Greek police probing security failures in attack on ex-PM


ATHENS: Greek police on Friday sought to determine how a letter bomb wounded former prime minister Lucas Papademos despite security checks that were allegedly beefed up after a wave of similar attacks in March. “We want to determine whether security procedures were followed,” a police source told AFP, hours after Papademos and two guards were injured by the bomb that exploded as they rode in an armoured car in Athens. “The fact that the attackers managed to get past security is worrying,” the source said, adding that experts were trying to determine the nature of explosive used. Papademos sustained superficial injuries to the chest, abdomen and legs, Evangelismos Hospital in Athens said, after he apparently opened his mail whilst riding in the car. The 69-year-old economist was in stable condition but is expected to remain in intensive care for at least two days, doctors said. The police source said the attack was “largely symbolic” given Papademos’ injuries despite his proximity to the letter bomb.



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