Be grateful to God, pray


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Tuesday hailed the people’s efforts to promote the country’s culture and values that define them as Filipinos.

    At the same time, President Aquino reminded his countrymen of the true spirit of the birth of Christ and urged them to be grateful to God.

    “Today, we come together in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Upon a manger, our Savior was brought into the world, bringing renewed hope and joy into humanity,” the President said in his Christmas message.

    “The Nativity story tells us of humility and compassion; these are same values upon which our government is founded and to this day, serves: We are here to protect your interests and to put your welfare above all else,” he added.

    Aquino also encouraged the public to “pray for those who were forced to vacate”because of Typhoons Yolanda and Ruby.

    “The past year brought another seemingly insurmountable challenge: While Visayas continues on the track of recovery from Yolanda, Ruby threatened to dismantle what we had already started to rebuild,” he said.

    “But, we have soldiered on. Through our solidarity and His benevolence, we gained the strength and wisdom to lead our people away from peril,” Aquino added.

    The President also asked Filipinos to “remember those who are still going through the process of healing, those who have been displaced by calamity and those whose spirits are consumed by despair, doubt and apathy.”

    “Let us open our hearts to them, that through the light of hope and faith we carry, may they find clarity, peace, and resolve they seek,” Aquino said.

    “Together, let us shepherd our nation forward along the straight and righteous path towards the brighter, more equitably progressive future we rightfully deserve. May we all have a joyful and meaningful Christmas celebration,” he added.


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