Grace Poe finally saw PNoy’s true colors


“Totally insensitive and treacherous.”

I agree that those words precisely describes the Aquino administration’s attitude toward the sad plight of the riding public that depends on the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and the Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines in their daily commute.

No less than the amiable Senator Grace Poe made the succinct depiction of PNoy’s style of mismanagement over these four-plus years, beginning June 2010.

Insensitive because PNoy and the brains behind him do not seem to care about the working class’ extreme difficulty coping with the costs of living, much less make ends meet what with the prevailing starvation wages.

Ironically, Malacañang surreptitiously tells the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Sec. Jun Abaya to raise the MRT and LRT fare rates while jeepney fares are going down, thanks to OPEC’s reduced world oil prices.

I suspect that for the sake of enticing private entities to buy out the MRT under the public-private partnership (PPP) program, the brains behind PNoy came up with this brilliant idea of finally raising the fares to create a semblance profitability for the MRT.

They reject the idea that MRT along EDSA is an essential public utility system that the government must continue to subsidize.

Insensitive, says Senator Poe, because the brains behind PNoy do not seem to realize that somehow they have to justify higher fares with improvements in the train services and facilities.

But, the services and facilities are much worse now than their condition during the Arroyo administration, which PNoy blames for everything that is wrong with it.

Senator Poe said the MRT fare hike, in particular, is not justifiable since Congress has just allocated funds for the “special purpose” of the trains’ repairs and other financial needs in the P2.6 trillion 2015 budget.

“Kakatapos lang ng budget kung saan nabigyan naman sila ng tamang budget para sa taon na ito, para naman magawa ang dapat nilang gawin sa MRT,” she said.

The senator noted, too, that additional funds have been allocated for the same purpose under the freaking Supplemental Budget passed just like a “midnight insertion.”

“Hindi lang iyon, marami pang naibigay sa supplemental budget, sa pagbayad ng buwis nila na hindi nila nababayran, at ibang mga bagay na hiningi nila sa Kongreso. Kaya kami ay nagtataka kasi ni pabulong wala silang sinabi sa amin na baka magtaas sila.”

Poe scored the very poor maintenance of the MRT which leads to frequent breakdowns.

But as always, PNoy and the brains that dictate to him from behind conveniently blame everything on the previous Gloria Arroyo and her cronies.

Was it Arroyo who was involved in the botched deal on procuring new trains for the MRT, which turned out to be an attempt to corner a multi-million peso kickback from a Czechoslovakian firm Inekon?

Or wasn’t it some Malacañang official’s relatives that tried to cash in on the MRT deal?

Utterly treacherous because Malacañang shrewdly timed the implementation of fare hikes before the holidays ended.

Senator Poe noted that the DOTC deliberately ruled out holding any public hearing.

“Ito ay ginawa nila na hindi malinaw sa atin at kung kailan nga hindi natin inaasahan. Ito ay treacherous, insensitive. Kasi kung meron silang puso sa pasahero, hindi po dapat nangyari iyan,” Poe said.

Merciless, Senator Poe says of PNoy and the brains behind him who do not seem to care about the aggravation that the higher MRT and LRT rates causes to low-income workers and poor students and senior citizens who now have to resort to taking the jeepney during rush hours.

Most people who are used to riding the MRT and LRT chose to take the trains to avoid the traffic gridlock.

Suffice it to say that the PNoy, in his inability to think for himself, has allowed those utak-ipis behind him to screw up bigtime.

Unfortunately for the desperate Liberal Party (LP), Senator Poe finally found out PNoy’s and his administration’s true colors.

I am now more convinced that Senator Poe far knows what she’s doing and what she has been elected to the Senate for.

Senator Poe has done her assignment and has proven that she is up to the task.


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  1. Ndi hawak ng government ang buhay natin. May sarili taung desisyon. Hwag taung umasa sa gobyerno natin. Magsikap tau at mkuntento s kung ano ang meron tau. Tigilan n ang sisihan walang nadudulot n maganda yan. Magtulungan n lng taung lahat.

  2. I just hope na kung mabibigyan ng pagkakataon maging pangulo si Ma’am Grace Poe, Sana ang mga pinaglalaban nya sa mga social issues ng bansa ay maging dahilan para makuha nya ang loob ng mga taong bayan.

    Sana lang din, hwag natin sisirain ang pangalan ng mga nakaupo sa administration, bagkus ay tulungan natin na makuha ang loob nila at mapag usapan ang mga usapin kinakaharap ng bansa.

    MRT and LRT price increase are among sa maraming issues na dapat talaga tutukan dahil apektado ang mga mamayan. Hwag Sana tayo maging gahaman sa posisyon na mamuno kung di naman tayo handa gampanan ang pinakamabigat na responsibilidad.

    Sana lng din ang mamumuno sa year 2016 ay isang decisive, smart at honest. Simpleng katangian ng isang leader na may disposisyon at hangarin na makatulong at paunlarin ang bansang Pilipinas.

    Salamat po.

  3. Now let’s all be vigilant on who are we going to vote next year. Don’t let those “educated” thieves sitting on the throne to stop our nation’s ability to escape poverty. I hate the crab mentality of this stupid government that hinders even the simplest form of transportation to the massive form of corruption and that PICOS’ issue. We are just all fed up. GOD help us.

    • GOD help us … (item#1) I wonder if the billions of pesos in subsidy for the MRT & LRT will be justified as savings for DAP in the days to come. Nyweys, with the (item#2) PICOS again in the works, they say that the 2016 presidential elections has just been concluded. GOD HELP US . (these 2 items must be relatives !?%#?!!!)

  4. Although Manila and its suburbs is the most densed city in the world (on a per square kilometer), since majority of the people living are migrants or children of migrants from provinces. Noynoy’s reason of the increase in LRT/<MRT rates is to divert the budget to the other cities or provinces but the NCR region has been populated by us migrants. In a way, these people are the representation from each province who migrated due to better education or job opportunities or just modern living. Also, it has been almost 5 years Nonoy's presidency and he is still blaming GMA for the bad things and grabbing credit for the good things… but he actually has not done any impressive achievements… it was GMA who better the GNP through her fiscal economic reforms (being an economy specialist herself), BPO or call centers which employs better paying job creation was strengthened during GMA's term ( I was there when she announced this as one of her priority programs). BPO boosted job creation, building construction (#2 in improved industries, actually requirement for 2015 is 1,000,000 sqm but construction can only do 500,000 sqm) and real estate increase, and not to mention more people with money. Noynoy bragged that the number one export industry which is electronics and semi-conductors is at 42% (during GMA's time it is at 62% please check data from National Statistics and Coordinating Board which handles the annual statistical information). The justice department has yet to have its own case won…apparently De Lima is more interested in media blitz. Gordons " WOW Philippines" is more effective than the Swiss copied " It's More Fun in the Philippines". How come the buses and taxi rates has not lowered even though the price of fuel has by 40%. The jeepney price should be P6, buses P8 minimum will be a fair price. Prices of basic commodities has not decreased. All these things affecting the common Juan De La Cruz and this insensitive…

  5. There were three characters involved in this article: Tulfo, Poe, and Aquino. After reading this long article these are what I can conclude:

    1. The author’s premise and conclusion was to criticize Aquino
    2. The Senator’s actions was to criticize the administration
    3. The President’s action was to provide budget so action can be taken to solve the issue.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but action, whether four years late or not, speaks louder than criticism. It would be nice if the other two characters pointing fingers provided suggestions or even commented on what could be done to resolve the issue instead blurting out words to describe the president’s character. It just doesn’t help.

    • “3. The President’s action was to provide budget so action can be taken to solve the issue.”

      What do you by “provide budget”? By collecting said budget from the MRT-riding population? Have you even read the article?

      “Senator Poe said the MRT fare hike, in particular, is not justifiable since Congress has just allocated funds for the “special purpose” of the trains’ repairs and other financial needs in the P2.6 trillion 2015 budget.”

      Meron na pala eh. Bakit kokolekta uli sa taongbayan? Di bale sana kung wala pang na-allot na budget.

    • You FORGOT the most important character in this article… THE PUBLIC.

      4.) The PUBLIC who was busy during the holidays, and taken for granted, by not being consulted through PUBLIC HEARINGS before the fare hike was approved by the PALACE. Isn’t the timing of the fare hike approval by the Palace quite the elephant in the room?

  6. When your focus is to govern 100,000,000 people you can’t possibly think alone. This is the reason why governments on every country have advisers. To say PNoy can’t think for himself is stupidity. A common denominator for every politician is to criticize mistakes, but when challenged to provide solutions no one has done so much since the Ramos administration than our current president. It would have been nice to read a justifiable and sensible proposed action from Grace Poe but unfortunately her approach is just like any other politician who thinks for themselves: criticize.

    As for the author to state that the president does not care for the working class is a perfect example of debauched journalism. From the subject to the first 5 paragraphs you could already summarize the biased conclusion of the article. Surprisingly, the readers immediately bought into it and provided their own criticisms just like a politician.

    In my opinion, PNoy and his advisers made a mistake in not accurately predicting the fallout that the MRT would present. His administration’s focus was arguably towards more important issues and they didn’t see this coming. If I was the president (thank God I’m not) I would probably make the same mistake. I’d rather be criticized for not prioritizing this early on in my administration than to be criticized for a bad economy, unemployment, and corruption–or other “more important” issues than the MRT.

    …but to say that I don’t care about the working class is like an uneducated person talking–like a Tulfo. Oh wait, this is a Tulfo article. Doh!

  7. additional information, OPEC was forced to lower down the oil price because of the US booming oil industries,,thanks to fracturing technology. We have too much surplus of refined oil and gases that there is no other option but to lower down the price hopefully to counter the trend. Just to give the credit where it should belong.

  8. celia capistrano on

    The worst ever, he is only banking on the ideas of his very corrupt advisers. He should have long fired DBM Secretary Very Butch Abad….but util now Butch labad is still his favorite. Di lang sya walang puso sa commuters, wala rin syang pakialam sa mga kawani ng gobyreno na yinurakan ng karapatan ni Labad in terms of financial benefits. Sinabi ni Abad na nagtipid masyado ang mga kawani para maka save to the detriment of our accomplishments para maka CNA at the end, SHAME ON YOU AND TO YOUR PRESIDENT kinuha nyo ang mga savings ng mga national agencies para kurakutin nyo lang pala. Naku, kung walang sinimulan si Arroyo noon at sinunod nyo lang ngayon, ANO KAYA ANG NAGA WA NG Administrasyon na ito…

  9. What can you expect of abaya na grandson nang isang traydor! binenta ng lolo nya ang Pinas sa mga kastila at sa mga amerikano… mana mana lang yan. ( may your lolo’s soul rest in peace despite of what he have done in our country)

  10. That is exactly what is expected from an oligarch: insensitive and treacherous .This type of people have no regards and believe that the common people are but their slaves; they don’t care about their welfare, they only care about how they can further enrich themselves and their families. If Senator Poe really wants to change all of these , she should push for a Parliamentary form of government to get rid of all the incompetent politicians, anomalies, scandals and corruption. For as long as you have a Presidential form of government, the Philippines won’t move forward but instead continues to regress as a Third World country with no hope and future for its youth.

  11. Understanding Person on

    Oo nga ga igan, ayos itong si Sen. Grace Poe! Congrats! At sa iyo naman Pnoy, dapat
    Ahat isisi sa iyo kahit na yung madulas lang na ipis sa kalye, sa iyo dapat kasi talaga naman insensitive ka at walang puso! Hayop na Ganid pa! Buwisit! Mabuti na alng at malapit lapit na rin ang 2016 at makakahinga na kami ng lubos….

    • lander reubal on

      Hindi pa rin po kayo makakahinga ng lubos mr. Understanding person, tauhan nya at yellow army rin ang mananalo sa 2016. Alam mo ba kung bakit? Dahil sa Hokus PCOS. I try mong sundan mga posts ni atty glenn chong at malaman mo kung bakit.

  12. Well the good thing with Grace is that she knows how to call a spade a spade. Di tulad ng isang gusto maging pangulo na hanggang ngayon ay naglalaro pa rin sa dalawang ilog – gusto pa rin mabango sya sa paningin ni batang iskaut at patuloy lang na pamumulikta sa iba’t ibang lalawigan at di man lamang magbigay ng konkretong mungkahi kun ano ang dapat gawin. Jojo may want to become President but the lack of stance on public issues, not even on policy matters regarding international concerns, just show the small town mayor mentality that will lead further to our nation’s perdition. Is it because he still wants to court and win financing from the taipans and large corporate funders? Funny indeed that one man can still lack the balls to speak up at this point and yet wants to win our votes to lead us.

  13. Its very simple make every politician & every top official commute to work not by car driven by a chauffer but by using public transport, from tricycles to jeepneys to busses & to the rail system. Make them travel to work like that every single day & make them get to work on time. Let them face the realities of life like the rest of us face day in day out, then you will get change. Take drillon, he recently gor caught up in huge traffic jams on the northern expressway & he now wants something done about it. Let him experience travelling like that everyday & he & the rest will make change happen, i guarantee it. Let them live in the cucooned air conditioned bubbles & life will continue as normal.

  14. pnoy is not only insensitive to the filipino masses, his presidency is just one to ensure that his backers become very very rich. look at all the mess in the government, which one is not involved in corruption?? each and every one is involved with corruption, it is either a big corruption or a small corruption. since this is true, you can be sure pnoy is not only stupid, he is in some way. involved in corruption as well. how could he not know what his underlings are doing or not doing,. isn’t he the president???

    • Nobody to blame but it’s citizens for putting corruot politicians who pockets people money & therefore nothing left for the people in needs & projects to make the country better.

  15. The propaganda against Aling Gloria did not start during the campaign period for the 2010 elections. The attacks came much earlier and non-stop to make it more palatable to the public since Aling Gloria said no to Cory Aquino. And the poor Filipino folks took the bait and accepted all the negative attacks they fired on the Arroyo administration with ABS-CBN network and other networks and PDI leading the way. Now, the public knows better, hopefully, that we are experiencing the worst anti-poor government we have in the history of the Republic of the Philippines.

  16. Everybody now is seeing the true colors of this crazy insane idiot who illegitimately occupies Malacanang. I have long ago saw his true colors. In fact, from the time he has been lobbying in Congress for the passing of the RH Law. I know the amount of lobby money that was going around to have an RH Law in the land from the Hillary Clinton initiative and I saw the Abnoy as a willing tool for money’s sake. Indeed, there are power strings pulling the strings of this Abnoy. Those who invested a lot of money in him to be able to get what they want from the government and from the national treasury to fatten up their interests. For instance, there’s those beneficiaries of the RH Law, plus those who’d benefit from the wrong moves of the government, like the increased fares of the public transport system and yesterday, Ted Faillon, was describing the “panggagantso” of the water concessionaries, Maynilad and Manila Waters.

    So the issue is – now that we know the true colors of the Abnoy, when do we throw him out?

  17. Very good and timely article. Blaming game is the heart of the administration even their own very shortcomings are being blamed to the past administrations. It is painful to see our countrymen suffer because of weakness committed by the present leadership.