasapano is one of Grace legacy to save pnoy. Malaki ang utang naloob ni grace ke pnoy,MTRCB na naging Senador ,ano pa ang igaganti mo ke pnoy sa tinatamasa mo ngayon na libre publicity pa.

    24. Elmar Cahambing on

      Hopefully the courts will settle the citizenship issue of Mrs. Grace Poe – LLamarez before the presidential election. Personally, I think she is not qualified based on the constitution as clearly explained by former senator Kit Tadtad.

    25. The writer here pretty much has accepted that Grace Poe will win the election. And shows nothing but wrath and venom as a result. I think he is right, she will win. I don’t share his bitterness though. Is that anyway to treat a woman who as a ‘foundling’ was abandoned in a church parking lot. Where is the writers sense of compassion?

      She is the #1 ranked candidate for a reason. A majority of the people want her and support her. All the words, disqualification efforts, other schemes and artifices cannot change that. A majority of the voters know what they want. Grace Poe, 2016

      It is is rather disturbing to note that many here will accept everything America has to offer, including over $100 million a year foreign-aid, yet make an issue of a woman who got married went to America. finished college there, had her children there. Yet came back home to help her country and sharing all she has learned with us. Go figure.

    26. The Grace Llamanzares defense that her case is political, not legal is the same argument the Senathieves, including the Poe supporters like Escudero, Sotto, Legarda, Trillanes and the rest of them mentioned when they impeached Renato Corona as CJ for the flimsy reason of not presenting the correct SALN. As a result the aforementioned names made millions as pork reward.

    27. You should point out that ex Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban is one of her legal counsels who encourage her to subvert and ignore the Philippine Constitution. Shame on you. You do not deserve to be a Justice of the Supreme Court, much less a Chief Justice, for teaching Grace Poe how to disregard the Constitution!

    28. Should thjs matter be unresolved before the elections and Poe wins then the only beneficiary will be Chiz Escudero, and Chiz who is a lawyer knows she will be disqualified, Can we live with an Ongpin and Cojunagco puppet in Malacanang?

    29. I can understand why Mrs. Llamanzares is insisting on being a candidate for president and hoping to be one.

      First of all, she spent many years away from the country belonging to mainstream America. Secondly, she enjoyed the life of a ‘privileged’ as she was growing up, that she didn’t have to think about the need for love of country and nationalism because, after all, she was living a luxurious life. And, finally, after being catapulted to the be number one in last senatorial elections (by stroke of luck or whatever), she realized that she will make it by “popularity”, no matter what. Nobody questioned her qualifications when she ran for congress, anyway.

      So, taking for granted the importance and significance of the fundamental law of the land, she thinks she can just do away with it. Just like those supporting her, everything will be justified by the “Machiavellian Theory” of “the end justifies the means”. For this, they believe that “Vox Populi Vox Dei”.

      The above theories do not apply because we have a paramount Constitution to live by, first. Then, we can claim ” Vox Populi….”. The Machiavellian Theory is the law law of the ” jungle” and we live in a civilized society.

      Finally, it is a case of respecting and giving the utmost respect to the Constitution that is involved in the case of Mrs. Llamanzares. She is acting as if the Philippine Constitution is a “mere scrap of paper”. If she, really, is nationalistic enough despite her former citizenship, she does a great service to the country and people if she desists from running for president. There will be more problems in the country if, by hook or by crook, she gets what she wants! Because, by then, the faith in the Philippine Constitution is being “eroded”.

      May God Bless the Philippines and people.

      • Roberto Uy@
        Tingin sa atin ni Grace ay puro bobotante at sinisilaw tayo sa pagiging bida ni FPJ sa production niya.na kaya lang banatan ng rapidong suntok si Paquito Diaz na suwelduhan lang niya..Marami talaga ang gumagaya ke Ronald Reagan and the infamous TAX cut and profit to oligarch.
        Tanong. Naka 10 years na ba siya sa pinas bago naging senador.Kung hiNdi ay di lahaT NG SINASABI NI GRACE AY KASINUNGALINGAN

      • As a senator she belongs to the legislative branch of the government where her actions value is equal to 1/24. She may not even count when there is quorum or none. But where she is aspiring now is to be the chief executive of the government which requires integrity and prudence. The Office of the President must protect and defend the constitution which the aspiring senator seems lacking.

      • Biola Sta. Maria on

        We are actually naiinggit kay Grace Poe kasi siya’y isang pulot lamang eh maging pangulo, hu-hu-hu, samantalang kami’y mga matatalino, mga intellectuals, mga batikang pulitiko. Naiinggit kami talaga, gagawin namin lahat para masira siya! Noong kandidatong senador hindi namin inakala na maging sikat na sikat siya kaya pinabayaan namin. Sobrang sikat siya ngayon, samantalang kami no pansin ang taong bayan. Huhuhuhuh! Baliw na baliw kami sa galit, inggit, hiya.

    30. with all due respect, you already assumed she is a non-Filipino when in fact she is and there is no ruling that she is not a filipino. I will still support the senator because i know she meets all requirements to run for higher office.


      Wells said Mr. Makabenta. If we will allow Poe to be President, then we will rather
      invite other foreigners like the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Americans, etc. to
      come here to run for public office, Renouncing your Filipino citizenship to accept and
      become an American citizen is just like turning your back against your country.
      And, when one sees an opportunity in her former country, she can just come
      back and seize that opportunity to become president? NO WAY MISS POE. This
      is not pingpong. Besides when you ran for senator in 2013 you stated that you are a resident of the Philippines for 6 months or so, and, now 2015, you are saying that
      you have a 10 years residency? From 2013 to 2015, how many years there is?
      Mr. Tatad, Miss Elamparo and Mr. David are correct. Dura Lex Sed Lex (The law
      is harsh but it is the law) Ignarantia legis est minimem excusant (People are presumed
      to know the law, Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith.
      Obey the constitution.