• Group condemns IS for Marawi destruction


    CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY: The Suara Bangsamoro (Voice of the Bangsamoro) condemned the Islamic State (IS)-inspired Maute terrorist group for exporting terror in Marawi City that led to the displacement of about 400,000 people.

    Jerome Succor Aba, of Suara Bangsamoro, issued the statement during the forum with the International Commissions on Human Rights Philippines here on Saturday saying the Moro people in Lanao have declared war against the IS-Maute as the Imams (Muslim religious leaders) described the terrorists as “haram” (prohibited and unwanted).

    “There was an instance where the village residents in Lanao Del Sur joined forces and acted in self-defense in driving the Maute-IS reinforcement at the height of the Marawi crisis,” Aba said.

    DEMAND FOR JUSTICE International Human Rights Activists demand justice for the almost 400 Marawi City victims whose rights were allegedly violated and displaced in the armed conflict between the Islamic State-inspired Maute terrorist group and state forces. PHOTO BY CRIS DIAZ

    The Suara Bangsamoro also blamed President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of martial law for the alleged various human rights violations against the Bangsamoro people during the five-month war against the terrorist group in Marawi City.

    During the forum, the group reported five cases of illegal arrests, 16 cases of harassment and intimidation, 48 destruction of properties, eight cases of domicile violation, nine cases of looting, and 58 cases of indiscriminate firing.

    Aba said it is also unfair to describe the victims of the Marawi siege as “collateral” damage, when they are the victims of systematic oppression and violation of the Bangsamoro people exacerbated by the imposition of martial law.

    The international humanitarian mission has pointed to Duterte’s declaration of martial law as the root cause of human rights violation in strife-torn Marawi, which affected mostly Moro civilians instead of the terrorists.

    The international delegates of the Bayan-United States of America and the ICHR-Australia also condemned the participation of the US military in the war of terror in Marawi.

    The group underscored the need to indemnify the victims of the Marawi crisis on the basis of the damage to their properties and allow the Maranaos to decide on how their rehabilitation will be carried out.


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