• Grace Poe will have no one left to lie to


    IN officially announcing her candidacy for president, Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares proudly boasted, “No one will be left behind.” The way things are turning out, it looks more likely that she will soon have no one left to lie to.

    At the rate that Filipinos are becoming skeptics of  Ms.  Poe’s citizenship and candidacy across all classes and all over the archipelago, the senator will wake soon to the  reality that she has no one left to lie to about her being a natural-born Filipino and her grand plans for the nation.

    Mar Roxas joined the Grace Poe skeptics the other day when he declared that no one wants a foreigner as our president. This drew the retort from Ms Poe that Roxas once assiduously courted her to become his running mate. To which, the Roxas  camp shot back that he did not know then that  Ms Poe was an alien.

    A problem of credibility

    On mainstream and social media, it is hard to find now a pundit, reader or blogger who believes  Ms. Poe is qualified to run for president. Nearly everyone has been swayed by the barrage of media commentaries (which incidentally includes my own take on the subject) that overwhelmingly assert that Ms. Poe does not meet the test of
    citizenship as prescribed by the Constitution. Most believe that Grace has lied about her citizenship and residency status. Many say that unless all 100 million of us Filipinos agree to DNA testing, her biological origins will never be known.

    Although Ms. Poe got a morale booster when the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) dismissed the disqualification case filed against her and dared to rule, with neither competence nor authority, that she is a natural born citizen — this seeming victory is turning out to be pyrrhic for her and the senators who cooked the ruling.

    The overwhelming public feeling is that the senators disgraced themselves and dishonored the Senate in submitting a patently political verdict on the case. There will be political fallout from this for the senators. Sen. Tito Sotto, who is running for reelection, and is already burdened with the baggage of accepting a DAP bribe to convict former chief justice Renato Corona, will be hit hard; Eat Bulaga will have to work double-time to defend him.

    It will be hard to take seriously henceforth Senators Loren Legarda, Cynthia Villar, and Pia Cayetano. Afforded the chance to show the nation how they as women exercise judgment on an issue of public interest, they miserably flunked the test.

    In contrast, the dissenting opinions of the three SC justices in the SET stand out as the authoritative voice on Ms. Poe’s citizenship status, and by implication, her eligibility to run for president. Justices Brion, Carpio and de Castro are the ones who are being read and believed. Many are now convinced that when the time comes for the Supreme Court to rule on Ms. Poe’s citizenship, there is absolutely no chance that the high court will sustain her position.

    Comelec will rule soon

    Ms. Poe’s immediate problem is the Commission on Elections, which is now deliberating in earnest and should rule soon on the four petitions that seek her outright disqualification as a candidate for president in the 2016 election.

    My colleague Kit Tatad’s account of the Comelec hearings last Wednesday brought bad news for Ms. Poe.

    One razor-sharp Comelec commissioner caused Grace Poe’s lawyer, George Garcia, to melt under her questioning. His argument that as a foundling Ms. Poe is a natural-born Filipino by right has become surreal.

    The Constitution, the jurisprudence, and the facts simply do not support Senator Poe’s position that she is a natural-born Filipino.

    This big-time swindle has run its course. I won’t be surprised if it folds its tent soon, as financial backers turn off the faucet.

    Borrowing from George Bush

    Ms. Poe’s campaign mantra, “No one left behind,” deserves a footnote.

    Under the stage management of the Eat Bulaga production team and Tito Sotto, candidate Poe at launch earnestly and piously pledged that no Filipino citizen, old or young, natural-born or naturalized, will be left behind in her administration.
    It sounds like a nice sentiment.

    What’s not known and not acknowledged is that the idea was shoplifted from the shopping bag of President George W. Bush. It was GW who orchestrated the passage of the No Child left Behind Act in the US, an education reform measure designed to upgrade educational standards.

    After Grace used it, the slogan caught the fancy of President Aquino and his APEC brain trust, who decided to adopt it as his key message for the APEC summit. “No one left behind” served as the title of his bizarre address to the APEC CEO summit.

    Strangely, neither Grace Poe nor BS Aquino seems aware that they both filched “no one left behind” from George W. Bush.

    Disclosure: I want to disclose here that I borrowed the phrase “no one left to lie to” from the writer and polemicist Christopher Hitchens who used it first in a political essay on Bill Clinton.

    Strange reversal of fate

    So far, Ms. Poe has successfully lied and confused everyone about the facts of her birth and citizenship. But now, it appears that few people buy her story. She is now regarded with cynicism and suspicion by a large segment of the public.

    With the Comelec’s decision coming up soon to meet the deadline for ballot printing, and with the Supreme Court likely to follow with its own verdict on Ms. Poe’s eligibility before the presidential campaign kicks off in February, Ms. Poe will face her day of reckoning. The Senator will have no one to lie to any more.

    She will have no one to delude because Comelec will nullify her candidacy, and because the Supreme Court will rule that she is not a natural-born citrizen, and thus not qualified to run for president.

    In a strange reversal of fate, it is Grace Poe who will be left behind.
    The rest of us will move on to elect the next president of our republic.



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    1. Grace Poe will never be left behind because her american-citizen-family will always be at her side.

    2. ramon tolentino on

      Grace Poe accepted her induction as a senator knowing she is an American citizen. She lied from the start and that is the issue.

    3. Oh, but there’s at least one person left for Mrs G.Poe Llamanzares to lie to: her own self! She lied and continues to lie to herself. Without these lies, how can she go on undeterred in her fruitless quest for the presidency? For all we know, she could even be hearing voices!

      I laughed out loud upon reading that Mar Roxas’ called Mrs.Llamanzares an “alien” after first labeling her “a foreigner”. Yet, we know that he had wooed her for an inordinate amount of time to be his VP candidate. Because she spurned him, could this be a case of “hell hath no fury than a “man” scorned?”

      The most interesting offshoot of this “alien” and “foreigner” business is the clear inconsistency between what Mar now believes about Mrs. Llamazares’ citizenship, and the belief of Senator Bam Aquino – the Chief Campaign Manager of Mar’s VP choice Rep. Leni Robredo. Bam voted with the SET majority and decided that Mrs. Llamanzares is a natural-born Filipino. To Bam, she is not an “alien”. Shouldn’t Bam resign as Leni’s manager due to his conflicting belief?

      As for the filching of campaign slogans, I believe the first slogan that came out of the Poe-Escudero camp – “Bagong Umaga”- is the Tagalog translation of combining part of the late President R. Reagan’s campaign ad of “Morning in America” and his phrase of “A New Dawn” written in one of his letters. The result: “New Morning” or “Bagong Umaga”. Another example of “shoplifting” by the Llamanzares’ camp?

    4. grace poe should return all her earnings accumulated from being Mtrcb chair then senator of the republic.He should fly back to USA and beg politicians to support the Philippines fight against china in the territorial dispute, the filipinos will love her if she will do it and redeem herself to be like Filipino. anyway two candidates will fight for presidency it will be a tosse up beteween Vp Binay and duterte while ,roxas,grace Llamansarez and santiago are out of the race while Bongbong marcos assured the vice presidency.

    5. natsinyourmind on

      funny how she uses the phrase when in fact, she was the first one to leave the filipino people by renouncing her presumed citizenship and allegiance to our country.

    6. Rodan Guerrero on

      I am tired of commenting and reading GP`s ” LIMELIGHT and PRESS ROBBERY” but does she do the same anyway? You can not stop a PROFESSIONAL LIAR DOING LIES. Liars do not accept defeat since they used to live with it. She wont even do a “HARAKIRI” since she will always have a reason why she continues doing it. Our Political System has eroded to its bottom level as the resultant of these NUISANCE ASPIRANTS…I call GP a NUISANCE candidate for one simple reason: SHE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO RUN AND BE ELECTED TO ANY POSITION IN PUBLIC OFFICE, MOST SPECIALLY FOR SENATOR. VP AND THE PRESIDENCY!

    7. Rodan Guerrero on

      Grace Poe`s lawyers might be advising her now telling she will never win her DQ cases but I wonder why she could not accept and listen to them. Most lawyers explain the realities of their clients` cases and I`m sure they have done this to GP. Chiz Escudero must also accept now that he is using GP to advance in his perennial objective of the presidency and help convince GP forget her impossible dreams. If she will back-out now, the case will be dismissed and become moot and academic, which frees her at the same time future cases of perjury and falcification of public documents ahead of her way.

    8. Grace Poe’s presidential presumption is based on early surveys. Now she is unmasked as untruthful trying to solicit pity for foundlings with no real program of governance except vague and motherhood statements.Her 5 colleagues who at the Senate who pitied her were banking on the surveys when Poe was leading. Politicians as they are they will dump her soon. Enough with callous and OJT candidates!

    9. We believe that grace Poe has good intentions for the country. Incase she will be disqualified, it will be Vice Mayor Binay who will benefit most from her disqualification. If decision will be in her favor, hope that those called ” well knowledgeable” about the constitution will shot up. I would rather not vote this year and a lot of people will do because the trust factor of other presidentiables are questionables.

    10. Sir,
      masyado po talagang foundling(mas maganda pong pakinggan keysa bastards) ang mga rason nung limang(5)miembro ng SET.
      Ika nga po e legal sophistry.
      Mga mambabatas pa naman sila kaya dapat gumawa sila ng batas kung paano pa ma uplift ang buhay ng mga foundling.

    11. I am still a Filipino and living abroad but now hurting to learn that we have elective officials who have a low regard to the constitution of the land they swore to uphold. How can you trust people like them
      to lead a nation who is rich in resources. How can you entrust to these kind of leaders a nation that so loved by her citizens but not by these greedy and shameless leaders. What a pitiful Philippines we have.

    12. I’M 101% AGREE WITH

      Sheila says:

      November 26, 2015 at 11:15 pm

      I would worry more, sir, if the corrupt
      or elitist candidate becomes our president. Grace Poe becoming the
      President would be the best solution for our country. Yes, we follow jus
      sanguinis but foundlings are left behind by their parents, and now you
      ask them to find their relatives in a country of 100 million people? i
      dont think that’s a logical move to ask from the foundlings. considering
      them as NBF is the most rightful thing to do.

      • Rodan Guerrero on

        Our country is now a Banana Republic as a result of having an incompetent and law-retardate president.Would you think Mr. LAMON LAMON GP has the necessary intellectual abilities to make a turn-around for our country? GP is another STUPID who does not only understand the constitution but disrespect it. How can you trust a LIAR, ARROGANT and FULL OF HOT AIR Neophyte Politician who rides on her adoptive father`s popularity? What did she do with the Mamasapano massacre? She saved her patron from any liability. What more? She is a foreighner intruding our national sovereighnty…

      • no question if she is or not natural born, but the problem is she once turn her back from being a filipino… and she uses her US passport until 2011, that means she is a US citizen until that year. The constitution says 10 year residency period prior to the election date to be qualified to run for president of the republic… we are using the 1986 constitution… not the 1935 or 1972… or else no one will follow our constitution and we become lawless. We will just tear this piece o paper and let the other moneyed foreigners to lead our country.

      • does intellectually corrupted means something here? Poe is that kind of corrupted person…. and she refused to release her Senate Committee report on the Fallen 44… you have short memory?

    13. we do not want an incompetent roxas to be the next president .he is very elitist. he will not be a good leader.
      we wanted grace poe in 2016 election.she meets the years of residency requirements and she is a natural born citizen.poe is smart,brave,sincere,compassionate and pro-active. she will make our country moves forward towards progress with inclusive of the poor.
      mabuhay grace poe!

      • We don’t need another OJT…you do not learn from ABNOY….taa-taasan nyo Naman standards nyo……we are the bosses and we need the best, the brightest and the most experience with an exceptional leadership……. be a good HR person Naman…

    14. No one will be left behind. Yeah maybe among Pnoy’s social class no one will be left behind. But we the poor are always left behind by the PNR and MRT trains that we take everyday to our places of work. For me not to be left behind I have to muscle my way into the PNR train whose interval is every 30 minutes if no mechanical trouble occur.

    15. So the “no one left behind” slogan was plagiarized once again by Tito Sotto from George Bush? Does that leave the Filipinos as plagiarists in the eyes of the world? I hope it is only Sotto, not the whole race.

    16. Manny De Guzman on

      These STOOGES SENATONGS knew nothing about laws. Sa PAGMUMUKHA pa lang ay hindi na kapanipaniwala ang mga ginagawa sa senado. Gustong lang magpalamig na nakauposa paikoit-ikot na bangko sa tulong ng mga nagbayad ng tamang buhis.

    17. The mystery of man unfathomable!! There’s a lesson, maybe hard, sure when one turn back to Him, He will provide, God says “”ll take care everyone, no one left behind.

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        “ll take care everyone, no one left behind.” — So long as you belong to the same camp ’cause HE already forwarned the people that “No one goes to heaven but by ME.” Kung hindi ka isang AQUINO eh di BAHALA NA KAYO SA BUHAY NINYO !!! Oh, ‘di nga ba idol ni GPL si PNoy?! So maliwanag na yung “no one left behind” ni GPL is for the BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER !!!

    18. Miko Valenzuela on

      Adoption does not give you citizenship. Adoption just makes you a legitimate child of your adopters. Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces could not have adopted Grace if she was not a natural-born Filipino because domestic law does not allow adoption of foreign children.

      It’s clear to me that the generally accepted principles of international law are part and parcel of the laws of the land. It’s in the Constitution. Grace Poe fulfills all the residency requirements, technically not just for the Senate but including higher office.

    19. No one left behind, madam Grace Llamanzares knowa that phrase, because she was then a kindegartenl teacher on that time during US Pres. George W. Bush. Just ask her….!

    20. Dennis Fernandez on

      Who knows, Grace may indeed be Fernando’s daughter because they share the same trait, GULLIBILITY. The father was gullible enough to believe his sycophants that he had the ability to rule as president of the country. The daughter was even more gullible to believe her advisers and financiers that she could get away with her lies

    21. Sa pagsisinungaling ay pinili niyang maging katulad ni Noynoy. Kaya magtiis siya sa magiging bunga nito. Ito din ang mangyayari kay Noynoy.

    22. Shame or Patriotism calls Grace Poe to Quit!

      Grace Poe must fold her tent if there is a little shame and patriotism in her and save face by ting from the Presidential contest.
      The day of reckoning that Grace Poe is NOT a natural born citizen to qualify for the Constitutional mandate by the Comelec and eventually by the Supreme Court is fast approaching. The onus of such Comelec and SC final judgement clearly tends to shift on the ineligibility of Grace Poe to be President as mandated by the supreme law of the land, and before the “sword of Damocles falls on her head” Poe must quit the political game as a “graceful” exit of saving face, if she is has a bit of shame left from her ambitious and opportunistic quest for the Presidency. While her natural born status is a legal factor to qualify, yet her own education and inexperience in governmental affairs and functions, are substantialły lacking and insufficient to tackle the awesome responsibilities of the position. The “name recall” of the FPJ myth as celebrity factor that made her big-headed, ambitious and opportunistic no longer holds true during these times when the populace have politically matured.
      It is a sure-fire oncoming event that an adverse and unfavorable judgment on Poe’s disqualification cases will soon be released by Comelec and the SC putting Poe in a unhappy situation!
      So while there is time Poe must hit the road and runaway to her hideout in the United States together with her family and Susan Roces.
      Bye-bye Grace Poe! NICE TRY!

    23. Correction, Mr.Makabenta, there are still so many coconut-headed Filipinos who continue to ride on Grace Llamanzares back and believes all her lies and misinformation. These are the same bull-headed persons who believed that because she “topped” the questionable Comelec-Smartmatic mafia type of the 2013 election result, Grace can ignore the Constitution and our laws as if the election for senator is the same as electing a President. What a stupid idea these personalities have.

    24. How come no one of you is talking about the Imelda treasures that are being assessed by Auction Houses.

      This is more interesting topic than the rest.

      Perhaps the government declare Imelda treasure as National Treasure rather than sell it to foreign buyers.

    25. At the end, Grace Poe will be disqualified for the senate seat and has no personality to run for the Office of the President of the Philippines. She lost her status as a natural born Filipino citizen when she gave up her Philippine citizenship. By taking oath as a Filipino citizen, her status is that of a naturalized citizen as she shifted from her American citizenship.

    26. Gerardo Fernandez on

      I challenge Grace Poe to have a DNA testing match with Irene Marcos (the only child of Marcos without a doubt of Marcos’ paternity), to assuage and mollify those who suffered under martial law and the kleptocracy that came with it of a return of the Marcos family to Malacanang. AS A CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT, THIS IS GRACE POE’S DUTY AND OBLIGATION NOT ONLY TO THE NATION BUT ALSO TO HIS DAD, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, TO WHOM SHE MUST BE GRATEFUL AND PROUD OF FOR GIVING HER LIFE.

    27. Susan Roces will be the only one “Left Behind”
      to coddle her adopted daughter. In coddling her
      Susan will sing the song “Himlayang Pilipino”.

      This what “Pogo” do to “Bentot” in coddling him
      on his lap (Pogo’s lap) to make him (Bentot) asleep.

      Susan will do the same.
      “You did not only steal once but twice”

      I say: “You did not only lie once but twice”.

      Now Susan will substitute Grace to run for President?

      Susan will be the “SCRIPT” President.
      Like what she always do in the MOVIES.



    28. Comelec will nullify her candidacy,

      Comelec has some serious credibility issues, They are allowing Smartmatic to run the election again even tho they are 100% foreign owned and then there is the alleged cheating by Smartmatic in the past 2 elections.

    29. Blame it to plagiarist Sotto. Sotto is guilty of “copy-paste” where his speeches were copied from American legislators. Now with his advice to poe, the liar, they are copying , Bush’s “no child left behind. Nothing is original with the eat bulaga copycat. Do not vote for these people, Poe and sotto.

    30. Indeed, Poe’s citizenship issue will hound her until the SC gives the final verdict. The 5 senators who voted in her favor made a terrible mistake because they failed miserably to bring closure to the constitutional issue of Poe’s citizenship. Come election 2016, they will face the consequences of their grave abuse of discretion.

    31. The right to dream by everyone, which includes a foundling like Mrs. Llamanzares Poe, is a given. It doesn’t have to be re-stated by an ambitious unqualified candidate.

      The ‘borrowed’ catchphrase, “no one to be left behind” in her administration by comedian Senator Soto seems to indicate ” the hell with the Philippine Constitution”.

      Add the two above and you have a “Mickey Mouse” government!

      May God bless the Philippines.


      One thing good in this country is that there are people in the likes of Mr. Yen Makabenta who fearlessly and objectively tell the truth. That is the reason why
      I constantly find and read his column everyday.True, how can you elect an American president. Poe clearly renounced her Filipino citizenship to become an American
      citizen. Very simple. In short she turned her back against the Philippines and preferred to become an American? Sa panahon ng taghirap naging Americana
      siya at nang panahon na ng ginhawa bumalik na naman siya sa tinalikuran niyang
      bansa. Is this the kind of president who want to become president? Think about it.