Grace Poe striptease: I no longer care to watch


Enough. A striptease is only interesting when the dancer has real assets to bare, and there is the promise of a payoff by show’s end. When the dancer is skinny and bares nothing but some obligatory bumps and grinds, and then does nothing to hold audience interest, spectators doze off or get drunk, whichever comes first.

I think of the analogy as I watch Sen. Grace Poe’s agonizing strip show on her possible candidacy for president in the 2016 elections. While some in the media continue to report and analyze the slightest twist in her countenance, there are others who, like me, have grown weary of everyone’s public courtship of her and of her coquettish statements about maybe or maybe not plunging into the presidential race.

I no longer want to watch this show because Ms. Poe, I am convinced, will never come out to bare any facts or documents about her background and provenance. She will not take questions from serious journalists about the thoughts and pictures in her head, or her policy agenda if she formally runs for president and lucks into the presidency.

No defense against criticism
I think the striptease and the coquetry are deliberately designed to keep her in the news, and to sustain her survey ratings. If she meets with serious criticism, fine, she will at least remain in the public conversation.

But it is the lack of a defense against criticism that is precisely the problem dogging Ms. Poe today. When she and her lawyers and her chief of staff could offer no answer to the two-fisted questioning of her citizenship and her residency record by times columnist Kit Tatad and some notable law deans and law professors, the collective vacancy of mind was too much to ignore.

When I received no response whatever to my charge in one column that she has made a travesty of the Senate inquiry into the Mamasapano massacre by refusing to write and submit a committee report, I concluded that the lady is not ready for prime time. The attention of the public will shift elsewhere. Ms. Poe could become yesterday’s news.

Backers in media, business and politics
This is not to say that Grace does not have serious backers in the media, business and politics. She has, and it’s the reason why she is still news up to now.

I have learned from some people in the know that Ms.Poe’s now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t candidacy is being propped up by a well-funded early-days publicity effort, by the aggressive buying of favorable results in some surveys, and by the rumored commitment of certain business bigwigs with revealing initials (RR, RA, MV) who are determined to field her for president

All the talk about a huge campaign chest is strictly for acoustical warfare. The moment someone files a serious lawsuit to have Poe disqualified from sitting in the Senate, the money will start to dry up. The moment her certificate of candidacy for president is challenged with a suit for disqualification in October, it will begin to dawn on her supposed backers that there is substance to the citizenship issue and the residency questions. There is no way that senator Poe can satisfy the Supreme Court that she possesses the eligibility requirements for the presidency, which are clearly spelled out in the constitution.

Faster than lightning, RR and company will scout for a different horse to ride, and adjust their mischief making, lest they face after the elections a victorious candidate who will seriously take them as political enemies.

Sen. Chiz Escudero, who apparently has been instrumental in getting Poe interested in the presidency by offering himself as her running mate, will not last the grind.

As Escudero’s problems with the looting of the budget and Senator Lacson’s expose unravels him as a “bantay-salakay” in the Senate, Chiz will fizzle out. If he turns out to be one of the billion-peso senator-porkers, it will be curtains for Escudero’s stint as chairman of the Senate finance committee.

The demand of senators Poe and Escudero that President Aquino should make a commitment to backing their candidacy is being treated as hilarious by members of the Liberal Party members and members of the media.

Here, they say, are two politicians who have been notoriously unable to keep their commitments and honor their responsibilities, and here they are demanding commitment. One to her commitment to the country of her alleged birth, and the country to which she pledged allegiance by naturalization. And the other to his vows of marriage.

For Poe and Escudero to demand commitment from a narcissist like BS Aquino is foolish, one psychiatrist says. A narcissist is loyal only to himself/herself.

Authenticity—bare your soul
There is one point that should not be lost. Whatever happens to their presidential pretensions, Escudero and Poe are assured of their place in the Senate up to 2019. Poe will only lose her seat if she is disqualified by the Senate Election Tribunal. Sen. Loren Legarda made a career of running for higher office and then retreating to the Senate to nurse her wounds.

Ms. Poe could remain viable and interesting as a possible candidate by turning her ongoing striptease into (1) a baring of the facts of her real identity, (2) a baring of who she really is as a person and what she really proposes to do for the nation should she seek higher office; and finally (3) a baring of her positions on key policy issues that are of high public importance today.

The other day, Ms Poe was quoted in the press as saying that she and Chiz Escudero are ditching their efforts to get the endorsement of Aquino in their bid for higher office.

So this is where the striptease and the courtship have come to – ambivalence, uncertainty, and the discarding of a potential benefactor (BS Aquino), who desperately needs a horse in the 2016 elections.


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  1. Kailangan,Kailangan ni Poe ang backer ni Aquino,proteksyon sa mga judge na kukuwestyon sa kaya bilang pilipino!escudero for vice,upang saluhin ang pagka-pangulo kay Poe,kapag nagkaroon ng asunto!at nababa si Poe!
    Plan a at b,hawak pa rin ni Aquino ang gobyerno!
    Si Poe isa lang ang alam nito,upang manalo, gamitan ang salitang, para sa ikabubuti ng mga mahihirap!gasgas na gasgas ang salitang ito sa mga taong walang alam na plataporma!

  2. Jay de Ocampo on

    Senator Grace Poe is over-exposed, thanks to media giants ABS-CBN , GMA, and some national newspapers. Every now and then, news about her and Senator Escudero seems like headlines. If ever she , Poxas, and Binay run as President in 2016, a very strong candidate in Rody Duterte would also run. It is a blessing in disguise to the silent majority of the Filipinos who want a real change in our society.

    It is interesting to note that Duterte’s advocacy for Federalism ( equal opportunities for development and governance ) for all regions , anti-crime, anti-corruption crusade is becoming extremely popular in the Visayas and Mindanao,areas and many parts of Luzon.

    Expectedly, when Poe, Roxas, and Binay run at the same time, votes from Metro Manila and Tagalog-speaking areas will be divided among themselves with Duterte getting the solid Visayas, Mindanao and Cebuano-speaking residents in Metro Manila. We may not know it, we will have a first Phil. President who is a true-blue Cebuano by blood.

  3. Roldan Guerrero on

    BSA the PIGNOY should be the last worst lesson Filipinos must consider. If we will bite again another IMPOSTOR come 2016 presidential elections, we will never recover from the colateral damages inflicted by these never should have been elected presidents and government officials who lack competence but depend on popularity of their parents. Ex Senator Gordon should now file disqualification case against this AMBIYOSA to abort her IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS.

  4. Amnata Pundit on

    Obama cannot authenticate his controversial birth certificate but he is being given a free pass by the powers that be by not impeaching him when Nixon was impeached merely for covering up Watergate (covering up is what all presidents do) while Clinton was impeached albeit unsuccessfully for his Monica Lewinsky affair (don’t they always have all kinds of affairs?). George Bush Jr was threatened with impeachment for his involvement with Enron (aren’t they all corrupt?) but a birth certificate that cannot be authenticated is what the Americans call “over the top.”. Im not yet anti-Obama as Im waiting for the end of his term before i decide, my point is let us not underestimate the capability of the possible forces behind this Grace Poe phenomenon .

  5. noelravalsalaysay on

    If Grace Poe wants to run for either President or VP, she should resign her Senate seat immediately, That will make one senate seat vacant for the 2016 elections.If she loses she will no longer a senator. There have to be transparency and not take advantage of her office salary as an incumbent.

  6. Anybody who cheated his/her way to being elected for a government position by not complying with certain constitutional qualification requirements, including residency and for being a Filipino citizen, is tantamount to betraying the trust of our Filipino people and defying our constitution. She does not deserve to stay any minute in her position and must resign right away. Why should we be fooled by her constant boasting as a person who is not corrupt and honest when she is not in fact honest with her compliance with the constitutional requirements for election?

  7. mario san antonio on

    what the psychiatrist says about a narcissist like pnoy, is true….

    also, if we strip Grace of her ‘Poe’ surname, she bares nothing interesting except a lot questions about who she really is… unknown biological parents (making her not ‘natural born’, thus, unqualified to run), her lack of the required residency, her renunciation of her Filipino citizenship, her having an ‘all-American’ family which makes her unpatriotic, her inexperience or inadequate experience in govt service or private entities (except maybe for her babysitting/teaching work in a toddler school in the US and being a ‘product manager’ where she was assigned to read the product manual so she could answer questions to customers)… and per observation by another columnist, the possible investigation into her overstaying or TNT status in the US before her marriage, etc. the only plausible reason why until now she has not officially declared her candidacy (despite all media exposure on her running for higher office) is that to this day, she is really still unsure if she is qualified to run. also, pnoy has not assured her of assistance to fix these problems.

  8. Grace Llamanzares as she should be properly addressed, is experiencing a phenomenon in what is called in psychology as – cognitive dissonance. Wherein, she seeks consistency among her cognitions (i.e. beliefs, opinions). Where there is inconsistency between her attitudes and behaviors (dissonance), something must change to eliminate dissonance.

    This is a sign that she does not possess the qualities of a sagacious person, who can lead a polarized nation.

  9. Like BS Aquino III, Grace Poe is just making use of a popular name in her supposedly quest for the presidency. However, she should be naive enough if the name used by her adoptive father Fernando Poe could propel her the presidency come 2016. She is just borrowing the name of a person who was more popular than her and yet lost. Fabricated popularity cannot sustain the test of time, much more a dirty game as Philippine politics. Being naive and inexperienced, she does not reflect on the experience of Ramon Mitra, when he was abandoned by his financial backers in the heat of the campaign and eventually lost the presidency to Fidel Ramos. Whether endorsed by Aquino or go it alone with her wily and opportunist buddy Escudero, she can never attain her ambition. This is granting the absence of her citizenship and residency issues.

  10. A sad reflection of national political dysfunction and immaturity that the incumbent party cannot find an acceptable standard bearer within its ranks, and has no candidate for VP, and has to court a non-party neophyte with no experience, questionable credentials, and little understanding of the problems or capable of presenting solutions. Being adopted by a film star is not a good enough reason to think you should be president.

    Even worse that the lemmings in the media think that the philippines has found a new saviour.

    Aquino and Poe both look increasingly silly with their continual 5/6 hour meetings.

    • It may end up Mar for P and Poe for VP. This is the only tandem that will defeat the Binay camp. Stay tune.

  11. genesisbughaw on

    If naked truth courted the tipsy mind…WOW! That’s truly a sommersaulting entertainment.
    The yellowgarchs of the narcissist at the helm may try some calculation if there favorite barbie doll in the making can pass the test the question of constitutional elligibility to run in public office.
    Of course ,she will be afraid of seeing the truth nakedly and under the wachtful magnifying lens of legal luminaries she definitely hide her obra.

  12. nicanor fernando on

    sen. Grace Poe no corrupt image…no.1 choice for president 2016.
    no.1 senatorials
    no.1 vice Presidentiables
    no other choice… be positive.!!!

  13. Alejo Rosete on

    The dawn is now appearing!!!!!!!!

    The rays of the breaks through!!!!!

    Arise early this bright morning!!!!!!!

    like a blown up balloon.

  14. allen llamar on

    Don`t you worry Ms. Poe your questionable citizenship will stop from taking that train. If you reading this article, this coming election is not for you yet. But this advice is futile I think you salivate for Malacanan.

  15. P.Akialamiro on

    Literally and by analogy, there’s nothing more Ms. Poe can bare; what you see is what you get, with the performance she has shown in the senate. Besides, she might even be disqualified as a Senator. She’s a typical candidate who brings the idiocy of Fiipino voters during elections who go for popularity, not by qualifications, integrity and track record of performance.

    Candidates for high positions like the VP and President should self-search themseluves to find if they are doing a service or disservice to the Filipino people if they run and win.

    • Nalasing sya sa dami ng boto na gawa gawa lamang na akala nya ay totoong boto ng nakararami pero ayun pala, manufactured lang under a long term plan to catapault her to the presidency. How pathetic indeed for her to believe their own lie.

  16. Johnny Ramos on

    I saw in TV news the cold reception of the people when Grace Poe and Chiz Poe in one of their provincial sorties. I think Grace Poe have lost her magic sooner than expected. Maaga siyang naubos o talagang Wala naman talagang naipundar. Iba ang takbuhan sa senador because she was using FPJ popularity.