• ‘Grandstanding blocking peace’


    The political grandstanding of some lawmakers is getting in the way of achieving peace in Mindanao, Dasmariñas City Rep. Elpidio Barzaga said on Saturday, referring to critics of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that seeks to establish a Bangsamoro region.

    “Critics are trying to throw a monkey wrench into the Aquino administration’s only shot at bringing peace and prosperity in Mindanao by trying to make it appear that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) cannot be trusted just because its chief peace negotiator, Mohagher Iqbal, is using an alias. Detractors are making a mountain out of a molehill,” Barzaga lamented.

    He said his colleagues are unjustly making people from Mindanao look bad just because Iqbal used an alias.

    Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano and Davao City Rep. Karlo Nograles have questioned Iqbal’s use of an alias in signing a peace agreement with the government.

    But Barzaga said the issue should not derail the peace process.

    “The question is, is this enough to throw away our best chance at achieving peace? What they want really is to derail the peace talks,” he noted.

    “They just want airtime and destroy our trust on our fellow Filipinos,” the lawmaker said.
    Barzaga opined that Iqbal’s use of an alias has been the focus of public discussions instead of the more important issues like empowering the Moro people to choose their own leaders.

    “Nowhere in the BBL does it say that power is granted to the MILF outright. The BBL is about creating conditions for our Moro countrymen to choose their leaders through democratic means…it is about creating conditions for peace and development,” he argued.
    Under the proposed BBL, MILF leaders are allowed to seek positions in the Bangsamoro parliament by participating in the elections.

    “Those who are against the BBL want us to fixate on the MILF, and this is a myopic approach. The BBL is more than that,” Barzaga pointed out.

    “If we allow ourselves to get drowned in the political noise, our countrymen in Muslim Mindanao will continue to suffer. We cannot allow that to happen,” he said.


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    1. I am sure this Cong. Barzaga of Dasmarinas City have not stayed long in Mindanao to fully understand the people and the situation there in Mindanao. How can he agree to a one sided peace agreement in favor of the MILF and risking part of the Philippines to be lost later on. If he want to lap the ass of Pnoy so be it. But to call other lawmakers grandstanding for scrutinizing the BBL is irresponsible and unpatriotic. Just stick your Dasmarinas City congressman. Mindanao is not your expertize. You are just adding insult to injury.

    2. Barzaga is the most ideal mascot of PDAF/DAP politicians. He will look better than jollibee. I move that our cartoonist creates such. It will help remind pinoys (those not yet afflicted by the Ebinays and bobodengue virus) how tradpols looks like inside and out.

    3. Just look at the BBL and quote one thing that is about peace. Disarmament is in another piece of paper and only states some weapons will be turned in now and more after the elections. The weapons are needed to control the elections. The MILF will turn in weapons but not the fighters. They keep theirs. The BBL is nothing about peace. Let’s stop the discussion about the BBL being about peace. Junk it and all underlying agreements.

    4. Norodin Lucman on

      Such a huge revelation in the annals of Philippine legislateur, a nom de guerre par excellence, whose calamitous filibusters derails the very best of intentions, turning the tables of adversaries and allies alike just to emphasize, with slob insouciance, that he, Alan Peter Cayetano, has finally arrived. With vomic arrogance and intellectual depravity, he calls spade a spade. Troglodyte that he is, with pre historic pretenses, his name calling is legendary turning the August Chamber into spolarium where gladiators and miserable terrorists salivate at his every word, not in the dulcet sounds of praise but in savage cries of irritation! Alan Peter Cayetano is the personification of Dante’s Inferno in a three-piece suit. Describing himself as a Nationalista, the bane of Liberals of ages past, Calamitous Pete has no peers in turning the Bangsamoro homeland into occult and relegating freedom fighters as little devils with no name. What is the secret of this half bred self-proclaimed messiah of the bigoted? Has the Senate gone bonkers by letting loose a misguided missile among its members? Listening to his tirades with media mileage and free air time, people would love to declare war against his nationalism..His nationalism has many versions but it doesn’t matter. The State that he dearly represent would stand to lose as he dismantles piece by piece the painstaking gains of peace in Mindanao. This is the year of living dangerously because people like him are given carte blanche to make a mockery of humanity itself. Who says fallen angels can’t speak? And fallen angels being many, Philippines is in the throes of a perfect political storm worthy of Calamitous Pete and Company. Sad part is, when hard times would call for “fasten seat belts” (!) Pete and Company would call the United States to “send seat belts,” si’l vous plait

    5. P.Akialamiro on

      It is not a case orf grandstanding; it’s a case of ‘peace by appeasement’ and ‘piece meal’ at that. The use of alias is nothing compared to the consitutional questions as advanced in the proposed BBl which Barzaqa, who I think is a lawyer, should be aware of. It is a case of approaching the problem in a haphazard way. Besides, it’s not comprehensive enough to cover every one of our Muslim brothers different groups. Barzaga is talking as a ‘Tuta’, not as one who cares about the Philippines as a united country with a united people under ONLY one set of laws.

    6. Kapag sipsip ang isang tao maraming nasasabing mabuti sa maling ginagawa ng amo!
      Lahat ng kriticko ay walang tama sa pag-iisip nito! ganito mag-isip itong maraming tumanggap ng DAP kay Aquino! nagiging manhid ang utak!

      • Agree alias Barzaga is kissing coward P-NOY’s butt.Alias Malaysian Igbal is fake not a revolutionary but a terrorist.Alias Barzaga you forgot we live in a democratic country freedom to critizice.Huwag mong idamay yong mga taga Mindanao sa grandstanding mo alias Barzaga.