• Greedy wives to blame for corruption in indonesia


    JAKARTA: An Indonesian minister has suggested an unusual reason for the scourge of corruption in the graft-ridden country—men are just trying to please their greedy wives. Indonesia has struggled against graft for years, with the country’s vast bureaucracy crippled by corruption and leading public figures, from ministers to senior judges, jailed for accepting kickbacks. But rather than taking aim at the grasping officials themselves, Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin suggested it was greedy wives who were fuelling corruption. The wives of the elite in Indonesia are well-known for their love of expensive designer clothes and handbags.”Corruption is often motivated by many things,” he was cited as saying in Kompas newspaper, referring to “extraordinary demands” from family members that pushed people to behave unusually.



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    1. David Michael Meyer on

      One could also blame having demanding children –Keeping a mistress –needing t put up a good front etc etc

      Its laughable !

      What about the incumbents who are not married..?

      Who do they blame ?

      This excuse; is not worthy of a schoolboys answer ,,,Its laughable–

      Here We highly educated men ..Who have managed to gain office in the highest ranks–Using the lowest possible way of excusing their crimes

      Tell it t the Marines ! Is what comes to mind

      Dr David M meyer