• Group bares high level of mercury in dental institutions


    As part of the observance of Dental Health month, an environmental justice group, BAN Toxics (BT), bares high levels of mercury vapor found in dental schools and supply stores around the country. In their study entitled, “What is in the Air: Mercury Vapor Levels in Dental Institutions,” conducted in partnership with the International Association of Oral and Medical Toxicologists-Philippines, World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, and Asia Center for Environmental Health revealed that mercury vapor in dental institutions exceeds standard reference levels set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), endangering the health and well-being of dental students, dental workers, and patients, among others. “The exposure to toxic mercury vapors in dental institutions is unnecessary and preventable.  Learning methodologies can be put into place to avoid toxic mercury.  This should itself be a strong incentive as well to abandon dental amalgam use in its entirety in the Philippines,” explained lawyer Richard Gutierrez, executive director of BT.


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