Grand p—k



Have you ever had pie thrown right in your face?

Or water drenched you from head to foot and it was not even the Feast of Saint John (San Juan in these parts) that was the reason behind this baptism of sorts that you could put on hold for years?

Have you had champagne sprayed all over your face without as much as a warning that you would get it like it or not?

What is there to like even if the bubbly comes from a bottle of Dom Perignon?

If you asked F1 star Lewis Hamilton, he would not even know because he was not at the receiving end of what he did after winning the Shanghai Grand Prix last month.

Better talk to a Grid Girl, a Chinese, who was practically given a public shower, an expensive one at that, by the British race car driver, and evidently she was not happy about it based on pictures of the stunt posted on the Internet.

At the podium, Hamilton uncorked a bottle of champagne and promptly emptied its content on the young Chinese, who winced while putting up a brave front so as not to maybe think about bashing the Brit on the head.

Hamilton at “play” according to so-called victory tradition was quite appropriately called a “bully” on social media, a “scumbag,” an embarrassment to the UK” and “selfish and inconsiderate,” among other deserved descriptions of what amounted to sexist effrontery.

Something “positive” resulted from the Hamilton caper, however.

Shortly after the Shanghai spectacle, organizers of an international car show, also in China, opted for modest outfits for their female models, many of whose fellow mannequins in the not too distant past were made to pose on hoods of for-macho cars in skimpy clothing.

Why such clothing?

This corner’s guess is that near-naked beautiful women help sell more cars than those wrapped in denim gowns even if they are equally or more attractive.

If the Grid Girls of the racing circle are getting tired of being shamed and humiliated by the Hamiltons of this world, they can try turning the tables on these Grand P—ks.

They should fight for equality.

For starters, these young women should lobby those who have made Hamilton a millionaire many times over into considering hiring Grid Boys and let’s see if the Vettels and Rosbergs of the Grand Prix circuit will have the you-know-what to spray those boys with champagne.

That would be a ball for Lewis, Nico and Sebastian, that is if they can handle it.


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