• Greed


    Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

    A 46-year old land caretaker was shot and killed and another seriously wounded after they were gunned down by an armed man in Barangay Cupang, Antipolo City last Saturday morning.

    Early reports showed that victims Rommel Leabros and Desiry Rosas tried to prevent Alley Jacosalem and his armed companions from entering the property allegedly to quarry.

    Jacosalem and his cohorts are said to be employees of Hardrock Aggregates Inc., a quarrying company owned by Alonzo Espanola and Caroline Tanchay, whose crushing plant is located next to the piece of land the victims were watching.

    A friend, who owns the parcel of land that Hardrock wanted to quarry, called me up and relayed the incident to me after they had filed a complaint before the Antipolo City police against Hardrock’s owners.

    Ironically, the land which Hardrock currently occupies and uses for its crushing plant belongs to my friend also but is being leased by Espanola and Tanchay.

    My landowner-friend, who asked that his identity be withheld, said Espanola and Tanchay have been wanting to gain entry into his property for several months now so they can quarry it too but were unsuccessful until last Saturday.

    Based on my friend’s statements, Hardrock’s persistence to trespass on another’s man land and mine its resources is a premiere example of greed or lust for more wealth or fortune by another man.

    “Pu_@#$ %&* Nyo!!!”.

    * * *

    Skyway definitely needs taller barriers

    A minibus fell from the skyway over the weekend after its was hit from behind by a Toyota Fortuner. The driver of the shuttle van sustained only minor injuries.

    This is the second time in two months that a vehicle fell off from the elevated expressway south of Metro Manila. A speeding Don Mariano Transit bus plunged off the skyway last Dec. 16, killing 21 people and injuring a dozen others.

    For this reason, a watch group and a motoring association is calling for the building of a higher and stronger barriers on the elevated expressway.

    “Aren’t these barriers supposed to protect vehicles along the expressway from major accidents? But having a short barrier on an elevated expressway is useless since it can’t prevent the vehicles from falling off the skyway,” said one group.

    In some parts of Europe, highway barriers are several meters high while in Japan, elevated expressways have concrete walls as high as ten feet that will surely prevent vehicles from plunging to the ground.

    I hope the Skyway management will really look into this problem and take action to prevent any further loss of lives on the highway.



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