• Grace to declare bid after LP bares bet


    SENATOR Grace Poe will declare her intention to seek the presidency once President Benigno Aquino 3rd has announced the administration party’s standard bearer in the 2016 elections.

    In fact, an informant from Poe’s camp claimed that the resignation of Sen. Francis Escudero from two powerful Senate committees is an indication that the Poe-Chiz tandem is a done deal.

    “She is running 100 percent. Chiz has emphasized delicadeza in quitting his posts. By delicadeza means other government officials who are definitely seeking higher elective posts next year should follow suit,” the source, a lawyer, told The Manila Times.

    Another Poe camp insider, said the “period of discernment” where the senator is now should be taken to mean that “she’s almost there.”

    “A few more things and that’s it. Declaration (to run for president) is just around the corner,” the source, a former government official, said.

    The first source, whose group is tasked to defend Poe from all sorts of legal challenges, including questions about her citizenship, said Aquino’s “anointment” is likely to come first before the official announcement of the Poe-Chiz team up.

    Aquino has repeatedly insinuated that Roxas will be his most likely successor. A Palace official recently told the Times that the President has already made up his mind on Roxas but that Aquino really wanted Poe to run with the Interior and Local Government secretary.

    Asked if there are still last-ditch efforts from Aquino to convince Poe to run with Roxas, the lawyer replied: “None. The matter is non-negotiable from the start. She wants to run with Chiz.”


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    1. How can LLamarez can run to be president, when she is not qualified because she lack of residency and her citizenship? Why nobody filling a disqualfication for this lady as senator? where is Richard Gordon suppose to be the one to file a disqualifcation case. Is he not interested to become a senator, if Llamarez disqualify as senator? Come on Richard Gordon you are a man of integrity and obey our constitution now is the time you show that you uphold our constitution unlike some tongressman and senatong they don’t care as long they money to violate the constitution.

    2. to the ignorant bobotantes there is no silver bullet that will fix your economy in 6 years of Pnoy especially when he is surrounded by corrupt politicians. it’s only in his administration that something was done.

    3. Felimon A. Soria on

      So these two senators: one whose citizenship IS IN QUESTION and the other one who just resigned from two committees who inserted a lot of things in the budget and such action was describe by a columnist Mr. Makabenta as CUNNING AND DECEPTIVE are running for president and vice president. Will the people be manipulated by the so called pollsters like the one related to one of those mentioned above?

    4. Yes, popularity & charisma 20% ,performance to deliver the wow 20% inteligence 20% & , GOD fearing ,sincerity , sensitivity to the citizenry 40% all these qualities SHE alone posses . Let do our home-worked and find -out her credential which for sure any opposing candidate don`t want exposed.

      The lack of credibility from the later, wrap in a sliver package are solid footing to sustained HER aspiration to lead our country. Sincerity
      to govern with an open heart guided by intelligence rooted by faith to eradicate all ill of our society is foremost . A guts of steel to step on heads all venomous serpent . To uplift the woes of our citizenry to eat three square meal with a snack .Then they can think freely without our politician to exploit their deplorable state.

    5. Based on performance i do not like Roxas. First at the start of Pnoy admin,Ping de Jesus as DOTC head was working on impact projects like MRT/LRT rehabilitation and the Ninoy Aquino Airport renovation. Impact projects which need immediate action to deliver a message to the people that this admin is working. Then politics came in and Roxas became the head. Slow action/ decision happened and the timetable and plans for those projects went to the backburner. The trains were not ordered on time thus the breakdown of services Then Robredo who people discovered was good servant died. Robredo power was even clipped when police was not placed under him. Again, Roxas coveted the position; and the records will speak for themselves. Very seldom he will hold office at DILG because he would rather stay in Malacanang where he gives the impression of being the decision maker behind the president.The calamities happpened and the ineffectiveness was unraveled. When you ask the common tao, many would say that they prefer Binay who is corrupt than Roxas. Their reasoning, lahat naman yan corrupt pero kay Binay at least may project na magagawa at makikinabang kami. Kay Roxas wala puro papapel lang. Ang LP is pushing for Roxas to save the authors and corrupt officials na nakinabang sa PDAP at DAP. FOI may not have been touched by Pnoy during the SONA because they do not want the public to have access those information. That is not consistent with the principle of transparency and public accountability.

    6. On behalf of the leadership and members of U.S. and Canada based Fil-Am Fil-Can Alliance flagship of Filipino workers across the globe as well as our Philippine based members believes preparedness and enough experience to lead the Pilipino people and the country towards moving its economy within worldwide radar including international problems and these problems can only handled by many years of experience as lawmaker in both Upper and Lower Chambers as well as sufficient experiences in doing administrative jobs holding Cabinet post in the present and previous administrations with achievements to show to the public, not on popularity on a borrowed name.
      Voters in this modern day are smart and can not taken by mere popularity DILG Sec. Mar “wallet less A. Roxas got what it takes to lead the Philippines towards a better Philippines.

    7. Mar Padilla, Jr. on

      Let them go and run independently. They won’t win anyhow. She thought that by using her adopted father’s surname Poe, is good enough to be President of a country. She will regret. People and the VOTER’S now are not stupid just to vote as a popularity contest. DAHIL IKAW AY ARTISTA O ANAK NG ARTISTA AY IBOBOTO KA NA, SAPAGKAT POPULAR KA?????????? Hindi na ngayon. Ang botante ngayon ay kukunin ang lagay mong pera, pero hindi ka iboboto. People look at your qualification now, whether you could manage a Country. You are not managing a SARI-SARI STORE here. Nagbabasakali baka nga naman yong pangalan POE ay swerte? Ano ba ullol ang mga BOTTANTE?????????????.

      • chito saguban on

        we are not ulol !!we’re just tired of having recycled trapos candidates , tired of promises that was broken at the end of the day …

      • Jay de Ocampo on

        Di tayo natuto. If Grace Poe wins in the 2016 elections, she will be the 2nd to win an election using a parent’s popularity. Look, where we are now. Still a poor country, having high corruption and criminality rate, rural folks are without decent jobs. Sana naman, matuto na tayo….