• Gringo Honasan: ‘Bi-Hon’ a bad joke


    Calling his nomination a “masakit na biro [bad joke],” Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan on Tuesday categorically denied reports that he will be the running mate of Vice President Jejomar Binay in next year’s elections.

    “I have not considered it, seriously,” Honasan told reporters

    The 67-year-old cashiered Army colonel, who initially became famous in the 1986 People Power Revolution and later infamous for leading coup attempts against the first Aquino administration, is serving his second consecutive term as senator.

    Honasan said he is busy helping build up the political and grassroot network of the United Nationalist Alliance where he is the party’s vice president.

    “I’m just helping in his campaign… I’m busy organizing, preparing for the campaign for President. [We’re talking about] ground activities, organizing the party at the grassroot level, touching base with the local government officials,” he added.

    It was no less than Binay, in a television interview, who revealed that Honasan was among those being eyed to become his running mate.

    “That is his prerogative but we did not talk about it. Yesterday [Monday], I told them I’m busy with party building,” he said, adding that the idea will not fly.

    “Mahirap ibenta ang ‘Bi-Hon.’ yung noodles pa siguro [

    It’s difficult to sell the ‘Bi-Hon’ tandem, the noodle variety would more likely be saleable],” he said in jest as he referred to the ‘Bi-Hon’ moniker, which stands for Binay-Honasan.
    Bihon is the local name for thin rice noodles.

    Honasan also refused to categorically answer whether Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is also a probable choice to become the opposition party’s vice presidential candidate.

    He said he is not aware of any move to draft the son of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos, but he added that he will support a Binay-Marcos tandem.

    Honasan once led the Reform the Armed Forces Movement, which was formed in the mid-1980s to overthrow the Marcos regime.

    Former national security adviser Jose Almonte, in his memoir that was launched early this year, claimed that Honasan–then chief security aide of Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile–plotted to kill President Marcos and his family as part of an overall plan to bring down the government.

    “I feel that Sen. Bongbong will make a good running mate. It will project unity. [It would be a] formidable team,” Honasan said.


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