Grace Poe DQ ‘just temporary setback’


Senator Grace Poe’s Partido ng Galing at Puso (PGP) is currently on family break, opting to enjoy the Christmas season before it resumes its political sorties in January 2016.

An unfavorable decision of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Wednesday dismissing an appeal of the senator to allow her to run for President in next year’s elections, a PGP member said on Thursday, will not affect the party’s holiday celebrations.

“No, no, no! The whole party is very confident that this is just a temporary setback,” lawyer Lorna Kapunan, one of the party’s senatorial bets, told The Manila Times.
Kapunan said she believes that although the Supreme Court (SC) cannot rule on a disqualification case against her, it will eventually take their side because Comelec commissioners committed grave abuse of discretion when they disqualified Poe.

The senator’s camp earlier argued that the Comelec has no authority to determine whether Poe is qualified to run for President because they can only establish whether the senator’s disclosures in her certificate of candidacy (COC) were false or deceptive.

It noted that disqualifying a candidate is the sole duty of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

If Poe failed to get the nod of the High Court, Kapunan said future elections would be in trouble.

“Isn’t our general rule is, ‘If you allege, you should prove?’ Dapat ’yung nag-a-attack sa kanya na nagsasabing nagsisinungaling siya, dapat sila ang mag-prove, hindi ’yung she is proving that she’s telling the truth [Whoever is attacking and saying she is lying should prove his argument, it’s not Poe’s job to prove that she’s telling the truth],” she explained.

Kapunan said, “In the future, this case will strike fear in the heart of potential candidates that anybody who has political motives can just allege. And then who is innocent has to prove innocence, not the one who is alleging guilt. Ang tindi ng effect na ’yun ah [It has a tremendous effect].”


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  1. It is from the beginning a lost battle for Grace PWE.(Pwe a tagalog word defining an action demonizing LIARS) I was thinking to vote for Kapunan but my mind has changed because of joining the insistence of illegal acts. Everybody knows how Grace Pwe lied eversince. She is acting like a stupid not to understand the constitution w/c was written in the simplest vocabulary. If Grace Pwe would be spending her own money for this impossible quest, I believe she should have already stopped pursuing her case.