Grace Poe Llamanzares out, Duterte in?


Reactions to the disqualification
Contrary to the earlier warning aired by Llamanzares’ supporters, there has been no public outrage after the two divisions of the Commission on Elections decided to disqualify presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares for not being a natural-born Filipino and for failing to meet the constitutional 10-year residency requirement before election day. While some of her supporters toyed with the idea of boycotting the May 9, 2016 elections, we only heard of some previously enthusiastic political funders walking away. That’s life.

Some people have come to me to thank me for taking up the issue, when nobody else wanted to. Not even her rivals had wanted to touch it—they were mortally afraid of the possible “backlash,” because of the alleged popularity of the adopted daughter of Fernando Poe Jr. B.S. Aquino 3rd himself had tried to persuade her to run as Mar Roxas’ teammate, despite the fact that under the Constitution, one who is not eligible to run for President is not eligible to run for vice president, either.

The commissioners deserve our thanks
But if anyone deserves to be thanked for Comelec rulings, it is the commissioners above all who refused to be intimidated by appeals to political issues, in order to uphold the Constitution and the law. This is a critical political setback for Mrs. Llamanzares, and I regret that I have been partly instrumental in bringing it about. I had a particular closeness to her adoptive father Fernando Poe Jr., with whom I ran in 2004, he for President and I for senator, and we suffered the same fate in that election. But if our democracy is to survive, we must be prepared to sacrifice certain things for the common good; we must uphold the Constitution and the rule of law as sacred and supreme at all times.

The Comelec First Division, which voted 2 to 1 to grant my petition, and those of Antonio Contreras and Dean Amado Valdez, has ruled, in support of the arguments lucidly presented by my counsel Manuelito Luna, that Mrs. Llamanzares is not a natural-born Filipino citizen and lacks the 10-year residency requirement and, therefore, not eligible to run for President. I am deeply thankful for the ruling, but I do not at all rejoice in the respondent’s misfortune.

An ambiguous dissent
Mrs. Llamanzares is now free to appeal to the Comelec en banc, but it seems unlikely that the two commissioners who had voted to grant the three petitions in the First Division and the three others who had voted to grant the Estrella Elamparo petition in the Second would still change their positions. In fact, a close reading of Commissioner Robert S. Lim’s 81-page dissenting opinion to Commissioner Rowena Guanzon’s ponencia in the First Division, reveals a certain ambiguity that tends to adopt the main points of our petition.

There is not enough space for everything on page 73 to 81, but this is telling: “Before ending, I feel duty-bound to state that the respondent’s admission of being a foundling makes her claim of being a natural-born Filipino citizen in her certificate of candidacy not only doubtful, but also untenable. The declaration may, therefore, amount to a false representation of a material fact, which can cause the cancellation of her certificate of candidacy. This is because I believe that foundlings may be considered Philippine citizens, but they can never be considered natural-born Filipinos unless the Constitution itself so provides. No amount of legal juggling will make the respondent a natural-born citizen…,” writes Lim.

Will the Supreme Court change things?
Mrs. Llamanzares’s only hope, it seems, is, if majority of the Supreme Court Justices decide to read the Constitution and the facts of the case in the same way her own lawyers have read the same. But this may be a forlorn hope.

In Rizalito David’s quo warranto petition before the Senate Electoral Tribunal, the three Justices who sit on the nine-man body voted, with one other member (Sen. Nancy Binay), to unseat the senator on the basis of the presentation by Atty. Luna, who is also David’s counsel. She was saved only by five of the six senator-members—Tito Sotto, Pia Cayetano, Loren Legarda, Cynthia Villar and Bam Aquino—who are non-lawyers except for Cayetano, and who turned the constitutional controversy into a political question. David has since gone up to the Supreme Court, alleging a grave abuse of discretion.

One shouldn’t be surprised if, in the SET case, the Court gave a closer reading to the dissenting opinions of SET Chair and Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro and Justice Arturo Brion than to the concurring opinions of the five senators. Likewise, it shouldn’t surprise us if in the Comelec cases, when they are finally raised to the Court, it would read the Commissioners’ rulings with the same frame of mind.

Foundlings can’t be natural-born
The constitutional provision is so clear it needs and permits no interpretation. A woman lawyer came to the Kapihan sa Anabel’s (Quezon City) last Saturday to urge the Court to declare that foundlings, like Mrs. Llamanzares, are natural-born citizens, but this is not what the Constitution says, and the duty of the Court is simply to say what the Constitution says, and not to reinvent the Constitution.

Although Mrs. Llamanzares’ suspected principal funder was earlier heard bragging that he had asked a former Chief Justice to sound out the justices on their possible support for Mrs. Llamanzares, and that many of them had reportedly appeared to be “open” to persuasion, this has since assumed a “treasonous” nature, and could invite some kind of a “Duterte solution” to anyone who might succumb. It would be more prudent to let the justices rule on the case, free from any extra-judicial intervention.

Should the Comelec en banc affirm the rulings of the two Divisions, it will now have to strike out Mrs. Llamanzares’ name from the official ballot in the May 9, 2016 elections. She could still be reinstated if and when the High Court finally rules that she is, after all, a natural-born citizen who will have resided in the country not less than 10 years by May 9, 2016.

Can we stand a Duterte?
With Mrs. Llamanzares out, is Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao in?

This appears to be the more important question. There are many issues to be resolved here. First of all, is Duterte a legitimate presidential candidate at this point? He filed his Certificate of Candidacy long after the legal deadline for the filing of CoCs—in substitution for one Martin Diño, who had earlier filed a CoC and had later withdrawn the same. Was this a valid substitution? Before that, was Diño’s CoC a valid document?

Apparently, Diño used the CoC form meant for presidential candidates. But in the space where he was supposed to declare he was running for “President,” he wrote “Mayor of Pasay” instead. This clearly invalidated the CoC. In the past manual elections, when voters still wrote the names of candidates on the ballot, writing the wrong name for the wrong office would have “spoiled” the ballot and prompted the Comelec to discard it.

Is the substitution valid?
This was the exact situation of Diño’s CoC. It was an invalid CoC, so Duterte cannot replace Diño through the same CoC unless he is running for Mayor of Pasay, instead of President. The spoiled CoC should have been discarded, but it wasn’t, and Duterte was allowed to use it, as though it were a valid one. How did this happen? Why was the ‘spoiled CoC” not disposed of?

Chairman Andres Bautista should answer this. My best sources tell me that the Law Department had prepared the appropriate memorandum seeking to disallow the substitution, but the chairman, after initially indicating support for it, eventually directed the Department to allow the substitution. What happened here, Mr. chairman? This cannot remain your exclusive secret—it must be shared with the nation.

Scandalizing the nation
Duterte’s public behavior as “candidate” has since created a storm that threatens to be far more cruel and devastating than the Haiyan/Yolanda super typhoon; much more morally destructive than anything we have seen; or, if you believe what my colleague Mauro Gia Samonte says in his Sunday Times column, more terrible than what Uganda under Idi Amin had seen. He has shocked and scandalized the nation beyond all proportions by bragging about his womanizing and extra-judicial killings, by cursing the Pope just to draw a laugh from his audience, and by proposing to make at least five killings a week, a regular feature of his government, should he become President.

And the bishops
The president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas and former CBCP president and Archbishop Emeritus Oscar V. Cruz, also of Lingayen-Dagupan, have separately slammed Duterte for his vulgar, offensive, unprintable and unprovoked expletives against the Pope, and other statements. He was later photographed on the front page of one newspaper reportedly apologizing to Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles for the papal slur, and offering to pay a fine of one thousand pesos for every profanity or cuss word he would utter next time.

This only aggravated his crime. One offers money to restitute money one had stolen, but for having disgraced his office with dishonorable language and behavior on prime television, one might have to yield to the Samurai’s code of honor, even without the consent of the Japanese nation.

Not a confession but a boast
Duterte was not confessing his crimes or his sins in response to any accusations. Rather, he was bragging about them as though they were heroic feats or virtues deserving the highest award or commendation. And some people in the media and elsewhere were ecstatically cheering him. In one rather shameful (or shameless) operation, Mahal Mang-ahas of the Social Weather Station came out with a rigged survey using a skewed questionnaire, which put Duterte on top of the presidential contenders.

The ever crooked pollsters
This came a few days after Duterte was rumored to have received a big political donation through vice-presidential candidate Alan Peter Cayetano in Hong Kong. Everyone saw through the fraud, and the critics cried foul. But my question is, after such a long disgraceful career of fooling the Filipino people through their rigged surveys, why do we still allow these crooked pollsters to fiddle with public opinion?

A pagan saint?
Even more disgraceful was one particular issue of Philippine Star. It was an undisguised and unadulterated “publicity spin.” Using the biggest font ever, the Star banner headline screamed, “WATCH OUT FOR SANTO RODRIGO.” While the country was reeling under the moral assault from our good mayor, Sen. Koko Pimentel predicted his eventual “sainthood” based on every pagan and perverse thing. The evening before, the older former Sen. Nene Pimentel was on TV doing the same spin. So father and son have become the unseemly postulators of Duterte’s “sainthood.”

The question among those who feel verbally abused and morally offended is, what’s happening to “Digong?” But for me, the real question is, what’s happening to us as a people? We flaunt our vices, our addictions, and our crimes, we’re embarrassed by virtue, and applaud what’s evil and wrong. We need total change. It may not be enough to simply disqualify Digong; we may have to change our entire electorate, ourselves as a people.


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  1. No matter how you pontificate. Mr. Francisco S. Tatad, the stripes of the stooge shall always be there to haunt your conscience if you have one?

  2. Mr. Francisco S. Tatad, you were once the stooge of the dead dictator, Mr. Ferdinand E. Marcos, as such the words of a stooge carry no weight at all for stooges served masters and masters alone, who knows now, who the masters are? Once an opportunist stooge always an opportunist stooge.

  3. There’s a misplaced paranoia of a man who is as variegated as the number of people he assisted and wretched people he managed to helped. Since when you find a man of this constitution someone to be feared? Like, never?

  4. This is election. This ain’t ELIMINATION ROUND. These people knew they can’t win over Duterte or even Poe thru clean election that’s why they came with the idea of eliminating them beforehand. This the brand of Philippine Politics. What a shame to the current administration.

  5. I respectfully and strongly recommend that Mr. Duterte should undergo psychiatric evaluation. He is hallucinatory and having flights of ideas. These are signs and symptoms of psychosis. Since Mr. Duterte is aspiring for the highest office in this country then he must prove that he is mentally fit for the job. We don’t want a psychotic or a serial killer to be our president.

  6. I know Grace Poe is qualified based on the records that they showed her being physically present here in the Philippines as of May 2005. By that time they started selling their things in the US and she enrolled her kids here. What more proof of intent do they need?

  7. You said, “One offers money to restitute money one had stolen, but for having disgraced his office with dishonorable language and behavior on prime television, one might have to yield to the Samurai’s code of honor, even without the consent of the Japanese nation.”. Duterte’s arrogance displays his true character that he can have all the women by using money, government position, gun and his ugly face to harass them. Duterte should go to HELL together with his abusive and arrogant daughter and son. For Llamanzares, she should withdraw and wait for 2022.

  8. Thank you Sen Francisco Tatad for finally dissecting what is totally wrong with this guy Rodrigo Duterte. Filipinos should be very afraid, for this self-confessed murderer could just turn himself as our own version of Idi Amin or our own Pol Pot, of all people. While many people are entertained by his usual bravado this person could just create this country as his personal banana republic akin to Latin American countries where summary executions is pervasive.

  9. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    14 Dec. 2015

    From where I sit, I say that GRACE POE LLAMANZARES’ “goose is already cooked”–and cooked well done! referring, of course, to her hyperbolic ambition to be a candidate for President.

    That decision of the Senate Electoral Tribunal which refused to disqualify her from being a presidential candidate will go down in history as a shameful one made by a constitutional body–shameful because the Majority decision was made by politicians who obviously yielded to the weakness of making “pakikisama” with a fellow Senator. The Minority decision, made by 3 justices of the Supreme Court led by Antonio Carpio, is obviously the correct one–one that is in full obedience to and conformity with the Constitution.

    Okay, GPL goes to the Supreme Court to appeal the disqualification ruling of two divisions of the COMELEC. That is her right, of course.

    If the Supreme Court should interpret the Constitutional provision as it should be interpreted, it should and will affirm the ruling of the COMELEC.

    But if its recent ruling in the case of Juan Ponce Enrile provides any clue as to how it may rule in the case of GPL, it may rule in her favor and overturn the decision of the COMELEC.


  10. This letter is regarding this site! I like to read editorials in this paper. But lately, I can’t read anything at all as the entire screen is blocked by an ad of western union. I got to this message area by holding diwn the ad with my right finger while dragging the screen with my left finger. You can’t close the ad, as it only has the word replay so you can’t close it! This ad only makes me angry at western union and Manila times!

  11. Dr. Strangelove on

    Mr. Tatad,

    After reading between the lines of today’s post i am sensing an apologetic realization of exactly what your most boring obsession with the rule of law has actually attained for this country.

    Equate it to…the operation was a success…the patient died.

    Now righteously you raise concerns about a mass murderer leading the race for president….what have you got this country into??…the only alternative is incompetent or deemed a thief or sickly.

    Be very aware Mr. Tatad that once the criminals run out, his focus will turn to any who have ever said a bad word about him. The profile of the killer is not confined to his chosen preference… killing is his preference and setting the sights lower satisfies that urge.

    And Sir…urge i do…you and other journalists speaking against this man have until May to save this nation and ultimately yourself.

  12. My hats off to you Mr. Tatad…. one thing more though you`re not able to dislodge
    Mr. Aquino but I think you`ve wounded him and Mr. Roxas no. 1 Noype sipsip. and the rests of the liberal party. Kudos to Amb.Tiglao

  13. Ginoong Tatad, Nakalimutan mo na yata na bahagi ka ng rehimeng Marcos. Sa loob ng 11 taon, 1969-1980, nanungkulan ka kay Marcos na sa pamamagitan ng presidential decree o simpleng utos sa AFP and PC, libo-libo ang ikinulong, pinahirapan at ang iba ay pinatay. Ipagpalagay natin na si Duterte ay nagkasala sa tinatawag nating “sin of commission), ikaw naman ay nagkasala ng “sin of omission”. Bilang Minister of Public Information, di ba, pinagtakpan niyo ang kasalanang nagawa ni Marcos sa mga Pilipino na lumaban sa diktatura. Kung ihambing mo ang “na-salvage” sa panahon ng Martial Law sa panunungkulan ni Duterte sa Davao, mas marami pa rin ang pinatay si Marcos sa pamamagitan ng mga masunuring opisyal sa kanilang commander-in-chief na karamihan ay graduate ng PMA. Kung hustisya ang pag-uusapan, dapat ikaw kasama ng mga opisyales na kumitil ng buhay ng mga aktibista at mga opposisyon ay dapat nakakulong ngayon. Kung baga, bahagi ka ng sistema ng diktadurya. Ipinaalala ko lang sa inyo Ginoong Tatad na hindi ibig sabihin wala kang bahid ng dumi. Kung maalala mo sa buhay ng Panginoong Hesus, yong pinakamatinding at pinakamasakit na salita ay ni reserba niya sa mga relihiyosong mga lider ng Israel. Tuwing basahin ko ang column mo, puro matitinding banat at kamandag ang nababasa na tila baga nakakalimutan mo naging bahagi ka at sumupurta sa nakaraan rehimen na nagtanggal ng legislative and judiciary (mas matindi pa yon kaysa pagtanggal kay Corona!) upang maghari si Marcos at ang kanyang mga oligarch. Dahil sa talamak na corruption at maling growth strategy bumagsak ang economiya natin na hanggang sa ngayon randam ng ordinaryong Pilipino ang kahirapan. (kahit anong pagmamayabang ni Pnoy na he performed beyond the expectation of his supporters.) One of 7 deadly sins is pride. “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18) You are guilty of spiritual pride Mr Tatad. Puedi ka namang magsulat na mag stick ka lang sa isyu, di mo kinakailangang masyadong insultuhin ang pagkatao nina Mrs Llamazarer or Mr Duterte. Sa palagay mo ba, mas mabuti kang tao dahil di ka palamura katulad ni Digong. Kung basahin ko ang column mo, madaming mga salita na “insulto personal” na at minsan para mo nang pinagbabaril ang dignidad ng kapwa tao mo. (Agree ako sa mga isyu na tinatalakay mo, pero brutal kang magsulat. Mas magaling kang magsulat sa wikang English at very articulate ka pero ang espiritu ng pagsusulat mo ay kapareho mo ang mga Tulfo brothers!

    • Mr. Tatad is an “opinion” columnist and is free to use whatever style of writing he deems to be appropriate. If you think that his writing is “brutal”, then perhaps you should just stop reading his column? I, for one, read his column because I find his opinions on certain specific issues to be provocative whether I agree with him or not. Further, his occasional “insider info” from unnamed sources can be interesting whether true or not. It may just be “tsismis” or his way of advancing his opinion, but that is a risk that his readers knowingly take. It is up to them to believe or disbelieve.

      As for his past association with the Marcos regime, that is a “red herring”. It does not make his present action (such as his petition against Mrs. G. Poe Llamanzares) to be illegitimate and not worth pursuing. Neither does it make his column “unreadable”. We should be thankful that he is one of the four who filed a petition questioning her eligibility to run as a presidential candidate. And since you seem to be fully aware of the state of politics in the Philippines, surely, you realize that many persons formerly associated with the late president F. Marcos (for example, Senator J. P. Enrile) still presently occupy high political positions. In fact, even his direct descendants are again at the top of the political firmament, such that his son Bongbong Marcos even aspires to be a VP. Do you suppose this state of affairs has something to do with the “forgiving nature of the Filipinos” as noted by the late PM of Singapore Lee Kwan Yew?

  14. Many Filipinos aim for you to become the president of the Philippines.. Now, this is happening. I’m happy be because we have answers and solution to all the problema here in Philippines. Kahit papaano may Matino kaming magiging presidente. #dutertecayetano2016.

  15. The cases of Fernando Poe & Grace Poe Llamanzares are entirely 2 different arguments. Grace can’t insist that she is a natural born Filipino because until now the identity of her parents are not known.Her father should be a Fiipino as provided by the 1935 Constitution. She was not registered as a floundling. Her adoption was defective because it was granted by the municipal court & not by the regional trial court. This alone requires action after birth. Based on the argument of Atty. Alamparo, she has a pattern of LYING on public documents as indicated in the properties she acquired prior to her reacquisition of dual citizenship. In fact her reacquisition was based on a fraudulent birth certificate submitted that she is the biological daughter of FPJ & Susan Sonora. She also is short of the 10 yrs residency requirement. She still used her American passport in travelling & her intention to stay is in question. Her motive may seem to be based on convenience & “baka makalusot sa batas” She cant presume that people will vote for her because of her popularity. The question on her citizenship & residency is not yet known in 2013. Things are clearer now. I DONT EVEN KNOW SHE WAS AN AMERICAN.
    As to Rodrigo Duterte, he as to be more circumspect of his pronouncement & action. It does not speak well of a candidate running for the highest position of the country. Once nasty statements are said it’s difficult to atone for one’s mistakes.

  16. Any of the three mirriam,mar and Digong will be good to be our president not for a traitor who renounced her Filipino citizenship and the greatest family of plunderer

  17. We should follow what is in the constitution…. Must be a natural born citizen.. A 10 year residency… Period………….

    • Right! We should follow the constitution when the aspirant is a rival. But if Grace Poe had only consented to LP’s request for her to run as Roxas’ partner, this issue should never have surfaced. Kudos to the likes of you,RC. Slimy hypocrite!!!

  18. I believe the Dino’s COC should be void.
    I do not think Comelec will recognize the substitution.

    Poe’s ” honest mistake” in her residency
    Is even better than Dino’s ” Mayor of Pasay, typo error”
    At least Poe wrote President of the Philippines.

  19. Mr. Tatad-Are the Filipino people just going to let go Mayor Duterte and Sen. Llamanzares. One falsified her residency requirements as a candidate and the other confessed to killings of human beings. Is their any lawyer who can really defend them even if he is the best among lawyers?

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      Digong is trying to frighten & warn by verbal threats those people who are wont to break the law, peace & order, security in person & property, etc of the peaceful loving citizenry. Kuwentuhan or even boasting, or verbal warnings are not a crime because there was no consummation or fulfillment or execution of an act of offense against any person. Hence, what Digong is saying, in my mind, is that the armed aggressive offenders would be faced with the full force of the law, jailing them or subdue them to protect innocent civilians if & when they fight back & aggressively resist arrest. Si Digong ay nakakapagmura dahil sa walang pakundangang kapalpakan, kamanhidan, kapabayaan, pananamantala sa tungkulin at pandarambong sa kabangbayan ng mga halal na lingkodbayan na ‘di alintana ang kapakanan, hirap at pasakit ng sambayanang kapus-palad. Tulad ni MARCOS, si Duterte ay nagmamalakit sa kapakanan ng Inang Bayang Pilipinas — MASAMA BA YUN?! Paano nga ba Tatad, gusto mo ba yung mga pakeme-keme na nasa loob ang kulo?! Yung mga Santo-Santito na kaliluhan ang naghahari?! NOON eh pastel colors, NGAYON eh technicolor na. Temper like Time changes — so with the people, Mr Tatad … Getz mo, sir?!

  20. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The substitution is not valid because there is nothing to substitute since Dino withdrew his CoC,, Du30 has no other to blame but himself for his hele hele bago quiere stance. God bless the Philippines.

    • Hilarion Teorito on

      stupid! don’t comment if you know nothing! a substitution is allowed if the candidate being substituted withdrew and disqualified from the race.

  21. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Sen. Tatad’s column is right about “mahar mang-ahas” and his outfit SWS (Sa Walang Saysay) na panghuhula at pagmamaniobra ng survey. The Filipino people have already awaken from their deep sleep more so in hearing the repeatedly cry of “TUWAD na DAAN” of the administration. God bless the Philippines.

  22. Commissioner Robert S.Lim’s 81 page dissenting opinion is indeed ambigous but he summarized it with a single statement to be understood by common laymen to qoute” Mr. Tatad’s petition should be dismissed outright”The division chief himself in all its legal ambiguity give credence to the belief that Poe’s fate should be decided by the sovereign will of the electorate on 2016, Now he is aiming his guns on Duterte to reduce further the choice of a leader to guide this country.As Mr. Saguisag and former chief justice Panganiban said , let the people decide!

    • “Let the people decide” is simply wrong. There must be an independent body to verify or validate if a person who files a CoC is qualified or not. Otherwise, there will be a long list of candidates which will not fit in the ballot and voting will take longer just looking for names which could disenfranchise some voters who still have not voted when the polls close.
      And what if an American or non-Filipino runs for President? Let the people decide?

    • Edgar R. Soriano on

      Please review your position: “Let the people decide.” If we will follow that line of thinking, we will be a country of not following rules, law and constitution. The result will be a chaotic country, that easily maneuvered by 1-centavo-worth-opinion because we, ourselves, do not want to follow our own laws.
      That’s the reason why our politics is garbage run and taken advantage of politicians who was raised by political dynasties who only are after with position, power and pork!
      Look at the bigger picture!

    • In the past, the people has decided and that sovereign will, that Mang Rene and Mang Temiong is planting in our minds, had made majority of the Filipinos suffer almost six years of being ruled by an incompetent, stupid, unqualified president supported by his cabal of apprentice KKK. Need I say more? Regrets for messrs. Saguisag and Panganiban for revealing to us that their legal minds are limited to political patronage and partisanship. SHAME ON YOU ILLEGAL MINDED GUYS!!!

  23. Carlos de Castro on

    I share your opinion regarding Duterte. Here in Las VEgas,hewill be arrestedby the FBI by telling people he shot to death bad people

    • Let me remind you that we are not in Vegas we are here in the Philippines where rotten criminals are well protected by the police and CHR!did you get the comparison?


    The choice is clear. DUTERTE or MORE OF THE SAME of government corruption, drug lords poisoning our children and young people, rapes, political-business motivated assasinations, kidnapping, carnaping, etc.! If the Davao law-abiding populace are not afraid of losing their human rights but instead welcome Duterte as mayor for 22 years, then no human rights was abused but only those of the criminals’ caught in the act of their criminal activities! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn our society from LAWLESSNESS to a LAW-ABIDING ONE!

  25. Vicente A. Lagura on

    That is your opinion but majority of Filipinos think otherwise, they loved Duterte. If you are a true Christian you know that we are all sinners and come short of righteousness, and you should not judge.e

  26. susuportahan kita mayor kahit ano mang yari. Ikaw ang sagot ng PILIPINAS. #DuterteCayetano FTW!

  27. Domingo Perdon on

    The amended Philippines Constitution of 1987 is a good thing as it reinitialised the political processes brought by Martial Law and People’s Power rebellion. It is like reinitialising the disk memory of corrupted computer for it to function again.
    But subsequent preference for extra-judicial processes such as the toppling of Pres. Estrada had spawned a mindset for “people power” solution to many aspects of political issues. No longer the court is respected as the arbiter of conflicts, The “cry of the people” including privately initiated surveys that influence the day matter to many.. It would be frightening to see that misrepresentations and boasts of human rights violations would be the preferred choice of the public. Rather than the impartial role of the courts and the law including the Constitution. Even in our age of communication and technological progress, the rule of law not survey popularity should prevail.

  28. Radical change needs to be done. Revolution is the answer. Long live the REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE of the Filipino people!
    Is this what you are advocating Mr Francisco Tatad? If this is, the people are with you.

  29. Indeed the rulings of the 1st and 2nd Divisions in Comelec are legal and unassailable. However, Mr. Tatad, you and the public do not need to thank the Comelec for doing their jobs as it is incumbent of the Comelec Commissioners to follow the laws of the land.

  30. Once the Supreme Court (SC) decides that Mrs. G. Poe Llamanzares is not a natural-born Filipino, then it will all be over for her, and her subsequent appeals in respect of the four Comelec petitions against her will be moot and academic. It is a good thing that the quo warranto petition of Mr. Rizalito David is now before the SC as time is running out, and the sooner the case is decided, the better it is for the country’s 2016 elections.

    The dissenting opinion of Chairman Lim of the first division of COMELEC is based mostly on “form”, rather than substance. But at least he confirmed in no uncertain terms that Mrs. Llamazares is not a natural-born Filipino which should be sufficient to disqualify her from public office once and for all.

    As for Mayor Duterte, I suspect that COMELEC will allow him to run based on a liberal interpretation of their rules and procedures. After all, only an error in a prescribed form is involved. Dino wrote that he is a candidate for mayor of Pasay City, rather than a candidate for the presidency of the Philippines. I don’t think this is material enough to disqualify Mayor Duterte as a substitute candidate as his qualifications (citizenship, residency, etc.) are not at issue.

    • Raul F. Borjal on

      Commissioner Robert Lim himself admitted that Grace Poe is not a natural-born citizen and can never be one. Even if Poe were allowed to run and won, her election would be questioned before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal as being unconstitutional since she is not a natural-born citizen and is not qualified to be elected as president. The people’s vote in an election cannot override the Constitution.

    • are you a naive supporter of Duterte? Do you know what both the comelec chairman AND the top election lawyer said?

      Ia lso think you dont realise who are the people filling the seats in the first division of Comelec. They are biased toward Roxas. Dont think all is merry and bright in there, especially for Duterte.

      first the lawyer: Election lawyer Romulo Macalintal said it is no longer possible for Duterte to run for president even through substitution by PDP-Laban.

      He said if the PDP-Laban nominates Duterte as substitute for Diño, who has withdrawn his COC, the Comelec would have to deny the substitution even if the Davao City mayor accepts it.

      “That is because the person who withdrew his COC was a candidate for mayor of Pasay City and not for president. Therefore, Mayor Duterte has no presidential candidate to substitute for,”

      Now the chairman:
      Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista said it might not be possible for the PDP-Laban to nominate Duterte as substitute for Diño.

      “First, we will have to look at Mr. Diño’s COC. I have not seen it, but if indeed he indicated that he was a candidate for mayor of Pasay City, then his political party could nominate a substitute for that position. They cannot nominate for another post,” he said.
      Where in here do you see signs of these top comelec people pushing for Duterte?
      I do see, yes! them pushing him out the door! They are FIRM on discarding this COC. as a general rule, a spoiled COC is useless to run for president. The only way he could run is if the deadline were not even passed yet. He would go back, remake the form, present the properly filled form to the top man and satisfy him with the clean COC. But o no! it is already withdrawn and 2 MONTHS past the deadline! sorry dude! s**k my COC! Dino, dutete!

    • Reply to Carlos:

      – I think you have a problem understanding English. Study pa more, ha?

      You obviously did not understand my comment regarding Mayor Duterte. My comment is based on my reading of Supreme Court cases wherein the role of COMELEC is discussed. I have no doubt that based on these cases Mayor Duterte will be allowed to run. I also assume that regardless of your suspicions about the COMELEC members, prudence and integrity will prevail and they will do their job properly. This has been known to happen, you know. Did you not read that a petition to declare Dino as a nuisance candidate has already been dismissed by COMELEC? This means that the petition to disqualify the mayor will, in all likelihood, also be dismissed. Since the mayor seems to be an idol of yours, I suspect you will rejoice!

      By the way, a piece of advice: don’t spout fowl and obscene language in this Comment Section. Stop mimicking or behaving like the mayor. Are you from Davao?

  31. There are rumors now circulating in the city hall of Makati courtesy of Bondal and Ernesto Mercado that by January, 2016 Ombudsman Conchita Morales will charge VP Binay and his son of plunder. This is landmark case since it will be the first time that an impeachable elective official like will be charge in the Sandigan Courts. Since it is customary for the Sandigan court to accept any charges filed by the Ombudsman like the others before a warrant of arrest to VP Binay will be most likely be issued. It took almost 2 years to get a bail from his case before so VP Binay will be in jail during Election Day. There is also a question of immunity from any suit by the Vice President but it could take time before this can be tackle by the SC. I bet Ombudsman Conchita Morales is now taking it very personal against the Binays because of her contempt charge against her. I think this rumor is bound to happen next month.

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      Binay is now having a taste of the fruit of his labor @EDSA 1986… NOW Binay knows what kind of gov’ts came out of EDSA 1986 demor-crazy!!!

  32. Total change of electorate is 100 percent impossible. Filipinos have a big problem in perception and level of intelligence. That is the main reason there is widespread poverty and prostitution in this country. Also the final decision is not the Comelec but the Supreme Court. There is a very very big possibility that the Supreme Court will not disqualify Senator Poe. Fernando Poe has similar problem but the Supreme Court let him run but he lost the election. Duterte will not be disqualified but I do not think he will win. The battle will be Mar Roxas and Senator Grace Poe.

    • No, the cases of FPJ and Grace Poe Llamanzares are not the same. No matter how Mrs. Llamanzares spins the facts, unlike her, FPJ was not a foundling. She has been declared not a natural-born Filipino by both the first and second divisions of COMELEC because she is foundling. For this fact or finding alone, she will eventually be thrown out of her senate seat, and be disqualified as a presidential candidate by the Supreme Court.

  33. People who are from Mindanao seem to be of a very different breed and orientation altogether especially if compared with those who came from Luzon? Some anecdotal accounts I’ve personally heard and also well publicized cases which are now languishing in court have shown that these people bury their opponents (including erring family members) alive. I really believe one has to view Mayor Duterte’s behaviour and mindset against this backdrop. He grew up and is living in a different world and mold. Now, are Filipinos especially those in imperial Luzon (the ilustrados) ready for an extremely out of the box president, one who’d shake everything off and deep in the ground?