Grace Poe: The woman who was born twice


Coming out of college, our big ambition as aspiring writers was to write the great follow-up to Nick Joaquin’s astounding novel, The Woman Who Had Two Navels. But no matter how hard we tried, the goal eluded us. Navels was beyond reach.

So it comes as a shock to me that Grace Poe Llamanzares may be the one who has equaled or even surpassed Joaquin’s masterwork. She has done it by doing something even better than fiction; she has invented and written her own life, which bears this surreal title
“Grace Poe: The Woman Who

Was Born Twice.”
Members of the Writers union of the Philippines (Unyon ng mga Manunualat sa Pilipinas) concede hands down that being born twice is a greater feat of imagination than having two navels. It competes even with the Virgin Birth.

A life from magic realism?

When Sen. Grace Poe’s lawyers submitted two certificates of live birth to the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), they in effect asserted her double birth. She is a natural-born Filipino twice over, more than you and me. Who knows, her desperate lawyers might employ this argument.

I asked an evangelical if this naturally qualifies her as a “born again” person. The qualifications are weird; there has to be a death before there can be rebirth.

Senator Poe will have to clear up her double birth. Kids in grade school are wondering how this came about. They will keep on wondering until they get an answer that destroys the question.

If her first birth certificate is true, that means one woman gave birth to her.

If her second birth certificate is true, that Susan Roces gave birth to her, this gives her another mother.

Had Poe’s fantastic tale hewed to literary tradition, like Nick Joaquin, the phenomenon of her double birth could be described as “magic realism” – the literary style unique to Latin America and popularized by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a style to which Nick Joaquin was partial.

Giving up citizenship for love

Senator Poe displayed her explanatory gift last Wednesday when she tried to explain to her bewildered countrymen why she gave up her Filipino citizenship and gave her allegiance to America. She did it all for love of her husband and her children, who are all Americans.

She came back to the Philippines for the sake of her mother, Susan Roces, who was widowed by the death of her father, Fernando Poe Jr.. “She needed me.”

(She has an equally surreal double bond with Susan Roces, who is presented sometimes as her adoptive mother, and at other times as her biological mother. This is another nut to crack in the fantastic story of Grace Poe Llamanzares.)

Then the Senator launched a spirited and patriotic plug for her quest for the highest office of the land. “It is a bigger challenge and privilege to serve the nation. I will not turn my back on this call to service, because this is an opportunity to help so many among our people.

“ For me, being Filipino is not only based on a piece of paper or a slogan. Being Filipino is living with honor, living according to values and sincere service. I believe I would not be supported by the Makabayan bloc if they did not believe that I am a true and good Filipino.”

(Makabayan, the left-wing party-list group, endorsed Senator Poe’s candidacy for president, and she in turn endorsed Makabayan’s Neri Colmenares’ candidacy for senator. A mutually profitable exchange.)

Will Grace Poe now embark on the challenge of explaining to our people how she was born twice?

Will she clear up the different names in her two birth certificates. Which name is true, and which is false?

A riddle wrapped in a mystery

If she can untangle this riddle, she can explain to the nation why she is running for an office for which she is constitutionally ineligible.

Her explanatory gift will come in handy when she has to explain the complexities of international law, the delusional law of presumption, and the thickets of governance.
When it’s all just a matter of words, you can solve anything., because you can invent anything or simply lie.

But even fiction must be governed by some form of logic and rigor. there comes a point when you must explain the contradictions and inconsistencies.

Perhaps the most apt description of Grace Poe is the Churchillian quip, “A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Alas, it’s so witty and seductive, it might induce many of our countrymen to vote for her.

I am already kicking myself for mentioning it here. The show-biz media and her publicist might pick it up.


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  1. Filipinos are enamored over a good story line and it always worked. Grace Poe’s life story, both private and public are great story lines with plenty of twist and weird plots Filipinos are having a great time talking about her. I think at the end of the day, Grace Poe’s strange story will win over Mar Roxas’ boring rich boy, well educated, clean cut image and Binay’s rotten family rags to unexplained riches story.

    I don’t know why Filipinos think that managing a small overpopulated, poor country like the Philippines is an impossible task to do. If Cory, Ramos, Erap, Gloria and Pnoy can do it, so can Grace. After all the Philippine Constitution only requires a president or any publicly elected official to be able to read and write, a citizen of the country and meet the age requirement at time of election. The Philippines do not have problems like what they have in the US so the country simply needs Filipino solutions. It’s as easy as ABC, it doesn’t need brains.

    But is it okay with you to elect an American to the presidency and to flush the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines down the toilet?

    • Have you seriously researched and asked yourself whether the Philippines as we know it truly became independent after Spain ceded the country to the US?

      It’s a strange question but have you realized that Filipinos were simply given self-governance, not independence? Now, try to connect the lines and Grace Poe?

  2. FYI . The Phil. Constitution requires a ten-year residence in the Philippines on or before the May 2016 election. Grace Poe did her re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship oath on JULY 7, 2006 based on documents her lawyer submitted to SET. Therefore Ms. Llamanzarezs is a residing Filipino since July 7, 6006. But as ten years is required by Constitution, her residency is 9 years and 10 months before May, 2016. She is short on 10-year rule by 59 days before May elections. Even if she wins her natural born status, residency only starts when you are OFFICIALLY a Filipino citizen. Before July 7, 2006 Ms. Llamanzares was legally and officially an American citizen even at the untimely death of the great FPJ.

  3. Dapat tawagin si Dis Grace ng the woman who born thrice. Marami na ang nakakaalam na nanay niya si Rosemarie Sonora.Bakit kunan nila ng DNA si Rosemarie Sonora para matapos na ang sarsuela ito. Kalat ang balita na anak siya ni Rosemarie, kaya wala siyang maipakita na original birth certificate dahil pinaganak si Dis Grace sa America kaya siya ay US Citizen. Pinalabas lang siya na napulot sa simbahan. Kayo ba magaampon ng isang bata na hindi kilala ang magulang? Lalo na sa kalagayan ni FPJ at Susan Roces.Wag nialng sabihin na di nila kilala ang magulang Dis Grace. Susan Roces magsabi ka na ng totoo na ka ng talaga kilala mo ang magulang ni Dis Grace, wag ka ng magkaila dahil ang sinugaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw. Kaya iyob madalas mong sabihin na You cheated me twice not once. Iyan dapat ibato sa iyo.Alam mo naman kung sino ang magulang ni Dis Grace. Magsalita ka na Susan ng totoo para matapos ang sarsuela na ginawa ninyo.

    • Tama, Clear the picture, Madam Susan Roces! Your silence means you are hiding something!

  4. You forgot to add that Susan Roces is barren. FPJ has a daughter from another woman.

    Therefore, Grace Llamanzares was conceived without sin. Ergo, we have a presidential candidate sent from the heavens. Don’t you think so?

  5. Grace P-O-E “Portrait Of Eccentricity” Llamansares is a creature born 2X by birth certificate and citizen 2X by lust of wealth. A creature with 2X personality is psychotic Dr. Jekyll and monster Hyde in horror movie, Frankenstein.
    Grace P. Llamanzares is creature of horror in real world of politics.

  6. if llamazares wins the presidency can she be impeached for the crime of falsifying her birth certificate?

  7. Again and again I emphasized her motivation to run for the highest position in the land. Definitely she is not a leader. She is just an opportunist. Plain and simple opportunist.

  8. Amnata Pundit on

    During his time Marcos said there was left wing- right wing conspiracy against him. Today the endorsement of the candidate of the oligarchy, Grace Poe by a left wing group is an indication that this conspiracy is still alive. So, is the right wing controlled by China or Russia through the KGB or is it the left wing that is controlled by America through the CIA? Just look at where Joma Sison is safely ensconced and you will know the answer.

  9. jesus nazario on

    Seriously (eyebrows knitted), this can be good material for the much-awaited pang-bato of ABS-CBN to the smashing hit AlDub. It can be a tili-serya (all-shouting matches TV series) on the “unfoldiment” of the mystery of “Ang Babaeng May Dalawang Pusod at Dalawang Puso” – two navels cords and two hearts. We know about the two births na. The two hearts refer to her two unstable citizenships (American and Filipino). Salubungin natin siya at isakay sa tandem bangkang tatawid sa dalawang ilog. Hayaan na natin muna yung “poll-arity” issue ng SWS and False Nga Siya.

    Note: Medically, two umbilical cords from one placenta is possible – in the birth of twins. Eh baka naman dalawang tao/kambal (perfect twins) in fact yung subject of this article.

  10. Mr. Makabenta, the evangelical’s advice is right, there has to a death of old-self but not good enough because the soul remains filthy as sins were merely covered up and not intrinsically clean, which way is unbiblical. It must be done in a bible way in order to be truly be born again, in which Grace Poe Llamamzares already knew the way because God already planted goodness in our hearts while we were still in the wombs of out mothers.

  11. Rodan Guerrero on

    Grace Llamanzares alias Grace Poe ( or PWE? ) was born twice. Chiz Escudero married twice. A very good tandem… ( RIDERS IN TANDEM? ) What kind of FOOLISHNESS are these two doing? ESCUDERO running as a vice for an unqualified presidentiable? ANG KAKAPATAL TALAGA ANG MGA ITO….PAREHONG PINAKASINUNGALING! I hope Filipinos will not bite their lies. We must choose the rightful persons to lead us to rebuild our nation shattered by BSA, GP, FE and their allies.

    • 18 of 23 senators on the Napoles pork barrel list for kickbacks.
      100 house members on the Napoles pork barrel list for kickbacks.

      What’s that say about the quality of the government of the Philippines ?

  12. Speaking of ‘virgin birth’, ‘twice born’ may yet lead to another presupposition, that Grace Llamanzares could have been a ‘putok sa buho’ or an ‘unfortunate accident’ to happen for Philippines, to have been thrust on unsuspecting Filipinos, as the one who will deliver the country from its miseries.

    For the last five years, Philippines had experienced one devastating farcical episode in its history, to be undaunted in placing yet another coquettish puppet at the helm of its’ governance.

    If it so happen that on this coming election, she is allowed to run for the highest seat in government and wins the presidency, then there must be truth in these words – ‘those who fail to learn from history is doomed to repeat it’. And, that is one harsh reality which Filipinos lounging on both spectrum of being ignorant and innocent, will have to face the rest of their miserable life.

    Do Filipinos deserve to be deceived yet again, and be drawn deeper into the black hole of deprivation?

  13. kjfkd iuiieur ioewurio eierioew ioreurio iorqweroiuqw ijiw wiow wioueriw weiwu wiui wiu weiowu iweio – ganyan kagulo ng bayan ni juan. pulitikang ala popularity contest. Parang horror story dahil akala mo ay “the end” na yun pala ay may sisilang pang mas malaking problema, hindi naman strictly commedy dahil may lahok na fiction at cowboy stories, al avantgarde sa galing sa pandaraya na very scientific ar unique ang style.

  14. A good Filipino is one who does NOT lie about his or her citizenship and her residence and her true parentage. A good Filipino is NOT ashamed to admit that she is an illegitimate child of prominent parents. A good Filipino does NOT falsify a sworn Certificate of Candidacy in other words a good Filipino is not a dishonestly , disGRACEful person !! Grace Poe is NOT a good Filipino – she is a bad example to the youth and to all Filipinos !

    • Sanay na kasi Si Grace Poe sa kapapapanood na LIAR, LIAR, LIAR! Great Filipino Liar ay pwede na rin!

  15. Si Chiz ay wa-iz at sumasakay sa popolaridad ng pangalan Poe. Dito nya nakita kay Grace ang katuparan ng kanyang plano — gamitin at sakyan si Grace na parang kabayo at dalhin sa kung saan direksyon ni Chiz gusto. Kawawa naman ang pagka inosente ni Grace sa lakad ng politika. Siya ay nagagamit.

    • on

      Talagang totoo yan itong si Chiz Ezcudero ay tuso klaseng tao sumasakay lang siya sa popolaridad ng pangalan POE. That is why he is riding on Grace for his personal benefit. Itong si Grace seguradong ma disgrace ito for allowing Chiz to use her. Ay nako ang politika sa Pinas parang zarzuela.

    • Pilosopo Tacio on

      What’s the issue of Chiz Whiz?
      1. He wants to run as VP of PH.
      2. Rides along to fame of stupidity with Grace Poe.
      3. Gets a chance no matter how slim.
      4. If the grace of popularity, becomes VP.
      5. If not, goes back to senate and continues being a loudmouth.
      6. With billions racked up by businessmen, donors and supporters, takes home some extra.
      7. Then he equals his second wife’s money or even comes out richer.
      8. Walang katalotalo!

  16. The problem is serious. Let us not use comedy to aggravate it, or advance and inject scenarios that may turn out to be baseless. Let us just wait for Ms. Grace or her lawyers to come out with their position/explanation on the matter. Then you will have every unlimited opportunity to air and amplify your side/opinion. As of now, it looks very clearly that you simply are against Grace and preempting everything, erupting like a volcano and poisoning everybody’s mind even before the solid truth is established. You are more than a liar! To me you are rather a false and unfairly destructive prophet.

  17. Don’t harp too much on the birth certificates. It is perfectly natural to have 2 for an adopted child. The first is the original with the ” real parent ” and the second showing the adoptive parent. Trust me, my son has 2 birth certificates as well.

    • on

      WE don’t trust you because you are talking nonsense. What you are saying is illegally illegal. Your situation is perhaps different from Grace situation so you can not equate your son’s situation with Grace whose intention is to mislead the voters.

  18. Due to her misrepresentations, my tag for Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares is “The Great
    Pretender”. But the title of your column today is much better as it is more specific and rather James Bondish…..”The Woman who was born twice”! Ha ha ha ha……LOL.

  19. Annie Marasigan on

    Respecting the opinions here, I’m still looking forward that Senator Grace will get pass through these challenges; if SET will prove that she’s not a natural-born citizen and disqualify her, for sure she will give up calmly and respect our law. Let’s not judge her and underestimate her capacity to run for a higher position.

  20. Reginald Villamater on

    The first birth cert is for her birth which has an unknown parents. And the second birth cert is the birth cert for adoption. I believe that the case of sen. grace poe is not different to any foundling here in the Philippines whose parents are unknown, though they are not running for a public position, but they are struggling on their citizenship and how or what will their natural-born citizenship. I think it is the right of every person to pursue, his or her dream. Grace Poe is just pursuing hers, to help the struggling and starving Filipino people, who wishes to have a good life in this country.

  21. remy patriana on

    Well said Mr. Macabenta…unfortunately only a few will understand your disarming logic that Ms. disGrace Poe is an anathema to even desire to become a president riding only on the popular name of her so called adopted father.. surrendering her citizenship for love of her husband and yet she dropped the name Llamanzares just to be elected as senator.. where is the logic of her avowed love for her husband? Come on… are we that stupid to accept her naïve palusot… i’ll be damned!

  22. her double birth may explain her dual personality.
    one, as a fragile, delicate and sensitive woman of high moral sense;
    another, as an obsessed, opportunistic, scheming lady who has no qualms
    about lying to get what she covets.

  23. This is quite a simple case. If the concerned office or authorities are in doubt of her nationality to run for higher position based on the constitution, then decide once and for all NOW to end the speculations so as Grace Poe can go on with her life rather than waiting for the sword of damocles to fall at a later time for the benefit of other candidates. NOW is the time. Do not dilly-dally your decision. Any problem on this?

    • Yes just humbly quit and have the courage to apologize to the public. Lots of savings, morally and financially in this way. This won’t be considered human weakness but rather morally a human strength.

  24. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares, the first gentleman American citizen Mr. Llamanzares and their American citizen children. Perhaps, we should get used to this kind of introduction from now on!

    • on

      This is not remote if the blind and crazy voters will commit another stupid blunder in the forthcoming election.

  25. Maxwell Alvarez on

    Clark M. Recto once remarked that if there are two original documents of the same thing, then both are fake.

  26. Ano kaya ang galit ng maykapal sa PILIPINAS at pinayagan niyang maging pangulo ang isang mapaghiganti,mapanisi,mapanuhol at tamad na NOYTARD at ngayon, ay baka maging pangulo pa ang isang sinungaling,ambisyosa at dayuhang si LLAMANSARES.Wala na bang katapusan ang parusang ito?

    • Magtiis tayo, lahat ay pinaparusahan, mga babubuti man at masasama. We are brother’s keepers in the anomaly’s of our votes, so we have to overcome evils and be able to win the battle of good conscience. But how? Our human nature only can possess natural power which cannot defeat the supernatural power of the devil, unless we can clothe ourselves with the grace, the gift of supernatural power of God by opening our hearts and minds to receive that gift. Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares, this will cost you nothing.

  27. Jose A. Oliveros on

    Having been born twice as evidenced by two birth certificates, I will concede that Grade Poe-Llamanzares is a “natural-born” citizen – not in the constitutional or legal sense but for obstetrical reason and that is she came out of this world by natural or normal delivery and not by caesarian section. If by caesarian section, then her mother would have been known and consequently her mother’s citizenship. If her mother, therefore, were a Filipino citizen, then she could qualify as a “natural-born Filipino citizen” by giving retroactive effect to Art. IV, Sec. 1(2) of the 1987 Constitution.

  28. Jose A. Oliveros on

    Having been born twice as evidenced by two birth certificates, I will concede that Grade Poe-Llamanzares is a “natural-born” citizen – not in the constitutional or legal sense but for obstetrical reason and that is she came out of this world by natural or normal delivery and not by caesarian section. If by caesarian section, then her mother would have been known and consequently her mother’s citizenship. If her mother, therefore, were a Filipino citizen, then she could qualify as a “natural-born Filipino citizen” by giving Art. IV, Sec. 1(2) of the 1987 Constitution.

  29. Comes down to

    Grace Poe Llamanzares is a liar.
    Susan Roces is a liar.

    There was a time that lying reflected badly on a person’s character but i guess those days are over.

  30. Bravo, for this article! I mean that in the truest sense. We have to inject a bit of humor into all the saga and debacle that Llamanzares and Escudero’s “mind-twisting” ploy. The elections is still far ahead, but mudslinging have already started in full force. In essence, it is nothing but the battle of the Goliaths. The Filipinos are caught once again wrangling at the bottom of the mud, digging their own plight of perpetual and endemic corruption in this decaying country. There is nothing more uglier than that. It has been extremely disappointing to see the turn of events in the whole drama that Llamazares team is trying to play. I must say that your article gave at least departure to the gravity of the ugliness in journalism lately, not to mention the charades of the Llamanzares camp. At the end of the day, double birth or not, naturalized or natural-born, the whole drama has boomeranged. Great article!

  31. Brigido Batungbakal on

    Grace learned a lot from Chiz, who always used the the name God in vain, divorcing his first wife and marry a younger one does not allow him to use God in any political speech he is to deliver. He need to stop poisoning Grace Poe’s mind that she is very qualified to be a President, when he knows she’s not. That’s hypocrisy.

    • They say their party is Partido Pilipinas. That’s a misnomer, it should be Partido Tagapalit. Tagapalit ng pangalan at citizenship kung mas convenient, tagapalit ng asawa kung mas bata.

  32. Felimon A. Soria on

    It is getting weirder and weirder Sen. Llamanzares position. I shared this article to Facebook readers.

  33. Because Grace Poe is surrounded by members of Philippine Cinema, she thinks that, her situation is just like a movie that everything can be done in fantasy. Nobody in social media is buying her excuse, its cheap, she just applied to be an American citizen because she loves her family, grow up, tell that to the marine. You want to be an America citizen just like every filipino in US, for convenience.

    • Di ba nasanay na tayo ng Twists ng Philippine Cinema? Kaya upokritos ay diyan nakuha ang salitang Hypocrite or Actor or Actress? Matuto naman tayong itaas ang Philippine Standard!