‘Greenery’ is the go-to color of the year


Neck and Neck for the little miss

With color forecaster Pantone Color Institute announcing before the turn of the new year that 2017 is all about shades of “greenery,” it is fortunate that Feng Shui practitioners also consider the fresh and zesty hue to work well with the coming Year of the Fire Rooster.

According to website Feng Shui Beginner, lucky colors for the Chinese New Year must be either in favor or a complement of the fire element, which is generally in shades of red, orange, and gold. Given these, green—as well as brown—from the wood element falls just right into the mix of auspicious colors, both in favor of and complimentary to the fire element.

Moreover, with the global uncertainty palpable today, “greenery”—particularly yellowish greens—can bring calm and invite good vibes, according to CNN Money.

And so, after adding splashes of greens around your home and office—perhaps with indoor plants or lucky jade figures—check out this guide from the mix of style purveyors available in Rustans to look fashionably auspicious come Chinese New Year on January 28.



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