Grace to soar on court’s decision – analyst


Sen. Grace Poe’s victory at the Supreme Court will enable her to lord it over her rivals in the next presidential surveys, according to a renowned political analyst.

“There’s a big possibility her ratings will soar and enable her to take the role of frontrunner,” Institute for Political Reforms executive director Ramon Casiple told The Manila Times on Tuesday.

Casiple noted that the High Court’s decision will boost her showing in all pre-election polls, particularly those conducted by the Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia.

Poe recently edged out Vice President Jejomar Binay in the surveys by a small margin.

Had the SC ruled to disqualify her, Casiple said Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would have reaped the benefits.

“Her disqualification case is the only issue against her that led to the decline of her ratings and assuming that the Supreme Court ruled with finality on her case, chances are she might regain her high ratings,” the analyst noted.

He said a favorable ruling of the SC will have a huge impact not only on Poe’s ratings but to her candidacy, and it would be difficult for the senator’s rivals to catch up.

Poe, according to Casiple, could easily regain what she lost and once her ratings reach the 40 percent level, she would be hard to beat in the elections.

Her camp earlier said it expects her ratings to rise by 10 percent to 15 percent if the SC ruled in her favor.

Poe’s running mate Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero earlier said a favorable SC decision would definitely improve the ratings of the independent standard-bearer.

“There will definitely be an improvement the moment the case is cleared because if we will scrutinize the surveys, her numbers went down because there’s apparently a misconception that she had been disqualified already due to the decision by the Comelec,” Escudero added.

Not detrimental
Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., however, said the SC decision will not be detrimental to Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd.

“I think it will affect [Vice President Jejomar] Binay more because a considerable number of voters tend to gravitate between them,” Belmonte, the campaign manager of the LP-led administration coalition, added.

In a Pulse Asia survey released last week, Roxas ranked third with 21 percent.

Poe topped the poll at 26 percent, with Binay coming in second with 25 percent.

LP coalition spokesman and Akbayan party-list Rep. Ibarra Gutierrez said they will continue to campaign hard for Roxas.

“We’ve always been prepared to run against Senator Poe. We have been campaigning the past few months on the assumption that she was in the race. With 62 days left [until the]elections, it simply means we have to keep focused on the campaign and our message,” Gutierrez added.

“The Supreme Court has ruled, and we congratulate Senator Poe. We now welcome the verdict of the people come May [when the 2016 local and national elections are held],” he said.

Sen. Franklin Drilon viewed the High Court’s ruling as a signal to move on.

“I am relieved that the Supreme Court has finally made a decision, and we can proceed with the elections and choose the best leader for the next six years,” Drilon said in a separate interview.



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  1. Poor Philippines is now a lawless country with lawless government. Anybody with money or is supported by people with money can run for the presidency. That is anybody, Americans, Chinese, Australians, Indonesians, Malaysians, anybody… A sad day, indeed, for the country.

  2. Poelot followers should not lose track of the fact that she once renounced her Philippine citizenship to become an American…..and then, she renounced her American citizenship to secure a job in the Philippines with the MTRCB. Kung ano convenient sa kanya, doon siya. Plain and simple. “Sincere, may puso, intention to serve the people”………….please, nagpabola naman kayo.

    • Sa Totoo lang.. on

      Wow! talaga lang ha.. Alam mo lahat ha! bat d kaya ikaw tumayong abogado ni Tatad.. para dun ka mag tatadtad sa SC ng ma e d wow ka!! Kasi may crab mentality ka ata eh! Ssshhhh Zip up your big mouth.

  3. Poe trolls have been unleashed. They are all over social media glorifying the SC decision and praising Llamanzares as if meron siyang magagawa para sa bansa. Sige, OJT Poelot…….pag- igihan mo!

    • Sa Totoo lang.. on

      Yun nanay ba ni Pnoy may experience ba ng maging presidente, At kung may alam kang pwedeng mag OJT para presidente paki post mo nga baka may tumangap sayo kasi MAGALING KA EH hehe..

  4. Cecilia Yamson on

    The SC decides very well with regard to this issue. The issue with regard to Sen. Grace Poe’s residency and citizenship issues is indisputable. Grace Poe is a true-born Filipino and acquired the 10 year residency that is stated in the constitution. She is the best candidate in this race and having a result which in favors her makes me believe that this country have hopes to become a better nation.

    • I definitely agree 100% without any doubt in my mind, Grace Poe is the best among the best candidate. This is a new dawn for the country besiege by graft and corruption!

    • Ma’am, with all due respect, alam nating lahat ang tunay na istorya. Ang pinag uusapan dito ang kaligtasan ng leeg ni Noynoy. Pag nanalo si Grace Poe, ligtas na si Noynoy. Walang kinalaman dito ang constitution na sinalaula ng supreme court.

  5. Yolanda Santos on

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you the next President of the Philippines – the amazing Grace Poe!

    • Truly amazing in her greed and ambition! 6 years na mabubulok na naman tayo. Tandaan mo yan. People like you…….talagang mabubulok ang bansa. She offers nothing but motherhood statements. Anyone can dish out motherhood statements. Ikaw naman, lunok ng lunok.

  6. Glad it is all over, I agree with senate president Drilon now we can move on. We can now look forward to voters making their own choice. The sore losers are the rabid partisans whose candidates stand to take a beating from the supreme court decision.The balance of the political equation will surely tilt upward to Grace Poe and Bongbong Marcos marching to Malacanang will be halted since Chiz’s presidential partner remains formidable. Analyst Prof. Casiple is right,once Poe riches 40% in surveys, rats in the sinking boat of Malacanang will jump out to the sea in droves while Binay remains pathetic defending his dynasty.Any intelligent voter will see the difference between Poe and Duterte. You can take your chose, this is how the election in May 2016 is all about.

    • I was relieved that there is a hold departure order for the Binay family. Their plan B will not work because if they lose, their plan was to move out of the country because for sure 100 percent, they will go to jail. ,father, wife and son.