Grace Poe may not even be qualified to sit as senator


Many disturbing questions have arisen concerning Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares. None of them were ever raised with such intensity before, but you will notice the ferocity with which they are being asked now.

This began after she started dropping hints that she might run for higher office, and after she signed the highly questionable Senate blue ribbon subcommittee report recommending plunder charges against Vice President Jejomar Binay and his son Makati mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. The report, according to the latest bulletin, has been signed by a total of ten senators.

Binay, who campaigned vigorously for Grace’s late adopted father Fernando Poe’s presidential bid in 2004, is a declared presidential aspirant for 2016. The filing of plunder charges against him could completely derail his plans. Poe knew this only too well. As an upright senator, she could have regretted the fact that a purported “inquiry in aid of legislation” had turned into an “inquisitorial action” against Binay, and begged off from signing the report. But she chose to be part of the public stoning of Binay.

Playing to the gallery
Ordinary Filipinos will tend to look at Poe’s act as decidedly “un-Filipino.” But she tried to play to the gallery by declaring that her loyalty belonged to the people rather than to her friends. That demagogic sound bite is as old as the hills. E. M. Forster’s well-remembered contrary quote says that “if I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend I hope I had the guts to betray my country.” PNoy has carried this practice to perfection, not out of guts but out of character or lack of character. By her statement, Grace has set herself apart from PNoy. But people are asking questions not because they are pro-Binay, but because they have suddenly become nervous about, if not afraid of, the previously harmless-looking little girl.

It would be good if Ms. Poe could devote an hour or so of her official time to address this fear. Under the Rules of the Senate, she could rise on a Question of Privilege and talk about it anytime. Or she could arrange a news conference on national television for the same purpose. ABS-CBN, which seems to be positioning itself to support her bid for high office with a show featuring nostalgic stuff about her legendary adopted father should be happy to facilitate it. But even before any or all of that happens, we should be able to peek deeper into these issues.

For obvious reasons, I approach this with extreme caution. I do not want to be drawn into any controversy about promoting Grace Poe’s higher ambitions or trying to spoil them. But we all have a duty to be forthright and fair. I do not know Grace Poe at all. And I do not know enough people who know enough of her either. But I ran with FPJ in 2004, and the mere mention of her name evokes in me some sense of affinity with her. We suffered the same heartbreak in that famous debacle. I never doubted that FPJ, as our presidential candidate, won the vote but lost the count, just as I never doubted that I won the vote, but lost the count in the senatorial.

Let me step back a little. In 2002, I wrote “A Nation on Fire,” a 658-page book on how GMA ejected Erap Estrada out of Malacañang. This was read at home and abroad. Now, at the hustings, where the mood was rabidly oppositionist, I asked the voters not to reward the sitting president with another six years, after occupying the office against our will for the last four years.

This was widely cheered by the crowds, who danced in front of my float, just as they did in front of FPJ’s. But every time I spoke, the live radio-TV coverage simply died. So my line, which was about the only line against the incumbent from any candidate, was never heard outside our political rallies. I thought something unholy was going on, so I asked FPJ, who never lost his radio-tv coverage, if he could use that line in his standard speech. FPJ’s laconic reply was, “hindi pa naman puno ang salup, pare.” (The ‘ganta’ is not yet full, my friend.)

But when FPJ died a few months after the election, his brave widow casually rebuked the victor. “You stole the presidency not once, but twice!” she said, and a great applause was heard across the nation. With that, I believe I have shown my good intentions, and I can now pose my questions for Sen. Grace Poe.

Madam Senator, was there really a legitimate and valid election in 2013? Did you honestly win as No. 1 senator in that election?

The next question has to be asked, and there is no other way of asking it. Where and when were you born born? It is well-known that you were adopted by FPJ and his wife Susan Roces, but where and when and under what circumstances did this adoption take place?

The Constitution requires that a candidate for President, Vice President and Congress should be a natural-born Filipino. Were you natural-born? It is admitted that sometime in your life you became a citizen of the United States. When did this happen, and what effect did it have on your natural-born status? When did you renounce your US citizenship and become a Filipino citizen all over again?

To help her answer these questions, let us discuss the issues, one by one.

The 2013 senatorial elections. As in the 2010 presidential elections, the 2013 election was conducted by the Venezuelan marketing firm Smartmatic for the Commission on Elections, which has the sole constitutional authority to conduct elections. It used the precinct count optical scan machines, after they had been divested of all security and safety features and accuracy mechanisms, in violation of law. Smartmatic’s control of the elections rendered the process constitutionally infirm, while the destruction of all the safety features and accuracy mechanisms of the PCOS machine rendered the results unacceptable.

The magic of the PCOS machine enabled PNoy to dictate the results of the elections. These followed a 60-30-10 pattern, which Ateneo Math Professor Alex Muga and kindred analysts denounced as statistically improbable. Here, 60 percent of the votes went to PNoy’s lackluster and anemic senatorial candidates; 30 percent went to the candidates of UNA; and 10 percent to the “independents.” The pattern held without any deviation all over the country, down to precinct level.

Out of nowhere Grace Poe took No. 1 position, even in places where she was hardly known and nobody talked about her. The first time she ran for the same position, she came out among the tailenders. Now, without any logical explanation, she was leading the pack under the aegis of 60-30-10.

But there was something fishy about her votes. On May 18, 2013, according to the Comelec Website, out of 129 certificates of canvass (COCs), she got 20,147,423 votes. On June 7, this rose to 20,337,327 votes. But on July 11-13, this fell to 16,340,333 votes–a drop of nearly 4 million votes. It finally went back to 20,337,327 votes.

As for the total number of votes counted, the Comelec Website reported 39.8 million votes as of May 18, 2013. On May 29, the figure fell to 31.5 million. Finally on Oct. 30, the website reported 40.1 million, leaving a total of 8 million to 9 million uncounted votes. What exactly is the honest truth?

Personal circumstances. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Grace was born in Iloilo City on Sept. 3, 1968 of unknown parents but was abandoned upon birth by her biological mother at the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral where she was found by a woman named Chayong, who passed her on to another woman named Tessie Valencia of Bacolod, a close friend of the FPJ-Susan Roces couple.

The couple adopted her with the encouragement of then Archbishop (later Cardinal) Jaime Sin, when Valencia decided to migrate to the US. She received a good education that included college studies at the University of the Philippines and Boston College.

She became an American citizen during her stay in the US. It is not quite clear when this happened, but this could have happened only before the passage of RA 922 in 2003, which provides that “natural born citizens of he Philippines who, after the effectively of this Act, become citizens of a foreign country, shall retain their Philippine citizenship upon taking the (appropriate) oath.”

This means that when she became an American citizen, she did not automatically retain her Filipino citizenship. In applying for US citizenship, she took the oath of allegiance to the US government, which says:

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all its enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombat service in the Armed Forces of the United States; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

Having lost her Philippine citizenship and become a naturalized American citizen, she had to apply to to be naturalized as a Filipino citizen in order to become a Filipino citizen again. So from being an American citizen, she is now a naturalized Filipino citizen. Unquestionably, she is a Filipino citizen, but certainly no longer a natural-born Filipino citizen.

And since, by this legal demonstration, she is not a natural-born citizen, the question does not arise whether or not she is qualified to run for President or Vice President in 2016. What is material and relevant to the nation at this point is that she is not qualified to sit even as senator.


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  1. Bakit nga ba iniiba ang issue ng pagiging unqualified niya under the Constitution sa mala-telenobelang drama ng pagiging ampon niya?

    Yang mga redirection tactics at distraction na yan ay tatak traPOE at hindi dapat tularan.

  2. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am inspired!
    Very helpful info particularly the final part :)
    I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this certain information for a long time.
    Thanks and good luck.

  3. Yun pala alam na ni VP di qualified tong si POE bakit gustong kunin niyang running mate hehehehe kung pumayag pala tikom slla, Kung ako sa opposition tikom bibig nalang sila let her run tingnan natin total nangunguna naman si VP sa survey daw hahahaha. Tapos nag mamalaki naman etong mga political analyst na sa pag aakala mga bobo kaming mga common TAO

    • Ang tanong? baket sa iloilo pa kumuha ng aapunin si DA KING eh madami naman dito sa metro manila. Di na puwedeng I repaly ang pagkatalo ni FPJ para sa presidential race ni Poe dahil nagamit na, kelangang mag isip ng makaka pang awa sa masa para manalo. Baket lahat yata ay dumidistasya ke P-noy sa endorsement,may sakit ba siya na nakakahawa

  4. Alejo Rosete on

    Ang tawagan nila kay Bongbong as Sis?
    Hindi kaya alam ni BS Aquino ito?
    He wanted to grace Senator Poe to be the next President.

    President Marcos was a suspect in the killing of his father?
    If this is true – ilibing mona si Marcos with a proper burial
    at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    (as reported in the press) to give him peace.

    • Pag nilibing sa libingan ng mga bayani si Mcoy, puwes ililipat din si ninoy doon kesehoda na traitor pa siya sa issue sa Sabah.

  5. Dapat lang na kastiguhin ni Binay si Tagay Tiangco Quote”The duplicity of UNA is indeed a clear manifestation of their hypocrisy. Cong. Toby Tiangco is devil personified in now revealing what he says as his personal knowledge about Sen. Grace Poe’s supposed ineligibility to be a candidate either for president and vice president in 2016 due to lack of residency issues in the Phil. without VP J. Binya’s blessing? Was it not only yesterday that they are trying to move heaven and earth to cajole amazing Grace to be the vice presidential tandem of V.P. Binay. Huwag na po nyo lokohin ang mga Pilipino. Nang tahasang sabihin ni amazing Grace na tinanggihan niya ang alok ni Binay para maging kandidato sa pag ka bise presidente sa UNA at sumunod yung pag pirma ni amazing Grace sa draft report tungkol sa plunder case ni Binay ayon sa inilabas na report ng senate BRSC, ngayon lumabas ang issue ng Filipino citizenship ni Sen. Grace Poe at sinasabing kulang sa sampung taong residency ni amazing Grace para mag qualify bilang legal na kandidato par pangulo o pangalawang pangulo sa 2016? Kung ano man ang kahihinatnan ng isyung ito si Sen. Grace Poe ang makapag paliwanag nito ngunit ang klaro sa adhikain ng UNA kung hindi ka nila makuha sa santong dasalan, kukunin ka sa santong paspasan, ngunit nagkamali sila ng binangga dahil alam ni si Sen. Grace Poe kung saan siya lulugar.”Unquote.

  6. Helen Ramos on

    I would not trust Ms. Poe with my vote. She is a neophyte politician, definitely riding high on Benigno’s stupid offer, playing us all with a veneer of feigned innocence and portraying herself as a breath of fresh air. She is just another soon to be dirty politician, who will set out to do the same thing Benigno has done through his term, avenge the loss suffered by FPJ in the polls. And she will not inspire me one bit that she is the answer to a golden age for the Philippines. She will make even a ripple in the future of this nation, rather simply squeak her way through what by now is the most stupid government ever in the country and she will simply perpetuate the same stupidity 6 years on if she wins. Get ready for the next nightmare. Wake me up please.

  7. one month ago, nag comment at nag advise na ako kay Grace Poe sa isang pahayagan na mag ingat siya sa kanyang pananalita lalo na sa mga veteran politician, for sure marami pang sasagutin si Mrs. Llamanzares na katanungan sa kanyang pagkatao..madam senator sana wag ka muna magpa udyok na tumakbo sa mataas na position, bago ka pa lang naman sa politika at para sakin hindi pwede babaing presidente sa Pilipinas. Sorry!!

    Noy! hanga ako sa colum mo.

  8. Why use MAY? The better word should be IS. I hope the IBP or any of those lawyer leagues or the group against violence or corruption will file the petition in the Supreme Court to strip her of her seat in the Senate. Chismis Queen Alan has also an American mother. Was there a legal declaration to the effect that he elected Philippine citizenship?

  9. Anybody looking at this matter in RP Gov’t. Hey..senators is this not basic 101..know your colleague? Hey..COMELEC has your screening missed this point? Mind you IS is everywhere now a days..they might file for RP Pres candidacy and unknowingly accepted by you ( COMELEC) for you are sleeping at your job what a pity my friend. So Ms. Poe is she a natural born or not? Decide now and let her suffer the consequences if not.

  10. She is qualified.period. Spin huh. . . Fools we r not. But still not voting her..yet.

  11. jason bourne on

    If the US of A can place as Prime Minister of Ukraine the well-known Nazis, then they can do the same to this girl.
    If they can put a housewife as President of the Philippines and his then unknown son likewise, there is no limit to their power.

    • Unless Gerry Limlingan and Ebeng Borlaloy will explain their joint multi million bank accounts with NogNog and Kuhol Binay, the chances of UNA in the 2016 elections is ZERO…….NONE…..WALA.

  12. Good point Mr. Tatad, I once cheered Sen. Grace Poe for her courageous act during the Mamasapano and MRT report, but as the days goes by, I’ve been seeing her of becoming another Trapo in the making. She barked too much but don’t bite. ‘Honesty’ in politics is just an urban legend or perhaps a myth. There’s no honest person in the world only in ‘dictionary’. What we need is a sincerity, trustworthy, and always have courageous attitude in doing what are rights for the sake of the mass people. We don’t need mataray and inexperience leader like BS PNoy which she idolize too much. We’ve witnessed this scenario before during FCJ Corona where illogical and illegal were treated as legal in exchange of political advantage or gain.

  13. Tama si Sir re the citizenship issue of Poe.
    The ball is now in her court, so to speak.
    Can she be forthright about this?

    This will be a test of her character.
    She may just lose her political career in order to gain the integrity needed for such a political career!

    Life is full of irony!

  14. Pinanganak sa pinas nag aral lang sa america may pera sila binigyan siya nang magandang edukasyon pero natural born citizen siya nang pinas.wala ba siyang birth certificate na pinoy? Highly qualified siya sa puesto.

    • Highly qualified ba kamo, hijo? Ang trabaho ng senador ay gumawa ng batas. Naturalmente, pag gagawa ka ng batas ay meron ka din dapat kaalaman sa batas. Tulang ng inhinyero, gagawa ka ng bahay, tulay o kalsada dahil may kaalaman ka sa mga prinsipyo ng inhinyerya. Ano naman ang pinag aralan ng batang yan para masabi mo na “highly qualified” sya gumawa ng batas? Wag mo lang bulagin ang sarili mo at magpaka totoo ka, sister.

  15. Anti-Binay forces follow-up political attack position on all their allegations of corruption against VP Binay and his family is for VP Binay, his family and allies is for them to personally expose themselves to further political ridicule by “facing the Liberal Party attack dogs on a “face to face” ala SAF44 massacre scenario to clean their names.

    We were taught that the burden of proof lies with the people who accuses somebody or someone of any criminal wrongdoings. Is the senate or Ombudsman now a court of law and the proper venue in establishing the truth of the matters?

    Is it not true that any person is still innocent until proven by the proper court of law where due process is strictly observed and the constitutional rights of the accused are fully protected by law?

    • It looks like binay will have his day in court, but it seems you think he is innocent. We all agree innocent till proven guilty, but the senate was investigating things & all this came out. There is more & more & more coming out. We will soon see who is right.

  16. Mar-Poe or, as alternative, Mar-Noynoy tandem for 2016.

    Basta Mar pa rin, dahil malapit nang makalaboso
    sila Binay, Duterte at iba pang wanabees,
    dahil sa mga krimeng ginawa nila.

    Take that.

    Deal with that!

  17. We can solve the problem easily if Grace will agree. Submit to a DNA if she is the daughter of Sonora and the best President we ever had after Quezon. I am sure it will clear all doubts, even for the Marcoses. She might even join her siblings in the 2016 elections. Can you imagine all the red faces?

    • Naku ha, kapatid, bagong tsismis yan ah. Higit siguro may alam dyan si Kit, hehehhehe. Andun pa yata sya sa Malakanyang nuong mga panahon na yun. Sigurado ako na hing magpa DNA yan dahil lalabas ang totoo.

    • It is a bad idea – They already started that she came from nowhere in ILOILO the ,you will change it,alin ang totoo,Doon pa lang talo na si POE

  18. Because of her ambition, Grace Poe’s personal life is now being dug and scraped. CGMA is enduring up to now the stigma attached to her by the “gracious” senator persistently labeling the former leader as someone who cheated her father but, as a potential candidate for the highest position, is Poe absolutely not an honest government official for keeping a dark secret, which is a prime requisite for her candidacy, inside the closet? Now, even a whimper about the hidden truth can be heard.

  19. Because of her ambition, Grace Poe’s personal life is now being dig and scraped. CGMA is enduring up to now the stigma attached to her by the “gracious” senator persistently labeling the former leader as someone who cheated her father but, as a potential candidate for the highest position, is Poe absolutely not an honest government official for keeping a dark secret, which is a prime requisite for her candidacy, inside the closet? Now, even a whimper about the hidden truth can be heard.

  20. From what I am seeing and hearing from Grace Poe, I can say that she is fast turning to be a “Trapo”. This is bad because when she becomes President, she will not be different from those who have been there before her.

  21. James Mcpherson on

    How many more articles pointing fingers will be written before the citizens of the Philippines rise up and say ENOUGH! Your system is systemically cancerous and these trivial arguments do nothing to solve the problem. The American congress is heading down the same path. Citizen apathy is what you need to fix and forget about who or who is not President. It does not matter.

    • My main concerned is if any ot those trapo became the next president, Pnoy will get away with his cases because any of them were attached to Pnoy, except Gordon or ERAP.

  22. Amnata Pundit on

    Its a certainty that the Supreme Court knows about the statistically impossible 60-30-10, so why are they not acting like the house is on fire? Their bottom line is that the yellow regime must be perpetuated at all costs, thats why. This is not the first time the SC since 1986 has tolerated this kind of abomination, as I’m sure you very well know.

  23. Zed Ditucalan on

    Dear funny Senator Tatad, basa basa din pag may time. Ayaw mi ilara, makaGoogle baya me sa mga balaod ug kaso na nadisisyunan sa Supreme Court. You should know the law better than any lawyer or ordinary learner because you are a former legislator.

    To refute your claim that Sen. Poe lost her being a natural-born Filipino citizen by virtue of her naturalization as American citizen, the following provision of R.A. 9225 provides otherwise:

    Section 3. Retention of Philippine Citizenship – Any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding, natural-born citizenship by reason of their naturalization as citizens of a foreign country are hereby deemed to have re-acquired Philippine citizenship upon taking the following oath of allegiance to the Republic:

    “I _____________________, solemny swear (or affrim) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines and obey the laws and legal orders promulgated by the duly constituted authorities of the Philippines; and I hereby declare that I recognize and accept the supreme authority of the Philippines and will maintain true faith and allegiance thereto; and that I imposed this obligation upon myself voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.”

    Natural born citizens of the Philippines who, after the effectivity of this Act, become citizens of a foreign country shall retain their Philippine citizenship upon taking the aforesaid oath.

    On the issue of the effect of reacquisition of citizenship, the Supreme Court in Bengzon vs HRET has already settled that a naturalized Filipino who lost his citizenship will be restored to his prior status as a naturalized Filipino citizen. On the other hand, if he was originally a natural-born citizen before he lost his Philippine citizenship, he will be restored to his former status as a natural-born Filipino.

    The Supreme Court ruled:

    “Filipino citizens who have lost their citizenship may however reacquire the same in the manner provided by law. Commonwealth Act. No. 63 (C.A. No. 63), enumerates the three modes by which Philippine citizenship may be reacquired by a former citizen: (1) by naturalization, (2) by repatriation, and (3) by direct act of Congress.

    Naturalization is a mode for both acquisition and reacquisition of Philippine citizenship. As a mode of initially acquiring Philippine citizenship, naturalization is governed by Commonwealth Act No. 473, as amended. On the other hand, naturalization as a mode for reacquiring Philippine citizenship is governed by

    Commonwealth Act No. 63. Under this law, a former Filipino citizen who wishes to reacquire Philippine citizenship must possess certain qualifications and none of the disqualifications mentioned in Section 4 of C.A. 473.

    Repatriation, on the other hand, may be had under various statutes by those who lost their citizenship due to: (1) desertion of the armed forces; (2) service in the armed forces of the allied forces in World War II; (3) service in the Armed Forces of the United States at any other time; (4) marriage of a Filipino woman to an alien; and (5) political and economic necessity.

    As distinguished from the lengthy process of naturalization, repatriation simply consists of the taking of an oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines and registering said oath in the Local Civil Registry of the place where the person concerned resides or last resided.

    In Angat v. Republic, we held:

    xxx. Parenthetically, under these statutes [referring to RA Nos. 965 and 2630], the person desiring to reacquire Philippine citizenship would not even be required to file a petition in court, and all that he had to do was to take an oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines and to register that fact with the civil registry in the place of his residence or where he had last resided in the Philippines. [Italics in the original.]

    Moreover, repatriation results in the recovery of the original nationality. This means that a naturalized Filipino who lost his citizenship will be restored to his prior status as a naturalized Filipino citizen. On the other hand, if he was originally a natural-born citizen before he lost his Philippine citizenship, he will be restored to his former status as a natural-born Filipino.”

    • How can Grace Poe say she do not know who her parents are when most Filipinos knew who she really is? Doesn’t she remember what her mom Susan Roces said “ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw”.

    • Jose A. Oliveros on

      But the basic question is how, in the first place, did she become a natural-born citizen of the Philippines when she was a foundling and, therefore, the identities and citizenship of whoever his parents are or were are unknown. One acquires his or her citizenship from his or her parents under the principle of just sanguinis. The case of Bengson v. HRET is not in pointbecause Torres was a natural-born Filipino citizen from birth because his parents were Filipino citizens. Her adoption by the FPJ spouses did not vest Philippine citizenship on her because adoption does not confer citizenship on the adoptee. Your answer please, Zed Ditucalan.

  24. Manny De Guzman on

    Hindi lang makakita ng trabaho sa Amerika kaya umuwi ng Pinas. Anong alam nyan, ginagamit lang ang poo tulad ng aquiiino na yan yon pala walang alam.

    • Naniniwala akong sinuka ni POE ang state dahel hindi uubra doon ang pasikat (mga pinoy sa abroad ay pasikat parang commercial ng ABS CBN sa TFC na magagaling daw ang Pinoy)Di ko naman nilalahat amo.

  25. Vic PenetranteVic on

    If Grace Poe were a “Nathaniel” from heaven, would you consider her an alien?

  26. A natural-born Pilipino citizen is one born of both Filipino parents and born inside the country (Philippines). . Both parents need not be married to each other. If the child is born as an illegimate child ( due to legal impediment like either parent is married to another person) then the illegitimate child follows the citizenship of the mother. If the child’s mother is a Filipino citizen and the child was born in the U.S. (In Hawaii, for instance) then the child has a dual citizenship, Filipino and US. But the child cannot be considered a “natural born” cause the child was born outside the Philippines, in this case in Hawaii, USA.
    If this is the case of Grace Poe, who is alleged to be the “love-child” of Ferdinand Marcos and Rosemarie Sonora, and was born in Hawaii, then Grace Poe is both Filipino and American citizen, by virtue of the principles of “jus sanguine (by blood) and jus soli ( by place) BUT Grave Poe is not a “natural-born” Filipino citizen since she was born outside the Philippines (Hawaii). It being the citizenship status, Grace Poe is not “qualified” to be President, Vice President. Senator or Congresswoman, which requires one to be a “natural-born Filipino citizen’ at the time of child’s birth.
    The other version (of Susan Roces, the alleged adoptive mother), is that Grace Poe’s biological parents are unknown since Grace is a “foundling” ( abandoned child of unknown parents) and was found in Jaro Iloilo Church by a certain Chayong,who gave her to an Iloilo couple who themselves gave Grace to FJP and Susan Roces who adopted her. This version may allow Grace to follow the citizenship of her adoptive parents but does not make her a “natural-born Filipino” because she is not a biological child of Filipinos FPJ and Susan Roces
    In either version Grace Poe is not qualified being not a natural-born Filipino citizen!

    • mario san antonio on

      well said. per official account of her adoptive parents, Grace Poe is a FOUNDLING and therefore not a natural born Filipino citizen. she is CLEARLY DISQUALIFIED to run for president, vp or senator or congressman…and should be stripped of her seat as a senator. someone, specially opposition people should file the appropriate case and run this by the Supreme Court. she is just too messy and too dishonest to sit in malacanang. too ambitious! caveat: if she has the genes of Ferdinand Marcos (she has shown some signs), she probably has the brains to circumvent the law and we all should be wary.

    • Lets say you are correct in writing this, shouldnt it have been sorted when she was applying to run for this position. Why is it after serving the people all this time only now they have spotted this. Its like having checks & balances, who does it on prospective candidates.
      It seems everything in the philippines is a shambles. Im sure the world has a good laugh every time they read things like this. These things dont ever happen in my country.
      Not a single thing in this country seems to be done in the right way. Is there any hope at all for this country.

    • If U were born in american soil or territory u are automatically american
      born america . Iyong, sa pinas ay depende sa galing ng abogado mo dahil ang batas ay may loophole.Ginawa yan para pagkakuwartahan ng mga mambabatas at lawyers para laging my dispute. type din yan ng mga judge para pagkaperahan

  27. If Mr Tatad is very upright and analytical, he should have raised the question of Poe’s citizenship earlier. Now , he is a suspect of being a ” bayaran ng kampo ni Binay” Only God knows his motivation in Philippine politics

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      Let us not be afraid of the “TRUTH” because only the “TRUTH” will set us free. Let us hear from Grace if she is truly graced. God bless the Philippines.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      Let the “truth” come out. Let us not be afraid of the truth because it is the only thing that will set us free. Let us hear from Grace and may she be truly graced. God bless the Philippines.

  28. Johnny Ramos on

    Since it is known fact that Grace Poe is only adopted by FPJ and Susan Roces it does not qualify her to become a natural born citizen of this country unless she can identify her biological parents are really a bonafide Filipinos. If this no longer possible or some secrets maybe unfold she will under fondling child and adoption is not a ticket to be natural born. When Grace Poe became an American citizen means she took it using the American flag. Ito ba ang pagmamahal niya sa Pilipinas? Remember she decided to became an American citizen on her advance aged and not as a minor. Where was Grace Poe during the 2004 election? While it is true that she can not participate in the campaign being an American, she could provide moral support to FPJ. Her other legal problem will be legal residency which shall fall short of ten years as provided by the constitution.

    • Sa ordinaryong pilipino na kung nasaan ang biyaya ay doon tayo pupunta parang mga OFW’s sa ngayon, kung talagang gutom sa state ay di natin mapipigilan si POE kung saang lupalop niya gustong magtrabaho
      Kahit galing pa siya sa Iloilo o anak ni sonora,pinoy pa rin parang tinik sa lalamunan ng mga ma kakalaban sa puwesto.Baket ba tayong mga pinoy pag malapit na ang election, hidi na tayo natuto sa mga palabas na siraan o pataasan ng ihi. Pag natapos ang election, di na tayo kilalang mga nanalo dahil tapos na ang silbi natin sa kanila.ngayon ang piagiisipan ng pulitiko kung paano mababawi ang puhunan bago tayo tanungin sa problema kunwari

  29. Isang uri ng pagsasamantala ang pagaambisyon ni grace llamensares na agad mag presidente gamit lang ang pangalan poe? Pagsasamantala ito sa kahinaan ng nakakaraming bobotante na ang katwiran lang ay boboto kasi sikat at hindi dahil sa ka buoan ng pagkatao ng isang kandidato. Sino nga ba talaga si grace llamensares poe para maging presidente ng Pilipinas? At dahil kilala na nga ang buong pagkatao ni binay na isang kurap, hindi ko rin siya iboboto. True change will come from Duterte only.

    • Baba- You have point there, si pnoy noong congressman to senator ,kahit laging tulog naging presidente dahil nakumpleto ang attendance.

  30. chthonic monster on

    mr. tatad wouldn’t it be great for you to write in your next article re: the qualifications of nansi binay as an honourable senator?

    • That was a very good question. I noticed that when you start attacking someone because of a motive it sounded so personal. Like you want the attention that Ms. Grace is getting right now. Mr. Tatad you used to be one of former Marcos Crony. That big house of yours in La Vista. ( Yes I vividly remember the late 90’s )

    • chthonic monster- Itanong mo tuloy baket natalo si risa hontiveros na number one na mainggay laban ke dark lady Binay gamit pa ni hontiveros ang ABS CBN..Minalas o malas si Hontiveros

  31. Anybody out there clarify the real background of Grace.If Susan Roces is truthful and honest please tell all about Grace…

  32. done & dusted on

    You filipinos never fail to make me laugh. There is always something sisnister behind everything someone says or does. This with grace poe is very simple. Either she qualifies to run for president or she doesnt. Its so easy to see which one is correct. But look at everything everyone is saying. You lot are a laughing stock.
    Now i have no idea at all what the rules are as to who is allowed to sit as a senator but they must surely be easy to understand & surely when running for position as a senator & or after being elected someone somewhere checked to see not only is she was eligible to run & sit but every other candidate.
    Why is this country such a shambles in everything it does. I write on these things every single day. My god im so glad my country isnt run like this by a bunch of idiots,.
    Do any of you filipinos feel the same way otr are you happy seeing this circus day in day out. I would be ashamed not proud. They indoctrinate you in this country to be proud to be a pinoy, but look at everything & tell me its something to be proud of, there is so much stupidity & uselessness & dishonesty & many other words to describe the state of this country.One minute i think its improving then the next i see things like this & i think what is going on here.

    • Amnata Pundit on

      If this country today looks like the work of 1000 chimpanzees its because the chimps are now the ones in charge of the zoo. This started in EDSA 1986 when the chimps were allowed to run loose and take over the place..

    • Lord Chimera on

      Believe me when I say that I really wish for something the French did when did away the old order. Yeah, its bloody, but at least they get to remove some if not all the pest…

    • But she was born in USA USA USA…before sister susan roces adapted her niece from the mother with mcoy support..even denounced being born in the state she will not change anything in PINAS except the us will do what she want to be no more us citizen.She only a naturalized pinoy.
      According to Brilantes..naturalized is enough to be a president candidate.
      Not like in State that U must be born inside the territories..

  33. why question her citizenship only now? or why did the government allow her to run for office when, ab initio, she is not qualified? if she is honest as she believed she is, then she must resign even without being told.

    • 4THETRUTH —-Under watchful eyes of Pnoy , nothing impossible .He is the law

  34. Jose A. Oliveros on

    As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, Sen. Grace Poe’s citizenship will be questioned ones she files her certificate of candidacy for either president or vice president of the Philippines in the May 2016 elections. And should there be a definitive ruling by the Supreme Court that she is not a natural-born Filipino citizen, she will not only be disqualified from running; she also stands to lose her Senate seat. Sen. Tatad mentioned “salop” in his column and in the case of Sen. Grace Poe, this Tagalog saying may apply to her: Naghangad ng kagitna, isang salop ang nawala. Incidentally, why is she not using the surname of her husband. Under the Civil Code, being a married woman, she should use either: Grace Poe-Llamanzares, or Grace P. Llamanzares, or (Mrs.) (husband’s name) Llamanzares. Kawawang husband, relegated to the background.

  35. Tatad, with your hidden agenda of endorsing corrupt Binay you presumed too much, ‘Ordinary Filipinos tend to look at Poe’s as decidedly “un-Filipino.”‘ I beg to disagree as one of the many “ordinary Filipinos”. I am looking forward to read your article against political dynasty and corrupt practices of the Binays which is certainly not good for the “ordinary Filipinos.”

    • Tatad is honest in raising the issue that Grace Poe’s pledge of allegiance to foreign country and availing the privilege of dual citizenship does not mean she re-acquired the status of a “natural born Filipino citizen”. Some have change in between her former natural born Filipino citizen and his pledge of citizenship allegiance to a foreign country. I am sorry…Grace.

    • I can see that Demonized Binay trolls are in panic mode. The big issue right now is grace Poe being born in State..and nobody pay attention on demolition Binay..once Grace Poe was aqquitted as US born then you just can resume the Demolition mode Binay and we will listen again

  36. Several years ago, I attended a town fiesta in Nueva Ecija. Over lunch an elderly lady told us, the people at the table, that she was the widow of FPJ’s co-producer. The lady went on to say that FPJ was so proud of his adopted daughter because she inherited the intelligence of her biological father Ferdinand E. Marcos. I suspect that Rosemarie gave birth to Grace in the US in 1968. Hence Grace became an automatic US citizen. It won’t be hard to look for the record of her birth in the US under the birth mother’s name. Rosemarie lives in the US. Most likely the record is in the state she is living in. Susan would actually know but she will never reveal the truth.

    • Miggy Miguel on

      Cool. Finally somebody said it. Yes, that has definitely been the buzz in more polite society.

    • Sabi nila ay putok sa buho sa ILOILO si Grace POE,di na nila mababago ang testimony.Buti pa ibalik uli ke DA king ang gimmick at baka umumbra ulit yung pagkakapanalo niya noong 2013

    • Can a Filipino who pledge allegiance to a foreign country and avail the privilege of a dual citizenship re-acquire the status of a “natural born citizenship”? In think not. :)

    • She was born abroad to hide sonora’s pregnancy from Mcoy. Grace poe was born in the US soil not in the philippines..but don’t worry, Teh PHIL. created law was full of loopholes (intentionally made for dispute and profit). So your opinion si right ,in the US U cannot run any top government post if your not born there.In the Phil. is a different story

    • John R. Petalcorin— With the current administration,nothing is impossible if it will benefit them..U are right .My example of phil double standard law..”I have 2 original copy of my birth certificate, one in the State and one in Iloilo. That is enough.. defend on how is your lawyer’s connection in bureucrats. I can also produced that I was born in England. This are all in black and white with notary public stamp.

  37. P.Akialamiro on

    When Senator Poe became a U.S.Citizen “during her stay in the U.S.” denotes that she was a Filipino Citizen. The ‘dual citizen’s’ act, which was passed after Ms. Poe became a foreign citizen, is actually a “retention and reacquisition” act, meaning Ms. Poe has “reaquired” her Filipino Citizenship when she renounced her U.S. Citizenship. This is on the assumption that she took her oath of allegiance by virtue of the dual citizen’s act.

    • P.Akialamiro–She was born in hawaii no need to apply a landed immigrant status or green card holder. She applied for dual citizenship and that is impossible. U have to apply first a landed immigrant in PINAS then U apply for naturalized pilipino status (now U have 2 types of passport) ..because U born in the state what ever happened, U can applied for dual citizenship.
      But the issue here ,that only born as a pilipino in the country can be allowed to any government post to work.. If Poe win this case,the lawyer she hired will be become sensational and become famous and rich.. The Philippine law about citizenship secret code was broken

  38. Now that Senator Poe does not want to be a part of VP Binay political activities, she is not only hounded by the Binay’s master spinners but paid media hacks. She was praised to high heavens but once she turn down the invitations to be Binay’s VP and signed the plunder sheet she does not even worth a dime. “Hypocrites”

    • If she doesn’t want the heat, she must get out of the kitchen. Same here for VP Binay.

    • Ogold Azures on

      akala mo lang iyon sir… baka nga pag na annoint ni Pnoy for president si Grace eh si Roxas mismo ang magpalabas na hindi siya kuwalipikado. Ganyan kadumi ang politics sa ating bansa. Ano ba talaga ang totoo? Iyun ang importante. Kung talagang hindi siya kuwalipikado ang ibig sabihin nagsisinungaling si Grace then so on and so forth. Lalabas at lalabas yan pag nagdeklara na siya sa pagtakbo.

    • In my opinion,most media are own by the Aquino,I am getting confused now. The mamasapano crisis is no longer a headline replaced by Binay case and POE. It look like the palace propaganda machine is now really working. P-noy now can sleep very peaceful at night,thanks to those scapegoat also part of this diversion

  39. Samuel Santos on

    So what else is new? Ganyan naman talaga ka-“dumi” ang politika dito sa Pilipinas.

  40. Grace Poe decided to enter the world of Philippine politics. She should think not only twice but several times if this will be the world she wants to live in the future. If by any chance she wins the presidency, will her conscience be ready to accept that she has to decide between life and death of another person. Philippine politics is different from American politics. Phil. politics is very personal. I wished that Fernando didn’t enter the politics. I have a feeling that he could be still alive today.

  41. sonny dela cruz on

    I believe the definition of NATURAL BORN WITH FILIPINO CITIZEN PARENTS as a requirement to run for president in my recommendation in the 1987 constitution that I submitted to Ms. Cecilia Munoz Palma before the ratification in my opinion should be revised.because I never thought of the present situation of Sen. Grace Poe. I was too nationalistic at that time, that’s why I did say it. If I have to do it again, I will drop that words that say WITH FILIPINO CITIZEN PARENTS. And also to define the CITIZENSHIP OF A PERSON should be revised to, ANYONE BORN IN PHILIPPINE SOIL SHOULD BE A FILIPINO CITIZEN AUTOMATICALLY. Maybe many readers now will say “I AM NUTS” saying this that I had a part of the 1987 Philippine constitution I sent copies to Ms. Cecilia Munoz Palma, Flerida Ruth Romero, Cardinal sin, I believe also to President Corazon Aquino and I address it in Cojuanco Bldg. in Makati, and also a copy sent to my distant relative Rueben R. Canoy. Maybe check with Fr. Bernas if he was able to see my submission to the 1987 Philippine Constitution deliberations. I have a letter of acknowledgement from the president of the constitutional convention Ms. Cecilia Munoz Palma and also a letter from Ms. Flerida Ruth Romero. I did it then FOR LOVE OF MY COUNTRY.

    • Mr Sonny de la Cruz, your definition of a “natural-born Filipino citizens” is not confined only to that of the child “having both parents must be Filipino citizens” but also requires that the child was born “in the Philippines”.
      In short’, the child’s parents or parent ( from whom the child follow citizenship) are/is Filipino/s AND the child was born IN the Philippines.
      Where the parent/s is/are Filipinos BUT the child was born OUTSIDE the Philippines, the child is only an ordinary Filipino citizen BUT not a “natural-born ” Filipino citizen. If child was born in a country which adopt the principle of ” jus soli” (place/country of birth) like USA , then the child has dual citizenship in Philippine law, that of a U.S. Citizen (by place of birth) and that of as Filipino citizen (jus sanguines by blood or parent’s derivative citizenship). But the child is not a “natural-born” Filipino citizen!
      If Grace Poe is the love-child of Pres. Marcos (a Filipino) and Rosemarie Sonora (also a Filipino) but was born in Hawaii as the strong rumor goes, Grace Poe is an illegitimate child and follows the citizenship of her mother (Rosemarie). and therefore is a Filipino citizen. But since she was born in Hawaii, she is also a U.S. citizen. Therefore, Grave Poe has dual citizenship, that of an ordinary Filipino citizen and Amerkca. Citizenship but not a “natural-born Filipino.
      As of now our constitution recognizes both “jus Soli” ((place of birth ) and “jus sanguines” ( by blood/parent or derivative citizenship) as basis of ones citizenship. Thus, a child of foreign parents born in the Philippines is a Filipino citizen though not “natural-born” since parents is/are foreigners. An illegitimate child of a Filipino mother and a foreigner born in Philippines is a “natural-born” Filipino citizen because an illegitimate child follows citizenship of mother and since child is born IN Philippines.
      To be “natural-born Filipino citizen, both the principles of “jus soli and jus sanguines” must be both present and apply.

    • sonny dela cruz–So U approved that grace having 2 different but a valid birth certificate, one in USA and one in the philippines..Are U sure grace was born here in the philippines not in hawaii..How he became a US citizen unless she was born there..She must have a valid document how she got in the state in the first place. Did she marry an american citizen or just a tourist ,tago ng tago before.The first passport to USA is the good evidence because it tells there where and when she move to US and what nationality passport and kind of visa if phil passport she used

  42. Sa maamo, mahinhin at nakakaawang hugis ng mukha,kahit hindi mo kilala,maiisip at hahaplos sa iyo puso na ang babaeng ito ay may mabuti at matuwid na pag-uugali! Ito ba ay kaparehas ng sinasabi at ginagawa ni Grace Poe?
    Hindi kaya ang puti kapag nahalo sa itim ay nakukulayan din?
    Maagang nagiging kamukha niya sina Aquino at mga alagad nito!
    Paano makikita kung ano ang tunay nasa isipan at puso nito!
    Nangako siya na bago matapos ang 2014 ay maipapasa ang FOI, pero hindi nangyari!Hindi naman siguro sa isang bagay na ganito, masusukat ang kakayanan ng isang tao,!
    Isang bagay lang ang alam ko,si Aquino ay mabubuhay ng payapa at masaya habang nagpapasasa sa lahat niya ginawa!kapag natapos ang election 2016! Mag ngingit-ngit ang lahat ng laban kay Aquino!hehehe!

    • Yun pa lang pag appoint ni pnoy kay Grace sa Mctrb ay questionable na kaagad. dahil iba ang profession ni grace sa State at matagal siyang walang trabaho doon. So lahat ng involved sa sarsuela na to ay si P-noy ang nag o operate ng string sa bawat dummy sa palabas na to.Isa pa ay nalimutan na ng madla ang masasapano at naiwas ang galit ke abnoy.
      Di ba si Leah Navarro ang chairperson (as reward from Pnoy) doon, ano yon sinipa siya ni Grace sa puwesto

    • Ang secret ni Poe–magaling ang mentor at make up artist,lahat yan ay napag hahandaan. Si pnoy ay maamo din ang mukha kaya marami ang nabola..Tama na ang isa,wag na tayong pa dengoy sa mga pang FAMAS na itsura..Tignan ang simula at wag basta maniniwala sa mga advertisement. Tignan ang BIOdata o resume

  43. Thank you Senator Tatad for explaining the doubtful personality of Grace Poe Llamazares. Is she being honest?????

    • Manny De Guzman on

      No she is not honest. We must now the FACT, HER CITIZENSHIP. PERIOD. SONORA MARCOS POE?

    • Newbie trapo senator Grace Poe’s integrity and honesty is now interestingly being test. Let us see how honest she really is saying she do not know who her parents are. :)

    • Wag iboto..Binay, Trillanes, Mar roxas ,Poe at lahat ng nasa LP at NP,lahat sila ay protektado ni Pnoy..kahit si defensor. Mabuti pag doon na lang pumili sa 3 magnanakaw na senador na nakakulong,at least kaaway nila ang buong senado at 3 lang silang magnanakaw, Sa ngayon ay buong senado ang magnanakaw kasama ang palacio
      3 magnanakaw kontra buong congress na mga magnanakaw..doon ako sa konti lang..Baka si Napoles ay puwede rin

  44. Roldan Guerrero on

    Mr. Kits Tatad may not be a lawyer but I respect very much his “LEGAL OPINIONS”.I subject myself to the strong campaign of KITS of unseating incompetent and unlawfully sitting elective officials of our Republic. Unfortunately he does not have enough power to do it to the root of all these mesh, the STUPID PIGNOY. I suggest KITS should start doing the job from the surrrounding bad grasses encircling the PIGNOY. Sir Kits? why dont you start with the braggart Grace Llamansarez? I agree she does not even deserve to sit as a senator but in addition to that she does not also deserve to be called Grace Poe….the FPJ was a man of dignity and simplicity, very humble and always take a glance where he came from!

    • Si FPJ ay laging BIDA dahil siya ang producer.EH paano yung mga kontrabida sa PELIKULA sa tingin ng masa sa real life ay mga ganster din sila nakakatakot iboto. Kung si FPJ ay talagang idolo ng kabutihan,baket marami siyang anak sa labas. Kaya ginagamit ng isang ARTISTA ang “KASIKATAN” parang advertisement for personal purpose
      Kapag na laos ,may alas pa para maging lawmaker, WTF
      Example: Lito Lapid graduate ng ano? dahil bida di lawmaker na
      god bless the PHILIPPINES

    • Roldan Guerrero –Your assumption to FPJ was based on his role on his run FPJ production..Remember ,they are all artist only..Don’t be fooled by what U seen on movies,Ilang bida na sa pelikula ang nasa politics. Ano ang resulta? Tanong, kung mabuting tao eh mabakit maraming anak sa labas.. At ngayon ay sinungaling pa si Susan..Di ako naniniwala na basta basta na lang aampon sa iba eh ang daming anak ni poe, ke Nova villa na lang,tunay ni FPJ na anak . Si Susan ang nag udyok ke Grace para ma mulitiko..kaya si Susan ay magsisinungaling sa katotohanan

  45. I Remember... on

    In all cases, she is not qualified to be in any position to serve the public.
    Obviously, she is exploiting her name to get into power… with the help of the Yellows that need to keep the power.