• Grace ‘Poejuangco’ takes a bow


    IS it merely coincidental?

    On the day that seven of the 15 justices of the Supreme Court ruled based on statistical probability that Sen. Grace Poe was a natural-born Filipino, she defended industrialist Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco from the decades-long charge that he owed his immense wealth from the coconut levy at the expense of the estimated 4 million coconut farmers, the intended beneficiaries.

    Sure, she was right when she said that Danding Cojuangco doesn’t control the proceeds from the coco levy anymore because all the shares that are meant for the farmers are now with government. In 2012, the SC ruled that 31 percent of the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) shares should go to the government for the benefit of the coconut farmers, and 20 percent, for Cojuangco.

    She failed to mention (or was it just an honest mistake?) that during martial law, Cojuangco used coco levy funds to buy controlling stock of SMC with San Miguel Beer as its flagship product, from the Soriano family and religious orders. She omitted the fact that Cojuangco profited most from the “katas ng niyog” and held on to the largesse for 4 decades or so.

    But why should she ignore these facts in defending Cojuangco? It’s elementary, dear Watson. The Nationalist People’s Coalition founded by Cojuangco had endorsed her candidacy, along with that of her running-mate, Sen. Chiz Escudero. It’s also well known, that SMC’s CEO, Don Ramon S. Ang, has been a generous contributor to her campaign funds. Not only that, Ang has also allowed her to use SMC planes in her sorties.

    So, is it any wonder that that right after her “victory” at the Supreme Court, she flew to Quezon province, the top coconut producer in the country, where she defended Cojuangco. Well, she can be accused of many things but she can’t be accused of ingratitude. Oh yes, she did say in Quezon that she was getting impatient that coco farmers have yet to benefit from the coco levy funds more than four decades after they paid for it. Ah, but this provides no comfort to farmers coming from a defender of a person who had immensely benefited from what should be theirs.

    Some may wonder why Cojuangco should be supporting Grace Poe instead of Sen. Mar Aquino who has been endorsed by his nephew, President BS Cojuangco Aquino. Hey, haven’t they heard that she’s the secret candidate of the President? He’s so concerned with covering his back when he leaves Malacañang that he could willingly junk Roxas in favor of the more popular Poe. In fact, there have also been talks that the Liberal Party headed by the Malacañang tenant had exerted efforts to convince the SC to reverse the Comelec, which had refused to dismiss the disqualification cases against Poe.

    A victory by Poejuangco will ensure that no charges would prosper against BS Aquino and that oligarchs will continue to make hay under her administration. Otherwise, this former American citizen should have rejected, like Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had declared, any campaign contributions from vested interests.

    In a recent interview with reporters in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo, she protested against the “Poejuangco” label given her by critics even as she acknowledged that some Cojuangco family members had helped her in the past. She vowed a level playing field for supporters and political foes under her administration.

    Casino money welcome too?

    Oops, I shouldn’t have stopped at “oligarchs.” Should we throw in casino financiers as well? The Daily Tribune reported that she had accepted P150 million in political donations from Sun City Holiday Resort, a Macau firm that controls around 80 percent of the estimated $6.1-billion VIP baccarat market in that Chinese territory. Among the documents obtained by The Daily Tribune was a voucher for P50 million in contributions that it said she had signed.

    I wonder if she has become so less discerning with a consuming desire to be president that she would willingly accept donations from all sectors, including from foreign firms and aliens which is prohibited by law. Further, casinos are now under closer scrutiny because of their role in money laundering cases. Nobody will believe that a Macau casino mogul would give political contributions because they believe in the goodness of the heart of a candidate. There has to be a quid pro quo and that’s why money from casinos for local politics is bothersome.

    In the same interview in Iloilo, Poe denied receiving political contributions from the Macau casino firm, saying she knew it was illegal. She also denied signing the voucher for P50 million in contributions.



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    1. We need more PUSH for Duterte to WIN not this GRACE POcojuancoquino. Vote wisely our nation is not in GOOD Hands if GRACE will take the SEAT….no way Grace!

    2. very intriguing co-incidences:
      1. the sc delared llamanzares eligible to run for president;
      2. benito boy sisi said that he expects the approval rating of llamanzares to go up;
      3. after the ruling came out, for the first time llamanzares chided makoy jr for martial law’s excesses;
      4. defended danding vs accusations about coconut levy funds;
      these co-incidences led me to believe that llamanzares is grace poequino poejuangco

    3. She is the kind of person who will not hesitate to leave everything behind at the slightest hint of trouble. Worse than P-noy. But before making a mess of what she is going to leave behind. There is already a precedent when she shed her Filipino citizenship just to reassume it later when the return on investment seems too enormous to ignore.

    4. The scenario playing in the minds of RP citizens is that GPoe most probably will win the RP Pres come May 2016. If she wins the first thing to do is let under oath declare her true age, this is a gambit ploy and anyone with sharp mind knows the next scenario. If she losses, I will bet “singko manalo ng barko” she will apply for Canadian Citizenship. No she cannot re-apply for US citizenship. GPoe made too many complications of her life and family…

    5. matino na pinoy on

      When Grace Poe wins the presidency, she will invite the American Military to again occupy the old U.S. military bases in the Philippines. Cojuangco should still have a lot of money left to be distributed to the Senators, just to sign the new treaty.

      This scenario will also guarantee that PNoy will be saved from PDAF litigations and Binay will be heading to other direction. However, experts predicted that politics and corruption will go on as usual and maybe, drugs and other crimes will go up.

      Philippines will be on the top of the news again for electing a U.S. Citizen as its president and maybe, once again, The Time Magazine will write an article about the Philippines as the most stupid country in Asia. The first article was 3 years ago when Nancy Binay was elected to the Senate.

    6. Oh, so she’s selling us now; if she wins, definitely she’ll milk our government and the oligarchs who financed her will party for it.

    7. Amnata Pundit on

      Who paid for the coconut levy, the coconut oil mills or the farmers? If it was the farmers, then the people behind the Coconut Industry Investment Fund ( CIIF ) which was handling the funds before the money was grabbed by the money- hungry yellows should have been charged with estafa, but they weren’t. The Mother of All Scams is what the yellows call the coconut levy, but a scam is by definition a crime. So why were all the cases filed against Danding and company civil in nature? The Supreme Court ruled that the funds were “private funds imbued with public interest.” If the millions of farmers were the ones levied, can the money be called private funds?

    8. Harold Imperial on

      This was what most among us Filipinos failed to see or don’t want to hear. They are keen to believe more on propaganda rather than objectively finding the facts.
      Among the presidential candidates, only Poe has publicly declared they would return the fund to the farmers if elected President.

    9. Well, what did you expect? She is clearly a puppet of Danding Cojuangco and Ramon Ang. Thank goodness, she laid her cards on the table rather early. Now the Masa and bobotantes who plan to vote for her may have second thoughts. Didn’t Danding Cojuangco once ran for the presidency and lost? Spread the message: A vote for Poe-Llamanzares is a vote for Danding Cojuangco! Know who you are voting for!

    10. G. Poe’juangco is willing puppet of anyone with lot of money. She is president for money.

    11. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Why should we believe disgraced GRACE denial of a foreign entity contributing for her campaign purposes? She has misrepresented herself so many times in writing about her origin, residency, properties and claimed honest mistakes in doing such. Let not the Filipino people suck the falsities and deceptions of this lady POE. Please GOD SAVE OUR COUNTRY THE PHILIPPINES from evil and deceitful people.

    12. The bastard American candidate to be President of the Philippines is already a tradpol. And she has not even started yet. Boy, oh boy, this will be another Corazon C. Aquino experiences in failures if, God forbid, this woman is President.

    13. Jose Oliveros on

      Kung ayaw ni Grace Poe-Llamanzares ng tag na “Poejuangco” eh di “Poequino.”

    14. What happened with the ruling on Llamanzare-Poe is a real shame! Where have all the learned and supposed to be ‘independent-minded-bar-topnotcher ‘ members of the SC gone? Obviously, the ruling was based on pure politics, power and influence. With this said, where can we turn to from now on?

      May God save the Republic! of the Philippines.

    15. Same thing with Binay. Binay is financing his candidacy through the money his family stole from the government of Makati. With the billions of pesos and dollars that Binay stole from the government, Binay will surely afford to buy votes and promise his soul and his family to the devil just to win the presidency. But God is good. God will not permit Binay would be the next president of the Philippines. Let us keep on praying to save the Phillipines from the Binay family.